Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hot Wuk Royal Bashment - Tonight!

If you'd like to get a look at what the early warmers vibes will be, all you have to do is watch this.

Then get yourselves down to Hot Wuk Royal Bashment at East Village tonight!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Thought I'd Update Ya

Christopher Martin - Paper Loving

This tune is big! Tearing down Caribbean and Kenya on next levels. One of the underrated singers in Jamaica. Good to see he lives outside.

Shaggy featuring Mavado - Girlz Dem Luv We

Shaggy's back with another video. He's going in this year. "Your Eyes Only" with Alaine, now this. Mavado's going hard with the visuals as well; Star Bwoy, this, Category 5 riddim medley, and the one I'll post after this one.

Check for the cameo of UK rapper/MC/pop star Chipmunk at 3:23

Chipmunk featuring Mavado - "Every Gyal"

Posted the audio before, said I didn't think it was great. Has grown on me, but I still don't think it's anything special. Still big up Chipmunk for doing this though. Don for that.

Gaza Slim - "One Man/Moving On"

Finally, we have a video for "One Man". Has been killing dancefloors for almost a year now. She is much better looking than Sheba. Kartel, work with her more. Thanks.

Beyoncé - "Move Your Body"

I watched the Beyonce vid waiting for the direct dancehall influence (whole thing was indirect). And yes, I buss a gun finger when it happened. What's going on with Beyoncé rehashing stuff? First, Major Lazer's "Pon Di Floor", now re-licking her own "Get Me Bodied".

EDIT: "Beyonce has teamed up with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign which has been set up to help fight against childhood obesity in America."

Last but not... actually it is least. It isn't dancehall or dancehall inspired.

Tinchy Stryder featuring Dappy - "Spaceship"

Right so, everyone was hyping this on Sunday claiming "Tinchy's back!" after the failure of his last album (his words "Tinchy told BBC Newsbeat: "To be honest, how I wanted people to hear it, it might not have got to as many people.", not necessarily mine). Funny how none of them said he was gone (in public) though lol (whether I did can be found on my blog somewhere). Anyway, I listened to it. First thought "Why's his voice like that?" Second thought "This beat is a rip of Rihanna's 'What's My Name'". Listen to it, similar pattern, similar chord stabs just a different progression. Oh and it's faster. Oh yeah, last thing, second verse contains Vybz Kartel's "Oh" in the form of an "Ah". Still, I wish Tinchy all the best. He's a good guy.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Ty speaks on Stephen Lawrence legacy 18 years on

18 year-old Stephen Lawrence was murdered in an alleged racially motivated attack at a bus stop 18 years ago on 22nd April 1993. Although no one has ever been found guilty of the murder, he didn't die in vain. Marvin Sparks speaks to UK rapper Ty on the impact of his death, his parents fight to bring exposure, compares then with now on race relations in UK, police treatment, the role the media played and why Stephen Lawrence's legacy is important to all of our history.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Shabba Ranks "None A Dem" dissing Vybz Kartel?

Big dutty stinkin' Shabba voices "None A Dem" on Di Genius' infectious Peppa riddim. Sounds like he's throwing words after Vybz Kartel.

The legend Shabba asks "How can you not rate who come before you? You're going on like you came around here and made music big." before boldly (well, as bold as an indirect can be) stating "None a dem nuh bad like Shabba Rankin'... Stop that fool there and ask him if him nuh imitate the great Shabba Rankin'. Stop that one there and ask him if him nuh imitate the Rankin', the vibes I bring the big song that I sing must inspire and motivate him."

Mad ting!

So, both Beenie Man and Shabba Ranks have chomped the bait ("Dancehall Hero"). Who next? Shaggy? Hahaha! Kartel must be laughing. Don't expect a return diss track - Kartel's too smart for that. It'll most certainly be an entertaining response, be it a line in a song or a cheeky comment in an interview.

p.s. This isn't a long-awaited return or anything. I'm sure Shabba voiced on a couple riddims last year, including Ward 21's Cosa Nostra.

Skip to 2:40

And just for the sake of it, I'm plugging away

THIS is the greatest interview ever. Coincidentally it's by me. We spoke about everything. If you want to know/understand who Kartel is, read/listen to this. I wrote first UK journo interview in 5 years, but I meant ever.

