Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Thoughts of Tuesday

Tune and Video of the Day: Willow Smith

Very rarely is hype justified. This is more than justified. Big up Willow's hair piece

Warning: This is not for you skinny jean, plunging neckline t-shirt wearers like it isn't for us baldheads. That includes you Amber Rose

Throwback tune of the day: Destiny's Child 'Bootylicious' Rockwilder remix

My gawsh! I remember when this dropped. Regular MTV Base and Kiss rotation. I didn't like the original. Cos I'm a badman I can say that and not care what you think. In fact the sole reason why I can post a song aimed at chicks and call it Throwback Tune of the Day signifies my levels badminism in itself. It solidifies my badmanification. Yes, I made up those two words. The beauty of speaking slang like this. And as banging as Beyoncé is today, she isn't better than this video. This, Work It Out and Check Up On It are my favourite videos for watching Beyoncé. Her super sexy swag is off the meat rack

Tinchy Strada?

Hahaha hold tight Tinchy Strada, according to his Nando's black card. Strada's that expensive Italian resturant, alie? I would have 'llowed them if they spelt Kwasi Danquah incorrectly as I'm sure I have just there. If not, hooray for me. And no I won't Google it. That spoils the point.

And that isn't the only par. Nando's black card entitles you to free meals at Nando's. I came this close to making use of one a few weeks back but walked into Nando's half an hour too early. But back on track, why's the Nando's card that gets you free chicken BLACK? Food for thought... Did you catch the "double entendre, you can ask me how"? Food = Nando's; Thought = this post is thoughts for the day.

Westwood & Wiley vs ChipMunk handicap match

This thing kinda come like WWF Survivor Series. I saw the original video, plus all the tweets Chipmunk sent dissing both Timothy and William Kiley. Timmy actually sounds serious for once like it hurt him. Wiley raises a good point about Chipmunk's reaction "Sometimes the truth hurts... Maybe we got to him".

Chipmunk has been on a Twitter saying he wants to bring real music this time around, improving his lyricism, changing sound for this new album, frequently stating Until You Were Gone with Esmee Denters was the last song of that pop sound, his Twitter profile pic simply reads "Change is coming"... Last week he tweeted "You can do it without a label, but you can't do it without a team" before tweeting he walked out of his deal @ Jive/Sony recently.

Maybe it is something he is insecure about and is uncomfortable with being known for the songs he released. Don't get it twisted, Chipmunk can spit bars for days. I'm a badman so I can say he's easily top 10 best in England. Not many can stand next to him, let's be real. Saying that, breaking relationships publically as you are about to go solo isn't the right thing to do. No big label with relationships behind you could be sticky...

Wiley still has the quotables "What has happened is we've made a star and they've turned their back and thrown custard tarts at us" WTF? Custard tarts? Bratt must feel uncomfortable. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean.

Ghetts is the truth

Speaking of top 10s in the UK, Ghetts is top 3. You don't need proof but here you go

Christiana reaches The Tip

Don't even try "Who's Christiana?" me. "There's only one Chris-ti-ana/ One Chris-ti-ana/ Walking along, writing a blog/ Walking in Christiana wonderland!" Ensure best hooligan, 4 pints lager voice to maximum effect ala...

Christiana is launching her magazine The Tip. So what inspired you to start this magazine Christiana?

Read all about it here.

As you may (or may not know), my a.k.a. for her is "hammer" because she always hits the nail on the head. I can really relate to "So I thought instead of complaining about what I see why don’t I create an alternative?" Like on a next level. You'll see why soon. Also, I was gonna tweet "Are there any magazines for young, urban females the other day". Low and behold this appeared. I must learn to reverse my mind with Tweets. Delete what I would tweet and tweet what I don't tweet... if you get my motion...

Bangs goes Rap: Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Bangs is a blogger not a Kenyan rapper. Or is he Congolese? Anyway I'm sure he reps Australia anyway so to hell with that. Bangs is also like a posh white chick that boxes and is down. You know them white chicks that are down but they sound posh so you don't think they are down, eeeeven though, yeah, you know they are down? I'm not even sure if that was supposed to be a question when I started it. The question mark signifies my confusion.

Here she is kickin' a quick acappela of Biggie Smalls 'Mo' Money Mo' Problems'. She raises some valid points about the lyrics. Never realised them. Mainly cos I liked the song when I was too young to care and hate it now. The editing and commentary is kwholitee

p.s. no matter where I spell acappella/acapella/accapella (correct spelling is acapella) it always has the stupid squigly line. Squigly has a red line under it, the irony (its actually squigGly - shaaame).

Here is the first one, 99 Problems by the illuminati.

Fish pedicure? Something fishy about that

The above vid distracted me. I came to post this, an account by Bangs getting her feet *cringe* pedicured by fishes. Imagine that as your 9-5. No disrespect to the pedicurists's [sic/no typo) more a disrespect to owners of hooves/feet. See how you have presenters with a face fit for radio? I'm talking about feet fit for closed shoes and opaque tights (for when they get comfortable in your yard and wanna kick off shoes). I'm sure the profession/job title is beauticians, but do you still call them beauticians when they're trying to restore butters feet? I imagine their task being similar to that of an archaeologist excavating and restoring rather than a "beautician". Ah the imagery is too much for me brb *gags*

Moving on, if you don't watch The Inbetweeners, you life's a myth

Lastly, IF you sumelllllll what Barack is cooking!!!

I've never seen this in my life. I randomly wanted to hear The Rock's trademark "If you smell, what The Rock is cooking!" so naturally I typed "the rock wwf finally" into YouTube. First vid was some nonsense but one of the related vids said "8-27-2008: "The Rock" Obama's Surprise Appearrance". 1st thought: "Who spells appearance with two r's? Retard." 2nd thought: this must be one of those silly edited clips. Below is what I saw:

It is IMPERATIVE Barack gets a second term just for that tbh ("to be honest" for future reference). Too much to ask for "Finally, Barack has come BACK to Denver, Colorado)"?

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