Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Best Rapper Alive speaks

No it's not Lil Wayne, or Drake, or even Jay-Z. Nope it is he who has produced the best body of work in 010. Yeah I said it, J. Cole's Warm Up may only be a mixtape but bar4bar, song4song there hasn't been a better album or mixtape than it this year.

It has been on serious rotation on-and-off since June. Each time I listen I hear a lyric I missed before or I get a new favourite song. Straight up-and-down classic. 5 mic. Don't care if it is a mixtape, it was created like an album so it gets rated against albums I've heard all year, including your favourite rappers album and kills a 16 on your favourite rappers album.

J Cole - A Star Is Born Documentary Part 1 from Chris Knotti on Vimeo.

In what will be a four-part series, Knotti chronicles the rise to stardom of a future legend, Jermaine Cole. You happen to know him as J. Cole.

In this episode, J. Cole discusses moving from North Carolina to New York a pursue a rap career, getting signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation & preparing a classic album.

Think more lyrical & sometimes thought provoking College Dropout Kanye, think a less-dork-in-glasses-and-skateboard, more street-savvy-and-clarity Lupe. But then think what if someone combined what's good about both of them with his own flavour. That's J. Cole. College dropout, varied concepts, conscious, lyrically kills classic beats (blugeoned Jay-Z's Dead Presidents pt. 2), effortlessly drops complex flows with metaphors and punches you never saw coming... One of the most complete rappers I've ever heard, let alone this century (2000+). Combine him with some well-known features and he's ready to go.

Get familiar

J.Cole 'A Star Is Born' Documentary Part 2 from Chris Knotti on Vimeo.

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