Thursday, 18 June 2009

When Wrestling was the Sh*t! pt. 1

I think I may make a habit of these throwback threads. Everyone loves to reminisce. We'll see. For now, we'll call it 'Throwback Thursdays'

To today's topic; Wrestling; WWF to be precise (today). Yes, oiled up men in tights who weren't really fighting (it's closer to synchronised dancing than fighting). Any 80s baby-90s kid who claims they never liked it never had a childhood. Let's face it, you must have been washing dishes by 8 years-old, ironing the households clothes by 10 years-old and in your bed by 9pm on weekends until 17. Sorry your childhood was so shit. I'll try to dedicate one to you early birds in the next few weeks (I have one in mind).

This post is for all the real mandem and gyaldem/ all-a my famdem who used to watch Raw is War on a Friday night, maybe caught that par of a show Superstars on Saturday (Gorrila Monsoon was the commentator on that, no?) and Heat on a Sunday (if my dad ever took me to that I would suplexed him. Some diet version). These days were before Smackdown cos The Rock was on top, but they didn't have it init(!) and before the F was switched with an E.

Alright so enough long talking, YouTube time. Today I/we appreciate 3 top theme tunes. Squeeze it now my selectorrrr-torr-torr-tor (echo effect innit!)

If this tune didn't scare you, you were either too old or a heartless bastad! Lol @ not trying the eye roll thing then being told by an elder "If the wind changes direction it will stay like that". 'Ang tight man like Paul Bearer, man was like the walking dead for real.

The glass break was got me hyped from the beginning. When it was a surprise appearance like, if, say Vince McMahon was chattin none sense *glass breaks* = me up out of my seat making noise

Last but not least another one where you got hyped from the needle drops. Lol @ not trying to spit bars to this in 9T9

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