Friday, 22 January 2010

Trey Songz - Say Ahh + Interview

I'm sure I'm really late on this one but "face. Look. Bovvad?"

Tunes dir-tee-tee; good tune but "Oh you so nasty" *speaking whilst moving my neck*. I wanna know if self-respecting ladies rate this tune? Some would argue "self-respecting ladies" is an outdated term. I don't subscribe to that, special ones are still out there... Many of 'em? Well that's up for debate, but I love you all!

Anyway, his album is big! Beats knock, he has a good voice, but most of all it's at a normal tempo not this wannabe 4x4, borderline trancey stuff (over-exaggeration much!). Still sounds like R. Kelly. Girls LOVE this guy too; by far the most popular of all the pics I had on my Facebook page amongst the ladies.

And no, I wasn't in a pic with him for groupie reasons; "Man-a-badman, mi nuh frighten fi tell no bwoy! Desso it deh uzeeit!" (that's a random defensive outburst) I interviewed him before his performance at indigo2. Spoke on his disappointment with previous album sales, why he teamed up with the 'typical' hit producers as everyone else, create his celebrity dream girl, find out the real reason behind the single 'I Need a Girl' and whether he dates fans.
Read that here

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See I'm not just a reggae/dancheall guy

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