Saturday, 20 November 2010

Shower Down Saturday

Exhibit A: Maxsta sends for Chipmunk

Today's post title is dedicated to this. "Showering down" = rapping seriously good lyrics. I jacked this Grime Daily exclusive from Soul Culture - ironic, much (soul as my source for grime)? I'm not grime so I only know this story as far back as Chipmunk allegedly getting Maxsta removed from Pow 2011.

Tinchy Stryder's signing Maxsta gives more reasons why he doesn't like Chipmunk

"You try badmind me to Colin (think he say Colin anyway)/ Try badmind me to Terror Danja/ Like it's my fault Mz Bratt broke you heart..."

Wow is all I can say to this. He will have the whole scene behind him for this.

Chipmunk must be thinking "Again... and again... oops here we go again". Dot, Grim, Lowkey now this? Cussing man's mum was a bit far though

As grimestress Hyperfrank wrote: "Now the music market has shifted to a more harder sound being embraced, the real question is, can chipmunk have the same success or will he need the underground to support him? The same underground he laughed at when he was high in the charts. Only time will tell."

I've always wondered if dissin people when you're successful in a fickle market like pop and you aren't of Dizzee's stature where he doesn't rely on underground to support him at all, him laughing at underground will matter in the long run. Then you look at Tinchy Stryder, who embraces the underground, regardless of liking his commercial songs people haven't written Game Over off as an attempt to gain street cred. I'm guessing/hoping Chipmunk has a song to hit everything out of the gate forcing people to playing it or dissin the underground + (possibly more importantly) walking out of his major label contract (if that is true) could lead to tough times for the Chipster. Saying that, there are rumours he has a track with Chris Brown. If so, everyone will shut up. I'm neutral in this. I wonder where Tinchy will stand on this...


His initial response via Twitter:


But you will have noticed the video has been taken down

Chipmunk have anything to do with it?

"No one man should have all that POWER!!! #FlyingHigh" [source]

My response = BAWSE!

If you missed it, never fear, Once Upon a Grime are here.

You can d/l from here. Safe for using my audio of J Cole x P Money here.


Grime Daily have re-upped

Dr. Dre 'Kush'

Didn't hit me first time but now? Now?! Yo, this tune goes hard! I just wanna jump and prawns around the place on a crip walk ting. Jacked from PinBoard

Question: Is that really Nate Dogg? I swear he lost his voice due to the stroke or is that an evil internet rumour? If it isn't a rumour, this tune must be old.

Random one, I wondered what happened to Akon the other day.

And last thing, Snoop's first line is probably the best bar from him in a while.

Kush (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon) by

Sidenote: Just remembered Akon said he's going to start a reggae label when I spoke to him in '08. What happened to it? Lady Gaga money musta distracted. Can't say I blame him. That money would distract me too.

I'd LOVE J. Cole to spit on this! To be honest, I'd love to him to rap over every beat to be honest.

Here's a (cheap) behind the scenes at the vid. Don't get your Cous' on me cous, I'm only messin about, cous! :)

Peep's Ent Exclusive Dr. Dre Kush behind the scenes with 50 cent,E40,The Menace,Roccett,G Malone from Peepsent on Vimeo.

Duss Riddim medley video

Got this in an email. Hold tight Kirk Lee and Roadblock films, you man are doing a lot! Papi's (Popcaan) tune is my one. Kartel's one go ard still. And for its purpose Gaza Slim's one is good for the ladies.

Oh yeah, Rihanna is continuing on to trample on these other female artists out (except Nicki Minaj maybe) there by saying the right things to me continuously. Check her talking about who she'd like to collaborate with

Sway 'Wow 2011'

So it finally dropped and he still hasn't heard word back from Lethal Bizzle. Premiered on 1Xta DJ Semtex's show last night. Sem never asked how Sway felt about Kano dropping his freestyle first.

p.s. it's pointless trying to read the lyrics along with the song. Like really pointless. I still wonder what he would have done on the proper Pow 2011.

Oh and here's a CDQ (CD quality) version of Kano's 'Pow 2011 Dench edition' (DENCH is the new slang Lethal's pushing meaning good/powerful) jacked from Soul Culture.

K.A. POW '11 (Dench Edition) by TheRealKano

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