Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Giggs & The Streets - Slow Songs [behind the scenes]

So today I went down to the screening of the new video by the most established Road Rap (UK Hip Hop is a par to Road Rap mandem) Giggs in collaboration with Mike Skinner who produced as well as features. As posted before, this is the unlikeliest of combinations but works so well. Shot by the boss of Road media SBTV, in collaboration with leading urban magazine RWD (namely Chantelle Fiddy). On a real no one does behind the scnenes better than SBTV. Not breadin, just being real. As Jason Lewis said, people from ends don't really congratulate each other properly.

Once again, enough long talking

Will post the official (cos I feel the song's harrrrd) when I see it floating on t'internet.

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