Friday, 19 November 2010

J Cole wants to work with grime MC

So I got off the phone to my favourite rapper J. Cole about an hour ago. If you don't know about him, he's Jay-Z first signee to Roc Nation and crashed his website with over 4,000 people trying to gain access to his site to download latest mixtape Friday Night Lights (click for download) at one time last Friday. So yeah, if you haven't heard of him, you live under a rock (or in Twitter terms #SlapYourself).

Often compared with Drake. Many of you may like this

This song goes hard off the latest tape. Check the 3rd and final verse.

Anyway, I interviewed him today for free urban lifestyle, music and fashion magazine Flavour Magazine (website and read latest Pioneers issue of mag by clicking here) (follow 'em on Twitter). We spoke about a lot but you'll have to wait and see that. I won't tell you what we spoke about because you never know who's reading and may... let's say "be influenced". I think it's interesting, hope you will too. Will post when it gets posted. What I will say is it is up there with my Asher Roth interview quoted on Cocaine Blunts as "The greatest interview with hip hop's leading thinker". Not to say it's the greatest interview with J. Cole, but I think the quality is on par. Stay tuned to the blog and Flavour mag and their Twitter for the full interview within the next week.

However, I couldn't afford to hang onto this for much longer. I just had to share it. And who better to share it with than my Twitter fam blog readers and extended blog familia?

Let me build this like they do on radio. So far we've had Diddy reach out to Skepta for Hello Good Morning (grime remix), Tinie Tempah and Tinchy Stryder on a remix too, Snoop jumped on Tinie Tempah's Pass Out, Kelly Rowland on Tinie's album, Tinchy linking with Jay-Z for the Takeover/Roc Nation...

Last Friday Semtex played the Jay-Z interview where Jay bigged up Kano, surprising many because as talented as he is, he hasn't been the chart star his talent suggests. (Kano's response)

But my favourite rapper wanting to work with my favourite grime MC? Say it ain't so (p.s. listen to him spitting the MC's bars as he figures out the MCs name):

@JColeNC tells @MarvinSparks he wants to work with grime artist P Money by MiNameMarvinSparks

Stay tuned to my blog, follow me on Twitter , keep checking back at Flavour mag or follow their Twitter for the full interview within the next week.

No lie, them same bars were in my head today.

If you haven't heard of P Money, this is probably the video JCole is talking about

Slang Like This out now. So is Ho Riddim. Check out P Money's mixtapes Coins 2 Notes, P Money Is Power and Money Over Everyone. Google them innit.

If you want more videos like the above check out SBTV F64's in particular

J Cole is supporting Drake next year. Fingers crossed they get something done!

Whilst you're hear feel free to check out my interview with former Dipset associates, UK rap duo SAS:

In the first part of 3 (maayyybe 4 x 10mins) we spoke about meeting Memphis Bleek whilst battle rapping in Marcy Projects in New York a.k.a Jay-Z's former stomping grounds, SAS rejecting a production deal with Kanye West, exclusive on how Kanye stopped them getting a major label deal, and rappers/MCs in the UK not staying true to the artform and rating "success more than talent".

@MarvinSparks interviews @MegaSAS and @MayhemSAS for @FlavourMag pt 1 by MiNameMarvinSparks

Couple interviews with grime artists Devlin, Tinchy, Chipmunk, Skepta and Bashy (few of them aren't grime grime but you get me) here

If you're new to hear and would like to see previous interviews with people US hip hop and r&b artists, and Jamaica reggae/dancehall artists ranging from Akon, TI, Raekwon, John Legend, Trey Songz, Busy Signal, Tarrus Riley click here and scrolllll. Holla at me for enquiries:

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