Thursday, 2 July 2009

Serani and Melanie Fiona - No Games remix

If you didn't know Serani has been signed to Universal Republic.

Anyone who knows me personally will know I was endorsing this song when everyone was talking about So Special. I just thought it was the better song if I'm honest. Anyone who reads free monthly urban magazine D101 who receive my reviews and charts will know I reviewed it when I reached back from Jamaica for last year September's mag. You will also know I was writing about Serani when no one played him. Nice to see it come to fruition. Shame I didn't get to interview him whilst he was over here. But we'll say no more about that cos it's all political. Enough playing tunes on my own trumpet for now ;-)

Island have put Serani together with the lovely Melanie Fiona (yes I kinda think I fancy her) for a remix. Guessing they are trying to put the two Caribbean artists together on one track. Lol'd at her singing "I-i-its Melarni" to rhyme with Serani.

Stole this from

Me likey, but it didn't change so I guess I was bound to like it.

I interviewed Melarni whilst she was over here in May maybe? Or early June. Anyway, will post it here tomorrow.

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