Saturday, 20 November 2010

MiRecommend: Di Genius 'Winnings' riddim

You know I say you should never lie to artists or producers about shit songs that we have to suffer hearing? Well did I ever tell you about the riddim me and my cousins gassed one of the best dancehall producers about the day he made it?

Mutual followers may have seen this tweet:

"@DiGenius1 I saw the vlogs. Crazy vibes in Japan! Ship ah sail outernational. But yo, hope you voice that riddim. Capsize everything!!!"

To which he replied:

"@MarvinSparks mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#SHIP"

Then if you don't believe it's this riddim I replied:

"@DiGenius1 "No man to mi riddim again" Yow! Big up Stephen"

Convo took place on the 28th August. Yeah I searched it. You may not think I'm gassing but that doesn't mean they don't...

Well this is it.

Can't wait for the CDQ of the riddims to drop. The instrumental for this riddim is absolutely friggin crazy on a next ting.

Swear down, if the pieces on there match up, the riddim is gone! No lie. The Chi Ching Ching piece sound maddest off that preview. Stephen sound ard too. We all agreed Aidonia will work well on it. I think Busy Signal is on there, as well as TOK, Beenie Man, Chino, Laden etc.

He created the "No man to mi riddim again" whilst just listening back. Bramma and us told him the line madddd! Been singing it for a while.

The interview will drop soon. Got to drop it when he has confirmed something for me.


Here's a mix by Franco from Bloodline

Not sure which ones are my fave; Chi Ching Ching mad enuh. I'm gonna upload a vid of him performing in Jamaica. Crazy forward di man get and deserved. Stephen's piece sound mad too. TOK sound neat, same for Cecile and Ele. Gonna run it some more and I'll be back

Download the mix courtesy of Bloodline here

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