Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wayne Marshall - Good Love [Video]

Features a cameo from my... I mean HIS girlfriend/fiancé (they aren't married yet are they?) Konvict artist/possible hottest chick in the Dancehall game Tami Chynn. Marshy's been quiet for a while now, good to see he's back with a banger. Will recognise the riddim from Jah Cure's single 'Call On Me' (posted the vid the other day).

Really, really feeling this video. Love the concept of meeting at the hotel, topped off with the twist at the end where they both go back to the same house, styling in 2white BMW's with the mixed race child.

Very nice to see Reggae/Dancehall videos getting the right look now unlike them cheap CCTV looking ones they still had up to last year (apart from Portmore Empire anyway).

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