Saturday, 31 March 2012

Drake bigs up Sneakbo

Drake is fast becoming my favourite rapper. I don't really play his music much but in two interviews he has said something I have been trying to explain to people. First interview with Kiss FM, he mentions that is smash-hit single is dancehall-influenced. He also shouts out Mavado and says "free up world boss" a.k.a. Vybz Kartel

Skip to 5:30 interview

"I'm a big dancehall fan, I spend a lot of time in Jamica. Mavado is like family to me. I feel like there was dancehall-influence on Take Care, the actual song. I'm not too into 4x4 house, techno feel. I feel like for me to get to that tempo... I'd rather get with Jamie xx and bring a soul and island feel to it. That's when I get into the faster tempos. I look forward to doing more of that."

Then listen to the song here

Then in an interview with hip hop legend he speaks on being a fan of Sneakbo. He says "Huge fan, I'm inspired by his movement... There's a lot of artists from London and I love watching the underground street stuff... and I love it because they're rapping over sort of almost dancehall beats."

Oh, and Sean Paul is still #2 in the UK singles charts with his global pop in a dancehall style record "She Doesn't Mind". Not bad

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