Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Jammer "The Mukle Man" vs Lethal "Pow, Pow" Bizzle

Ding ding!!!

This beef is actually quite funny. Two Grime og'z different end of the spectrum making full use of technology to get at each other. Haven't seen a strictly trash talking visual beef in the UK for a while (can't remember the last time) and to me, this beef is realer than the two from the same crew (Wiley and Skepta).

Take note of 0:43 seconds (which sounds like and indirect to me) and BBK line from 1:48

Anyway, Jammer responded via key to the streets roads GrimeDaily

Lol must say I was entertained. "They throw piss at you", "if my son sees it on YouTube I'm gonna have to beat you up" etc. are good quotables

Mr. Pow responded with this:

No disrespect but I'm sure many will hope this stays on video...

Here's Bizzle and the Big Dawg talking about the "throwing piss" incident

Currently lol'n @ this

PALMERSGREENDON (11 hours ago) Show Hide

Stop hating on westwood, hes done alot for the grime
scene. If he wern't around the grime scene wouldn't be as big as it is


UPDATE 25/6/09

Remember in the first vid Lethal said he hadn't seen the vid properly? Well the smart dudes at Grime Daily made use of technology and brought up YouTube on iPod or iTouch

To watch his reaction and hear a little bit of chat

For more chat about the history and that

Jammer saw this and responds with

Jammer is hilarious!!! Can't stop laughing. Keep it like this lads. Think there's room for inclusion of the "youngers" and maybe a face-off on Westwood or Logan (won't happen). Oh and Jammer needs to clarify which line he's speaking about.

UPDATE 26/6/2009

Jammer kills me!!!

UPDATE 27/6/2009

Lethal left the car park in the ends and returns to the countryside. Talking about the piss throwing incident, his yard getting robbed, Jammer getting robbed and Ozzie B fornicating with Jammer's baby mother! Sounds a bit hurt. Flipped it on Jammer nicely on this. Accuses Grime Daily of botched editing.

Jammers reply

Shortest time Jammer has spoken, skips the Ozzie B beating his baby mother, Walthamstow issue, Napa incident (although we can see he still has the dreads, but did he lose a few?). Sounds like a broken man but still has the best quotable "When I had the leotard on, I had the leng!" PMSL

UPDATE 30/6/09

Jammer takes it to the streets bare chested. Addresses the baby mother debate this time and goes on a rampage!

Jammer >>>>>>>>>

Man is so entertaining. Unlucky to Lethal tryna pull a Fifty by taking Jammer's baby mother out and copping a fail. At least be original and/or make sure Jam and his baby mother are on bad terms

UPDATE 4/7/09

Not bad you know. Better than I thought a diss track would have been if I'm honest. This will end in tears

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