Thursday, 25 June 2009

Shunda Parl - So Fine [video]

See usually I don't do this (blog bait videos you will see at every other blog stop you do today), but erm...

First single off his album Imperial Blaze released August 18th (if I recall correctly). This ya one name So Fine, produced by Di Genius aka Stephen McGregor

I had the pleasure of attending his exclusive invite-only album listening BBQ @ Atlantic compound. Album is different to what I expected. Worked with some of the biggest Dancehall producers such as Leftside (aka Mr. Evil. You know from the tune Tuck In Ya Belly?), Don Carleon, Arif Cooper and others including a self-produced song and one by his brother.

Must admit, there is a lack of bass and unlike his previous efforts it doesn't reflect what's going on in the Dancehall scene right now. We all know Sean for jumping on the hottest riddims at the time later than the original pack, instrumental tweaked to distinguish from the rest (Diwali and Steps being best examples of tweaked ones) or riddims that will buss (Ice Breaker) but there aren't any examples of that - from the preview anyway. They played about 11 tracks and we know albums aren't completed until a few weeks before release date, but what happened to Future Planner with Erup and Shabba, or his tunes on Artillery and Work Out riddims?

Sadly, I never got interview time with him due to oversight (these things happen), so I can't tell you. Maybe someone else with the knowledge *coughs* will have asked him or you will have to wait until I get the opportunity (fingers crossed August) to read an interview the Dancehall fans and real Sean Paul fans wanna read.

Can't remember names right now but there were three singles I think could be very successful for him. One of them could be Now That I Got You, one he said he would have a US artist feature on, and the other was the one about his mum. When I find out/remember I'll fawud and edit or whatever.

Never knew prior to Monday that his commercial debut Dutty Rock sold in excess of 300k, was surprised to hear Trinity, which out of the 3 singles (We Be Burnin', Ever Blazing and Never Gonna Change) I think one was top 10 sold nearly 240k and over 850k single sales. That put his success into perspective to me. Those are some serious numbers for a Dancehall artist.

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