Thursday, 20 August 2009

Earwig selection v. 2

Alright I did the 1st part a very, very long time ago. Wouldn't like you to believe this is a straight follow up but I couldn't find a title which suited the post better.

Holiday blue are still lingering and that will be expressed in this post. Not only that but Dancehall and Reggae music is the best in the world if we are honest about it.

One of the hottest tunes in Jamaica right now.

Mavado on this riddim is locking dances. Can see this working as Erupt - Run Dem Head part 2 in UK

Rate this too, another courtesy of Gaza leader

Summer tune of 09

One of the realest tunes about! Love these conscious songs in dancehall.

Feelin the Bugle on the riddim too

Big tune by Laden. Fi di tugs dem yazeet, yazeet, yazeet!

I'll throw in some Yank music cos' this guy is just that guy. From I first listened to The Warm Up back in June, this song got repeat treatment


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