Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hotsteppa & Funky All Stars - Take It Higher

What do you get when you put a bag on one-hit wonders (at the moment) and few of the hottest hosts in the dance on one song?

Dogtaniun, Creeper, Gracious K, Tribal Magz, Riskgo, MC Kaos, KIG Family, Funky D, LJ or C.Los, Maxwell D and some others who I don't know - disclaimer in case I missed anybody.

Production is weaker than an anorexic with swine flu - sounds way too forced to be a club banger. This is an example of a song which should have been left on a hard drive as a joke between friends.

Gracious K, I love Migraine Skank, I always buss it when it drops, but bruv still using Migraine Skank bars? That will only lead to people thinking you are a on trick pony. At least Tribal Magz used it more as a signature thing, but his 8 bars weren't saying much.

Funky D, once again I love "Oi, you, are you gonna bang?" (been looking to post it on here for a couple months but haven't found the Youtube link yet), but bruv, same applies as Gracious.

Most of the timing of the bars were off and it was just a general shambles.

At the rate the UK Funky sound is going, it won't last at this level for long into '010. There needs to be some quality control from the DJ's because the ravers will like anything they think will get hyped by everyone else (this is prime example). However, I don't fall for hype, so I'm not fooled. It's a shame because it started off really well and I love hearing it in clubs.

This song just puts the talent (or some may say lack of) on display in a bad way. Better luck next time chaps. And hey, don't get all shirty with me, if everyone says your shits hot when it's not, you will continue to put out shit like, well, this.

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