Saturday, 11 July 2009

UK Funky Jam Sessions

Listened to this on Wednesday and was very impressed, so I thought I'd share with yous. First time I heard UK Funky live was Attaca Pesante @ iluvlive 5th birthday special in June. Was a bit unsure about how it would work but it added new life to Make It Funky For Me.

At this point I'd just like to point out that I love 1Xtra. Not biased or on the payroll. The DJs are people I can relate to, entertaining and knowledgeable. Love how they are the only urban station at the forefront trying to push things forward. I understand that their budget is nice and whatnot but they are doing something innovative with it.

Back on topic, catch MistaJam's show weekdays @ 7pm. Special guest mixes, variety of genres and he knows nuff about music. Gonna be honest, for the fact he was the chef in Crossroads, I really didn't think his knowledge was gonna be as deep as it is.

Startin with Donaaaaaaae'o

Party Hard is a mud ting!!! If you aren'tup skankin them times then stiff board is yeww yewwwwww! I would love to experience this live. Someone with funds make it happen

Cray-zee cu-sunz, cra-zy cou-sins featuring MC Versatile (Funky Anthem, Its That Funky), Kimona (I See You), Kyla(Do You Mind, Daydreamin).

Manazed Suwhear Dowwn Gracious K

KIG Family

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