Thursday, 18 November 2010

UK Music tonight >>>

Sorry but this just in

Game Over reeeeemiiix

Ghetts on this > Ghetts on Pow 2011. Griminal's second half is sick! Maxsta goes in! Dot Rotten fux it! Nearly everyone goes in... just listen for yourself

Game Over Remix Ruff Sqwad, Tinchy, Ghetts, P Money, Maxsta + Others by user2297205

Original Game Over; Tinchy Stryder featuring Giggs, Pro Green, Tinie Tempah, Example, Devlin and Chipmunk

And this? This? Kano, this? Kano F64 on Pow 2011?

Kano pow2011 64bars by GRIME2011

The intro is recording of Jay-Z biggin him up on Semtex's show.

Bruv, I quit. When was the last time anything US got me this hyped? Apart from J. Cole's latest mixtape? Nothing really.

#TeamUK (well #TeamGoodmUsiK)

Shouts to GrimeForum for the audio. Topic on Game Over and Kano's extended Pow! 2011

p.s. I feel sorry for Sway. If you didn't know he isn't on the original Pow 2011 because Kano took a 16 bar so Sway wanted equal or nothing. Sway has been on Twitter saying he's waiting on Lethal Bizzle's green light. All the while, Kano dashed it out and got first dibs. What a feckin liberty!

The original Pow! 2011

The Lethal B interview where he speaks on Sway's removal

But as blogged before, hear what Sway did on Game Over

Oh and for good measure, the original Pow

Disclaimer: I am not entering the soon to be Pow 2011 vs Game Over debates. What I will say is all debates are healthy until someone takes it the wrong way. *looks at print screen of Lethal Bizzle's deleted tweets from last night* (Fling 10 bags at me and I'll delete them fam)

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