Friday, 12 November 2010

If you didn'y know I was random...

You will now. And yes, that is a typo in the title. I'm not even gonna change it. It seems quite ironic. Talking about being random, randomly leaving a typo in the title

Chipmunk new song/video 'Flying High'

Mr Munk's new song premiered on Mista Jam's show last night. As soon as it played, Chipmunk tweeted the video link and stated it's available to purchase on iTunes at 1200am. At this point, I'd like to point out I put this idea forward to someone at a major label in '07, but they never listened... Well done Chippy.

Video is sick, song may be a grower. As of right now I'm not really too too into it. It's alright. Like/Dislike meter on YouTube is quite close. I'd like to reiterate the video is sick! Shot in South Africa I believe.

Random Tune of the Day: Brandon Flowers 'Only The Young'

This song just came on Absolute radio (I'm versatile with listening habits if you hadn't guessed). Anyone that says they love music, yet only listen to urban genres loves that type of music and listens to music a lot. Badman like I will find a good tune regardless of genre. "Why?" I hear you ask. Because I LOVE music.

Tune goes hard. Sounds like them powerful 80s pop tunes

Real Badman Never Afraid: Kylie 'Hand On Your Heart'

Now if the above tune wasn't enough to make you think I'm a wasteman, here goes more ammo. Found out that Pete Waterman sold and had vast knowledge of reggae back in the day. Pete Waterman was in hitmaking trio Stock, Aitken and Waterman. So technically, this tune has some more credibility.

Kylie's body is a bit of a myth but I've always thought it looked good in this.

Who said grime is dead?

Oh gosh, the hype in this dance. P Money and Blacks are grime's Batman and Robin. They dun dances on a regular. Logan's selection is potent. Kozzie taps in every now and again to drop bars.

@ 6:30 onwards when P spits "Pee, I'm colder/ 22 but I look older/ 45 inside the holster/ Head GONE! Game over" (straight wheelie bar)then Spooky's 'Spartan' drops >>>>>>>>>>

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