Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Looking Forward to Hearing in 2010

I wouldn't call myself an expert on music. I have an opinion that some people agree with, others disagree. These following artists are not neccessarily "next to blow", rather those who I'm looking forward to hearing from in 2010.

Maverick Sabre - Dude from out of Ireland. Has a reggae-vibe to his voice/delivery, or that perception may be due to him reminding me of one-time Reggae MOBO Award winner Finlay Quaye. Equipped with real life topics/ real music from the soul.

Daley - saw him at one fashion show back in October, not gonna lie... actually let me explain; all the previous performers were dead to me so there wasn't high expectation for this dude sitting on a stool with a random piece shaven off his head. How wrong was I? Dude can sang! Boy got that smokey jazz club soul about him.

Devlin - Blogged about him before. Nothing much to say that the song doesn't display, but offers a different perspective in the game.

Chino - one of my favourite artists of any genre, especially the genre he represents, dancehall. Lyrics dem clean, flows tight, positive concepts, catalog includes hits for the men and ladies (which is good for us men to whine with, uzeet?)

J Cole - Possibly the only rapper I'd say I'm a super-fan of. Multi-talented MC/producer who can kick allsorts of rhymes; social-commentary, storytelling, introspective, or "dumb it down" with straight punches - he has it all! Signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation, he most definitely deserves that. Can't wait for his album. Contrary to popular belief, The Warm Up was the best mixtape of 09! Word is bond son. Throwback NY style from a dude born and raised in NC. He's nothing like Drake; more a lyrical College Dropout Kanye West, less complex/snorefest Lupe Fiasco. Rapper who produced all but 2 tracks on the 22 track heater

I really could carry on posting vids, but I reckon you should check free mixtape The Warm Up here

Tinie Tempah - Won't lie, none of his songs had EVER appealed to me; all them soppy love songs aimed at Liquid/Revolutions crowd get bun round ya! But Pass Out? Pass Out? This tune is absolutely IMMENSE! By far the best UK rappin style track since Giggs 'Talking The Hardest' - undoubtedly! Deny it you're a LIAR

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