Monday, 12 July 2010


So I didn't have a creative topic title. This is just a couple videos I enjoyed over the weekend and a song I'm feeling really. Thought I'd give you an insight into the psyche of the elusive Marvin Sparks (that's me hyping this post like it's something more than just a few songs I feel to post).

Starting with Mr Wayne Marshall

This song has been getting beaten very hard recently. Sounds like something that will sit nicely on play lists. Jamaican directed and produced dancehall (well this isn't dancehall as such) videos have been far superior to those by Yanks (Little X).

Next up, Bounty Killer & Busy Signal

Taken from the JukeBoxx produced Damage Control riddim (check the Buju on that), the Killer seems to be back to his poor people governer circa 1999-2001 times again. Fierce flow, potent delivery etc.

Possibly the 'ardest UK rap tune right now, Chipmunk, Wretch 32, Sincere & Loick Essien - Last One Standing

That beat is cinematic! Wretch is way too gifted to not be in your top 3 ("living my dream but some of them sleep on me... ain't a game in the ends when the snakes can climb ladders"), and care not what you feel about him Chipmunk is one of the best in the game. Hol' tight SX from Wooo riddim fame on the beat

I mentioned this song a while back, but there wasn't a good YouTube video for it at the time Meleka from the'Go' tune last year returns with another banger.

If she carries on with the funky she could take the throne of UK funky Queen. She can actually sing, good subjects (yeah, all 2 of them) fi di gal dem, and looks good from what I remember.

Lastly, Rick Ross (aka Slick Cop "Everyday I'm cuffin 'em") featuring Jay-Z - Free Mason. Yes, you read correctly, Jay-Z on a song called Free Mason. Let the foolish talk commence... NAHT!

Jay-Z absolutely annihilated that verse! F*ck a metaphor, the multi's in this are crazy. "Bitch, I said I was amazing. Not that I'm a mason. It's amazing that I made it through the maze I was in.... Holy water my face in the basin" You see them multi's? Dirty. 'Ang tight The Inkredibles on the buttons. Although they bite Justice League's style, they make bangers.

Remember when multi's were overused like how metaphors (when they're really similies) are? Good old days until Cam'ron started his "My Hoopty boujis, my Luis 'sclusive, rhyme stupid, but you knew this". Admittedly my bars are better than his were, so not the best example. His were a bit my "Oopy loopy, scooby scooby, rubie newbie, jooey sooly"

Annnnnd that's all for that post.

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