Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Urban Brit-Pop success influenced by Kylie?

Howdy! Now you're most probably looking at the title crazy like "How the hell you work that one out?" Some are probably thinking "Com'on son?! This is some bs" but hear me out.

Today I was listening to my iPod when Kylie (the Aussie from Ramsay Street with the illusion pert bum) came on the dance/pop playlist. Yes, you read correctly. First song that came on was the 2000 chart-topping classic Can't Get You Out Of My Head. As a listened, I ran the choreography through my head - yes I know some of the dance steps in the chorus (blame my diet of music television) - when I realised there was a popular UK Funky dance in there.

Look @ 1:49

Does this

not look like this popular dance?*

Excuse the lite version. Someone needs to re-dub the original tunes over the video. Credit my blog somewhere on the video in the pop-up tags!

Ok, but on a more serious note, the next tune was Kylie (yes again) Come Into My World. Tune is mad under-rated! Skankers.

& Love At First Sight

Another big tune

But anyway, I clocked this is the same sort of sound Taio Cruz and Tinchy Stryder are singing and rapping over.*

If you guys somehow manage to read this I expect to hear you both say you were influenced by Kylie.

Disclaimer: the real motive behind this post was a Kylie circa 2000/2001 appreciation/real badman never afraid but you were so wrapped up in my madness you never thought "'Ang abaat, this guy listens to Kylie". *The points made may or may not have been made in jest, a gentleman never tells muahahahahahahahaha *disappears in the puff of smoke, mirrors and bright lights*

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