Tuesday, 2 June 2009

"You The Fkcuing Best!"

Alongside Jeremih's Birthday Sex, this has been on constant rotation for the whole of May. Definite summer jam. I'll admit I slept heavily as far as Drake is concerned. Mainly due to not feeling anyone else who had stupid buzz. Shame really cos he's by far the best of the pack. Lucky thing is I wasn't too far behind on the buzz of this record, seems I was just in time.

Hit goes without saying. Videos being shot so expect this to crossover into one of the biggest urban records of the year.

For as good as he is, really and truly he is a Lil' Wayne mach II. Autotuned up, same flow, similar metaphors - "Sex Love Pain baby, I be on that Tank shit. Buzz so big I could prolly sell a blank disc... She call me the referee cos I be so official, my shirt aint got no stripes but I can make your p***y whistle" are straight Weezy F mixtape material.

Won't even take the Michael by saying next to blow [pause]. You already knows this. Girls love him, mandem secretely rate him (I'm buying it for my sister still).

Him live @ SOBs with some of the biggest industry heads in attendance including former Def Jam big dawg now head of Warner Music Group Lyor Cohen and Hip Hop living legend Kanye West (if you disagree, I don't really care) amongst many others (who I honestly can not remember, but I'll style it like I know shh...).

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