Thursday, 9 December 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

RIP Garnett Silk

16 years today that reggae singer Garnett Silk died saving his mother from a fire in their house.

In tribute to him I think it's only right to play this song, Mama. So touching when you think of what happened.

And my favourite Garnett tune, Fill Us Up With Your Mercy

Put it where you want it (RĂ©mi GAILLARD)

This is amazing. Man + football + drinking can + various obstacles. Some of this is ridiculous. He hits a normal can with the football from some crazy distances, sometimes from behind a wall. Apparently it took a year to make. That isn't a bad thing though. I'd still be there or I'd quit.

Pow goes Welsh

This is funny! Dunno why they called it a hood video. Surely you need a hood to be a hood video?

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