Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Trilla - Who Are Ya?

WTF @ the adverting at the end. That was weird.

Saw him perform this at Kojo's Comedy Funhouse (premieres tomorrow April 1st MTV Base), although I don't think it made the final cut. I like this song; feel it has good crossover potential sound too - something for the kids, the popular yob/hooligan chant of "Who Are Ya?". Whether it achieves that or not I don't know, may be too cheesy. Even though the Midland accents are funny, I do like Trilla. He has single-handedly put 0121 (Biingham/Brum area code) on the map (well to me anyway) with "Don't think you're a G-star just cos you're wearing G-star" and the infectious "Tell dat gehwl seventeen fifteh". His Woo riddim freestyle is still hard! Good luck to him I say.

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