Thursday, 11 March 2010

Congrats to Tinie Tempah

As I'm sure you all know by now, the 'ardest urban UK song to be released in a very long while, Pass Out by Tinie Tempah, reached the number 1 spot in the UK singles chart!!! We knew chances of it hitting there were high from Monday last week as it shot out of the blocks faster than them stupid greyhounds chasing after a fluffy motorised Duracel Bunny looking thing. Isn't about time those foolish four-legged monsters realised they're chasing a dead cause? I would tell (series of barks obvs) my trainer dude "You are 'avin a laugh mate? Fool me once, shame on me..."

I was fortunate enough to be at Tinie's number 1 celebration on Sunday (shouts to the hook up), and I was a happy camper pleased to be a part of it. Ex-Sugababe Keisha Buchanan (oh my she is a lot of things!) was in the building, big'd up Jungle/DnB legend Shy FX whilst they played Original Nutter; classic UK song! Skepta, Tinchy, G Frsh, Wretch 32 and all them were in there

Haven't got any pics for you or anything, but I can tell you they did the champagne splash (poured champagne over him) in the centre of the club, hoisted him in the air... as Manny Norte played Pass Out about 5 times. Didn't complain AT ALL! Great moment.

I do have the moment he found out he was number 1 (well I found it on YouTube)

Tell me that didn't bring a smile to your face? Such a humble guy too. Saw him perform again last night at Reggie Yates' night Trading Places. Was emotional!

Now, everyone is wondering what T's follow-up will sound like? Will it be Pass Out part 2? What about a formulaic sound we've seen used by the likes of Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder (as UK producer Dready said, many artists probably wouldn't buy their own records)? Pass Out was only meant to serve as a demo single, but grew out of control. Obviously why it doesn't sound like any other urban artists song. Prior to Pass Out we mainly knew Tinie for songs like Wifey and Tears before (basically soppy stuff girls loved), and to be honest, he can push out another one of those.

Better to steer clear from a Pass Out part 2, or even anything to compare because people will call him a one-trick pony. Unless he has another banger that everyone will like then who cares. I wish him all the best #TeamUK!

What better way to end this on Pass Out? Well I would embed it but babylon have blocked it! Click here

p.s. I interviewed UK dancehall artist Gappy Ranks last week. He played me his Pass Out freestyle, and to be quite frank, it poo poo'd on most of the ones that came out. His hook was catchier than Swine Flu (what a hype that turned out to be!)

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