Friday, 18 September 2009

Devlin - Community Outcast

Ventured over to Tinchy Stryder's blog to see what him and Lily Allen are complaining about (file-sharing), got bored of reading that so went through to see what else was good with Cloud 9 Strydes.

Whilst scrolling through various pics and that I bumped into this tune by Movement member Devlin

Now I've heard his name for a while but don't remember actually hearing him. After hearing this I am now a fan and want to hear MORE! What a tune! Feeling everything from the concept, voice for the voiceless, the cases he used, his accurate image (looks like one of them council estate dudes) to the video. I am not one of those types but I understand where he's coming from meaning in a strange way relate. I'm actually excited for him about this tune.

He's like a edgy Mike Skinner. Main thing that may hold him back is his skippy flow.

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