Wednesday, 17 November 2010

We're back

Went in hard over the weekend with blog posts including 3 TweetView's so I thought I'd let my "Thoughts of the day" breathe for a day of few. And nah, I won't stop referring to myself in plural. It sounds cool-er


Spotted over at Soul Culture. The Ol' Dirty Boy (it's Bastard really) died 6 years ago 13th November. There will never be another ODB in this current climate. Like wise Eazy E and Flavor Flav. Real characters. The game's too serious at the moment. People would say things like "Ergh, he's basic" because they don't drop #DrakeBars (them stupid punchlines like "My chain so icy... freezer"). Or people will say "He needs media training" or even "That's a publicity stunt". WTF (what the f***)?! Rappers are meant to be wild and unruly if that's what they are. It's about freedom of expression and rebellion.

Too many former pop fans comment like they are hip hop these days. Before 50 Cent you only cared about Will Smith or the next NSync tune. Stop lying to yourself. You don't know about hip hop. Fans should be fans, let those in the know care about image and package being right for the market and branding. Make me sick!

As Method Man says @ 1:50


Mz Bratt and two blokes

The other blokes being the legend Wiley and the former Chipmunk impersonator turned slightly Yank with his twang, Fugitive.

Song doesn't do much for me. Bratt or your people's holla at me for Nando's. I don't have a Nando's black card, but I have some stamps and a black...

Keep No Hats No Trainers on our screens

Saturday lunchtime haven't been the same since the end of series 2 of popular BBC2 show No Hats No Trainers. An urban newsletter, filmed and presented very well. They are appealing for us to keep them commissioned for another series. Check out the show reel of what they did

No Hats No Trainers showreel from Lemonade Money on Vimeo.


I love this stuff. Love extreme sports. I remember staying up late watching XGames on Channel 5 back in the days. Freerunners are beyond crazy. The way they see normal everyday benches and walls with a little groove as obstacles to perform on is mind-boggling.

And almost if not as good as them is the filming and editing of them. Damn, fam. The slow motion plus the angles.

Lauryn Hill x The Roots perform Bob Marley's Is This Love? live jacked from PinBoard

I know you may have seen performances from Rock The Bells over the summer, but I can assure this isn't of that level. She sounds good. Shame that I will never get to hear her voice or see her perform like she did back in her heyday. My parents did and said it was a great concert. Hating very much.

Performed at Michael J Fox's Parkinson fundraiser.

Seems like everyones favourite tune to cover at the moment. First US soul singer Bilal

Followed by UK soul singer Corrine Bailey Rae

now L-Boogie. Is she still married to Rohan Marley?

Big Man Zest 'Who I Am?'

Got tweeted the link to this today. Quite funny considering he was the main person trying to strum up support for (or maybe it was more against) my revolutionary review (original MeView before I coined the term MeView) of UK Funky Live. That's not even me being big headed; I have been in places when the subject has come up. In fact, yesterday I randomly brought it up in conversation on Bloggers Delight and people knew about it eeeven though I never knew they knew about it. The phone calls, tweets and messages I got that day were overwhelming. Posted on other blogs and I've seen that same format used for in-depth step-by-step reviews since. #JustSaying

Anyway, you're probably expecting me to cuss this song cos of the above. I'm not biased. This song isn't great, but I see it serving a purpose as a good performance song in commercial ends. Copying the "Boy Better Know - CEO" line JME spits for "Everybody knows - Who I am"? Maybe, but not many ideas under the sun are original.

Who? Inspires Londoners to start their own business? Really?

Top male celebrities inspiring Londoners to become their own boss
1. Alan Sugar
2. Simon Cowell
3. Richard Branson
4. Peter Jones
5. Jamie Oliver
6. Bill Gates
7. Gordon Ramsay
8. Theo Paphitis
9. Jonathan Ross
10. David Beckham

That isn't bad. I don't understand how TV presenter Jonathan Ross got in there, but you know, the rest are cool.

Top female celebrities inspiring Londoners to become their own boss
1. J.K. Rowling
2. Katie Price
3. Karren Brady
4. Cheryl Cole
5. Oprah Winfrey
6. Victoria Beckham
7. Michelle Obama
8. Denise van Outen
9. Dannii Minogue
10. Kylie Minogue


Sorry but this is absolutely pants! Katie "Get yer tits and vag out for the lads" Price? Really? Or is she different person to glamour model and career slag Jordan? Dannii "Don't have talent, don't know talent but I judge talented people" Minogue? Denise van Outen? Cheryl "right hook" Cole? I can't believe this.

And Max

Nothing to say.

Well actually (just the title of the song)

And check out the performance on legendary but defunct Channel 4 show TFI Friday's here 'cos I'm not allowed to embed (wankers!)

Who knew this song is about being convinced to do porn from the woman's perspective? I didn't. Reading the comments on YouTube are funny. You have people saying they used to sing this to their kids next to people disgusted. Scroll up and listen again. Don't say Marvin Sparks dot blog spot dot com isn't "for the children" *ODB voice like the video all the way up top"

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