Saturday, 30 May 2009

Jeremih - Birthday Sex [Video]

Is that not the weakest lead girl you've seen in a video for, like, ever?! No back, face is plain, thighs are missing, chest flat like her belly. I understand it isn't one of those Hip-hop videos, but I could have stood on my high street and found one more suitable. Whoever casted her needs to get fired.

Been playing this song on heavy rotation since April Blogged about it beginning of May and still feel to draw for it on a regular basis. Currently sitting on top of RnB and Hip Hop chart, and top 10 in Billboard 100. Still not sure whether it will catch on and make an impact outside of Urban music radio over here in the UK, but who cares? As stated before tune will make the "back of the bus" top 5 without doubt!

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