Saturday, 11 December 2010

Rihanna on XFactor - TweeteReview

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Forget what the papers will say, here's what the tweople say

Rihanna performed with Matt on (se)XFactor (X Factor/X-Factor) Final part 1 tonight, but it wasn't anywhere near as interesting as her solo performance of 'What's My Name' (thanks to ThatGrapeJuice)

@DJTarget DJ Target
If that stripey thing comes off, I'm gonna smash the tv

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson

@DJTarget DJ Target

@Nyofficial Nyofficial
Omg rihanna is sexy to rass

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
I say we get a bag of man and drive down to these studios!!! First!

@KojoTweets Kojo
Chris Brown what the rass hole was you thinking man! #MadMan #XFactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
*Dutty whines in the living room*

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
:O Jesus Christ, Jah, Allah, Buddah, Vishnu, Ganesh, God, Sellassie I, Bob Marley... Thank you. All of you. Rihanna, I'd become a Fenty

@Klashnekoff K-LASH
rahsclart rhianna is NOT playing loool #VexFactor

@MegaSAS Take Off J. Euro
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOoOOOOOOoooooOooOooOooOooOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOoOoOOOOOoOooW. #X-Factor

@SholaAma Shola Ama
Lovin a half naked RiRi rite now! "Oh na na" woooooooooo

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
BUT LARD HAVE MERCY!!!! I am skanking OUT!!!!! #XFactor

@iamheatherjayne Heather Jayne
Rihanna looks friggin amazing- she just stepped it up to some NEXT level!!!!

@newsychick1 Karen AKA Newsychick
Jheez Rihanna. I have no words

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
Rhianna why are you moving like this.... I swear I'm gna smash my tv.

@DJTarget DJ Target
Cheryl and danni are lookin PLAIN after that

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Rah! Did Simon just buss a bogle?

@FunkButcher Funk Butcher
Rhianna......yeh?......ok? u want me to buy all your albums and tattoo barbados on my forehead?.....i got you babe!!

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
Gross > RT @MikillPane: Christmas came early. So did I. Be right back.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@MegaSAS Take Off J. Euro
This Has 2 Be illegal, OMG!!!!! PEAK!!!!!!! I'm Gonna Have A Shower Now. #X-Factor

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Rihanna kinda makes rape understandable.....

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
My mum on Rihanna "Jehovah! lead us not into temptation" my aunt "see how simon head don scatter, what beauty!This girl fine oh!" #xfactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Nah try know I am learning this dance routine TONIGHT!!!! #Xfactor

@PurpleRamblings Purple LeaLea
Go Rhi-Rhi!! Feel like I should be banging the wall or somthing #yardie lol

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
I should have friggin got tickets for tonights #Xfactor man. I would have jumped on stage and gone on my head during Rihanna's performance

@_Swaggerville Jimmy Swagger
RT @REGYATES: And that would be me giving Rihanna a standing ovation... While sitting down. • I would have got arrested

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
My entire timeline is trying to compose themselves after that Rhianna performance #xfactor

@PilarOfSociety Pilar Nalwimba
And the X factor winner is RIHANNA bludfire she just united the raver

@HanifBoogie Hanif Boogie
RT @Tippademus: can go down town, go down town... holla at me baby.. !!!!! - sucky sucky 5$
@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
RT @chrisbrown: Got damn you sexy!!!!!! < hahahaahahhahahaahahahah #Xfactor

Yes that is thee Chris Brown. Yes he did delete it. Should've got a screen print really. Such is life.

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