Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lloyd Banks classic 'Victory freestyle'

This freestyle officially sold Lloyd Banks to me. He can never reach these dizzy heights again, but damn, they were up there in the nose bleeds. Mazy flow, each metaphor brings a "oooooooh" from the list of too many quotables. Would pay to see him perform this on repeat! And these were back in the days when beat jacking was regular so it was harder to stand out. I don't care, for all the quotables the original had, he bettered Biggie's verse

"Shit can get uglier than the Master P sneaker"

"I know the watch bothering ya vision, the reason I put a dot on your head like it's part of your religion"

"Niggas rather hate you or love you when you disappear, catch me on a boat with weed smoke and fishing gear. Heavy when I toke with C notes from different years..." Disgusting flow

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