Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Thoughts of Wednesday

Vybz Kartel 'Dancehall Hero'

This song has been in my head for obvious reasons. This tune mad. If you don't get why he bleaches, you need to understand who Kartel is. Listen to what he is saying in this tune. Kartel wants people to discuss him. That's all it is. And this song is gonna done in England in 2011

Aidonia 'Nuh Par Wid' (Kartel diss)

This is another song that has been in my head for obvious reasons. 'Donia and Kartel need to clash. As a fan, I think the two of them would go all the way on each other. Two of the best badman lyricists in the business. 'Donia fulla lyrics from morning. The riddim mad too. Listen to how he rides it. The control dancehall artists have on a riddim is far superior to rappers. They know how to ride a riddim. Not even spitting double-time or half-time, it's spot on.

Listen to Aidonia and Kartel work together? Lyrics upon lyrics

Throwback Tune of the Day: Mike Jones featuring Slim Thugg and Paul Wall 'Still Tippin'

Remember the times when people were gassed on grills and screwed hip hop? Yeah, not me though. But this tune is a banger on a next level. Lifted off Mike Jones platinum-certified album 'Who Is Mike Jones?' on Swishahouse. Remember he used to give out his number? lol. They weren't the best of spitters but they dropped their rhymes well. Nuff quotables too.

Slim Thug: "I got it made the big boss of the north/ Ain't sh*t changed I still represent Swishahouse haangh" (or a sound like that)

Mike Jones "I'm Mike Jones (who?) Mike Jones/ The one and only you can't clone me/ Gotta lot a friends and lotta homies/ Some are fake and some are phoney" (basic as no frills beans from Lidl's but catchy flow)

Paul Wall: "Whut it do it's Paul Wall I'm the people's champ... I got the inunet [internet] goin' nuts" SICK!

Mike Jones - Still Tippin' (Uncut)
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Mr Vegas brings out Michael Jackson

This Michael Jackson impersonator is sick!

Jah Vinci shell dung as well. Whataway Grenada tun up

If you don't rate every tune in this video yet play "bashment" in the UK, you are waste

Maxsta's Average Kid is average, kid

I'm sure Tinchy Stryder signed Maxsta. But anyway I'm all for grime acts going pop to eat a food (as they say in Jamaica), but bruv, seen

This tweet is a great

RT @Elij_h Overloaded on average kids thinking they are supa dupa i used to dig their underground stuff like a tractor. O well

Geddit? Supposedly I was the second response in 24 hours hence Elijah's tweet:

"@MarvinSparks your the 2nd response. As I said, my sense of humour is wasted in grime"

Average Kid refers to Maxsta's tune above. Supa Dupa = Griminal's tune. Traktor = Wretch 32's tune. Think that's all of them

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