Thursday, 9 July 2009

My thoughts: Michael Jackon Memorial

Had every intention of posting this yesterday, kind of waste to post it today but bun it, "man does what I want innit"

My initial thoughts were the whole ceremony would have been farcical, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with it. Mariah Carey? Well boy, less said the better. Try come on Twitter with some excuse

Trying to sing today was basically impossible for me. I could barely keep myself from crying. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to pull it together and really do it right,but I was literally choked up when I saw him there in front of me.

You know what, I would have believed her about being choked up if I hadn't seen her treating her songs like the local Halal butchers. Have to ask, were you choked up on X Factor last year as well? Yeah? Ge-dout-ov-here!!! All my bredder Trey Lorenz (what happened to that breh?) didn't really cut it but we'll bly him. The occasion must have got to him. Local clubs and pub karaoke's aren't quite Staples Center crowds let alone Michael Jackson's funeral.

Simon Cowell got his "Brooowwwn Paayyyper Baaaaaaahhhhg" money on to get my yout' from Britain's Got Talent. Did well still. Mic was shegged but what an honour. In a kinda twisted way I would have loved to have done that as a youtman.

I'm sure most have seen the above vids already. If you haven't I'm gonna take a wild guess you don't want to. Either way, best of the rest:

Usher's performance was moving. Brave dude for touching the casket. Didn't blame him for bawlin though. That would have been me.

Jermaine's a brave dude getting up there and singing. Did well also.

John Mayer playing a big tune in Human Nature

Stevie Wonder's was fitting too

But in all honesty, it was the speeches that stood out for me still. Brooke Shields held it together quite well even though she was on the brink of full blown bawlin

Didn't know who this lady was before, still don't know who she is properly yet, but I will Google her in due course. Showered down the place

Rev Al Sharpy was on some dunnin dances vibe from early (the day MJ died), then repped again at the funeral

Killer was Paris

Although media saying she shouldn't have touched mic, it appears as though she put herself forward for it.

On the flip, I heard there was one fossil taking the proceedings for Graham Norton on EuroVision Song Contest. Paul Mallignaggi or something like that. No wait, Mallinaggi was the surname of the dude Hatton beat up. Paul Gambiccini is the dude's name. Glad I never watched that. Hold tight the man on Sky News saying Michael Jackson's music sounds dated wasn't groundbreaking like Elvis and The Beatles. Elvis and The Beatles? Their earlier songs were R&B/Rock and Roll which was already being made by artists who weren't getting mainstream love.

I tell you no lies, I love this guy Bill O'Reilly. He infuriates me with his ignorance, traps he lays, constant interruptions to save him losing face... but at the end of the day I watch and it evokes emotions like no TV progamme does in UK. Talk Radio is a different story though

I would sekkle him simple though. I always debate with him in my head, sometimes stretches to muttering but I doubt he can lip read through the monitor.

Hold tight the people saying he was only a singer and didn't deserve all this adulation. So was Elvis. Well he was just a drug addicted, fat bastard who was a bum struggling for fame in Vegas at time of death and initially dated Priscilla Pressley when she was a teenager, but people don't share that side. He died on a flippin toilet seat remember. Hopefully the same will happen with MJ in a couple generations time. If you don't like him or his music fine but surely you must understand.

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