Thursday, 8 July 2010

New Funky Dee vid/The day UK Funky died?

Yes, you read correctly, "new Funky Dee" in a sentence. I know you probably thought/think "What? He has a new tune?" If that is your question, I can confirm you assumptions are in fact incorrect. Funky Dee has recorded and released a video for the year-old club islands banger Are You Gonna Bang Doe

Why did he think... Who funded... what possessed him to do this?! I thought Migraine Skank got released late, but this takes the pee (no "... Wee Herman". I promise to stop that soon). Why would he want to? Made a mish-mash dead, no vibes video to a song that I feel no way in saying I liked, yeah likeD. Talk of him being a one-hit wonder will continue for a while longer. He remixed this for the uni students (Are You Gonna Pass), even threatened to sue Lady P for the pro-veg anthem Are You Gonna Yam. I wonder if Apple decided to break bread for Mr Dee to use the hijacked instrumental Chantes/Chants (delete as you see fit)

Good luck to him though. It'll be interesting to see how this does chart-wise with next to no urban station play as it's so damn old. Should get on some compilations, maybe a 5 second clip on an advert, some Luminar club PA's etc.

Judging by this interview, he looks vex about it, so I take it isn't his decision. Too right he should look and feel so ashamed. I would too.

And on the other hand, remember Katy B? Tell Me with DJ NG and Ver-sa-tiiile (but do you remember him?)? She also sung Geenus' As I. These songs were back when UK Funky was in its infancy stage/was good before all the one-line ex-grime guys who are nowhere to be seen now - well Funky Dee just released a video, and the rest can be found on Twitter. Twitter helps prevent a lot of artists from being placed in the "Where are they now?" box... to Tweeters anyway.

Back on topic. Well she has returned, this time on the popular sound of the moment Dubstep (in my opinion is better than UK Funky for a while now).

Tune knocks. Now, does this (Katy alongside Rinse FM have proved they are trendsetters), along with the lack of UK Funky producers doing remixes, signify that UK Funky is resting in pieces peace? That's just a question... honestly... my opinion isn't in that question.

Disclaimer: despite whatever conclusion you may draw from this, I know and blog about quality UK Funky so don't even try it, not even a little bit. Exhibit A: Funk Butcher & Shea Soul. Don't need anymore evidence (because there isn't more on the blog)

p.s. How long until people can throw old skool UK Funky raves or DJs specialising in that? You know like old skool garage. Once upon a time it just became old skool garage.

*cough some would say it died this day @ UK Funky Live but we won't talk about that just yet cough*


I see nuff people have been arriving here to see if Funky Dee's dead since the rumours a few weeks ago. He isn't, but they say his "career" is in intensive care

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