Thursday, 18 June 2009

Guess The Sample

I love hearing songs where popular samples/interplotations come from, so this may be another idea I play with. Going to do it in reverse order because it's kind of bait when you hear the original. So guess the original, I guess lol

What do you get when you put Biggie's 'One More Chance'. Couldn't get the vid so I chose a live performance. Haven't seen many live performances by Big. Taken from the infamous Source Awards
"I hear the east coast not feelin Snoop Dogg", "If you don't want people dancing all in your videos... come to Death Row
Biggie was no performer lol

p.s. Lol @ Styles holding up the plaque @ 1:26

And Ashanti's jump off single 'Foolish'. Don't worry I won't subject you to a live performance by her

Together with Mariah Carey - Loving You Long Time. Single shouldn't have failed man. Had all the elements to save what turned out to be a poor, poor album.

You get this! Won't front at all, I only heard this song today. Before any smart arses come along, I know who DeBarge are, just never heard the song before, alright?!?!

Never would have guessed the two songs were both samples from the same original. There is a big difference between the two. I can think of another (easier) example of this but I'll save for another day. Now you, like I, can say we learnt something new today

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