Thursday, 29 April 2010

Princess Nyah 'Hooligans' [vid]

Think this is the 3rd video for a song off the 'Diary of a Princess' EP

You see at 1:40, they filmed someone (guessing it's Princess) wearing some peep toes. The next shot is of Ghetts face. Not gonna lie, I chuckled at the thought of Ghetts wearing them shoes. Also, bit disappointed it's in black and white. Why did they show so much of Nyah when Sadie Ama is in the video? Not one close up you know. #Fail

I like this song. Ang tite Ill Blu on the buttons; they're doing a lot right now (remember Crazy Cousins? LMAO). Hold tight Princess Nyah, the one I said is the best female in the scene from last years UK Funky Live (coughdebaclecough) concert. I don't care that she isn't the greatest singer, she blatantly has best written songs for the galdem. I'd standardly get her to write couple tunes for my female artist (if I had one).

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