Wednesday, 26 August 2009

MOBO Nominations 2009 - My prediction

Tonight sees the announcement of the nominations for the annual (what year are we now?) MOBO awards which will take place in Glasgow, Scotland. *vinyl scratches and music stops* Yes, Scotland! Official line is they are taking it on the road until 2012. Yeah right, that doesn't sit right with me. Since when did MOBOs become an ambassador for sports and 2012? Stop the jokes, I didn't even lol behind my screen with a straight face. What you really mean is no embarrassment brought on from booin in a far from capacity crowd by unruly Londoners who probably blagged their way in for discounted prices anyway you bastards!!! In addition to that, the Scots will possibly be much more appreciative of seeing their favourite black artists. It's a bit far though isn't it

Well it isn't quite my predictions, mainly because I cannot remember the categories but what I can guarantee is that Tinchy, N-Dubz, Chipmunk, Master Shortie and Bashy will be up for Best UK male (if there is such award) and deservedly so.

Depending on which MOBO's we have (whether they are on point or not) will decide whether Bashy is up for Best Newcomer. If he is, he'll take it. If not, I think it's "the peoples champ" ROFL (rollin on floor laughin) Master Shortie's. He'll be nom'd alongside Mz. Bratt, K.I.G., Donae'o and couple others naturally. Those others also depend on MOBO panel. Double S should be up, but will Griminal get a nod? Tempz?! LMAO that'll be the day. How about Dot Rotten? Can't think of who else.

Alexandra Burke will be nom'd somewhere (MOBO music? Not yet she hasn't), Jay-Z (doesn't have to do anything but his name will be there), Kanye West (808s = MOBO?), Flo-Rida and my mind's gone blank

Now MOBO always has a reputation of disappointing by either a. not nominating those who the roads feel deserve to be (ala Giggs last year), or those who will make it by default even though they haven't produced any material or Music of Black Origin.

The most annoying/frustrating category for me personally is the Best Reggae award. In previous years we have seen Anthony Hamilton nom'd based on one song (Everybody was a great song but come on) and won by Sean Kingston *insert straight face*. However, last year was the best line-up they've had since they bowed to pressure from racist gay rights organisation OutRage! in about '03/'04 which saw them drop Sizzla, Beenie Man and Elephant Man from their list. Hopefully we see a continuation of last year (Busy Signal, Tarrus Riley, Beenie Man, Mavado & Etana), maybe even a performance this year?!

The performances were dry like crackers (no marg/butter etc.) last year. You know you're in trouble when Craig David has the livest performance of the night, but we'll save all that talk for a post closer to the awards.

I'll finish my post on this, will Giggs be nominated now that he has released a successful album, signed to Takeover Entertainment/XL Recordings? He has an awful lot more power than he did when he was just Giggs from Pecknarm who had the biggest song of the year.

And lastly, will they still choose to ignore UK Funky despite it's top 20 charting (K.I.G. 'Head,Shoulders, Knees and Toes) and the immenant major label release of Migraine Skank by Gracious K? Last year it was predominantly an underground movement but there has been growing interest in the genre. Even MTV Base show a prgramming filler chart show called UK Funky Top 40. Yeah, they had Chipmunk's 'Chip Diddy Chip' @ number 16 (Chip Diddy Chip? UK Funky? Bahahahahaha *inhales* ahahaha)

Ok, the real last thing; a final thought. People in-and-out (mainly in) of the music industry are saying this has been a good year for UK black music, but I question that. The faces may be black but is the music they are making black? For example, would we consider a white person singing Tinchy's chart-topper 'Number 1' a white person singing black music? Dizzee's 'Bonkers' most certainly wasn't, nor was Chipmunk's 'Diamond Rings'. Ironically, I give it to N-Dubz because they are making the closest to "black music".

Good year for the artists, yes, black music events are still getting shut down, even comedy awards are shut down, so it can't be good for the music. The black people are selling because they are making music the people like which at the end of the day is the ultimate aim. Let's celebrate the artists, but until they stick with the sound they were introduced to the underground with, they are not pushing black music. Some may say I'm being short-sighted, I ask who's to say they will sell making black music? Deal with wha gwarn, not what if's!

sidebar: Don't care about the DJ's category, World Music, Gospel, Jazz etc. hence no mention of them. Apologies if you do

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