In his first full-length interview with a UK journalist in over 5 years, Vybz Kartel speaks to The Wrap Up’s Marvin Sparks about his beginnings, writing for Bounty Killer, the infectious tribute to footwear brand Clarks, working with Major Lazer on ‘Pon Di Floor’ and much more, in the first of this two-part interview...

In the second part of this exclusive interview with Vybz Kartel for The Wrap Up (part one), he speaks to Marvin Sparks about the controversy surrounding ‘Ramping Shop’, reinventing himself to become the self-proclaimed 'Dancehall Hero', working with UK rapper/MC Kano and whether we'll get to see a much-anticipated collaboration with friend-turned-foe-turned-friend-again, Mavado..

(It's actually a 4 part interview. I just gave MTV two. Yeah, I gave them it, not the other way #Power lol)

Third part is arguably the single greatest interview with Vybz Kartel. In this part he addresses every beef he had at that point; Aidonia ("He's broke and hungry trying to catch on to straw and Vybz Kartel won't be that straw"), Busy Signal ("Busy Signal is a shadow of Vybz Kartel. He's like a machine fowl. He has Assassin's voice and Vybz Kartel's flow"). He explains the reason why he made "Dancehall Hero", he regrets the Ninja Man incident, pays respect to Bounty Killer, bleaching and talks his businesses.

I was and still am proud of this interview. The response has been crazy. Over 95k views on 8 different accounts, Aidonia responded (vid has 83k+ views), and this podcast is hilarious. Oh and someone in Jamaica styled my interview, but I can't remember who.

By the way, this is just a advert

Last part is Vybz Kartel admitting he didn't work on the Blueprint 3 like Jay-Z said. Mavado says it was him. Kartel then speaks on the who Gully-Gaza thing being blown out of proportion.

Friday, 15 April 2011

American's cover Written In The Stars

Hold tight my JamErican linky Lili for showing me this. It's a mad sitt'n. Some Yanks cover Tinie Tempah's "Written In The Stars". Broke into the top 20 on the US Billboard charts last week. Probably crack the top ten in the next couple weeks. Good on Tinie.

Back to the cover though, he dude sings the hook and plays the keyboard while the dudette kicks the rap. The 2Pac "California Love" sample sits in oh so nicely.

I wonder if some record label will sign them based on this cover phenomena

Obviously know about Justin Beiber and that other chick that Justin Timberlake signed. The one Chipmunk did the song with. Can't be arsed to Google her name, but you know who I'm talking about. Esmee Denters? That's the one, I think. And no, I won't delete the rest now I know who she is. Point still stands.

This youth Connor Maynard has been signed. The singer not his awful rapper friend from the neighborhood.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mavado - Star Boy [Vid]

So, the long-awaited video for Stay Boy by Mavado has finally dropped. It's alright. Woulda liked more shots of Jamaica than America to be fair. More club vibes too, 'cos there really isn't a party like a Jamaican party, but it's good. Showing his star appeal. And you already know the tune mad already.

Over at Soul Culture I blogged the track by Chipmunk that Mavado features on Every Gyal.

Every Gyal

To quote oneself: Final thoughts? Sounds like an overproduced version of Mavado’s 2010 club-smash “Gal A Mad Ova“. Ultimate respect to Chipmunk for reaching out to and working with Mavado. I’m sure his label wouldn’t have advised it. Hope the song does well.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

#TuneOfTheDay Sneakbo feat Jah Vinci 'Money Dream'

If you don't know Sneakbo, he has the roads of London on (reasonable amount of) smash right now. It's all the youths are on right now. I've heard a few things from him, he's alright still. But he reps south London and raps on dancehall beats so I've got time for him.

He came to prominence with his freestyle over Vybz Kartel's popular badman anthem 'Touch Ah Button'. Recently appeared on Mavado's Star Boy alongside chart-topping rapper Chipmunk.

Well he's back on that wave dropping bars on Russian's Bomb Drop riddim, sampling Jah Vinci's hook 'Money Dream'. If you don't know who Jah Vinci is, he's a singjay from Vybz Kartel's Portmore Empire.

This tune knocks! Jah Vinci is one of my favourites. Very underrated by UK fans of dancehall. Ah real artist that. Speaking of "dream's", this is something I've hoped for as far as dancehall-UK link ups, 'cos the one-drop dancehall beats are fit for a rapper. I have a couple in mind I feel can be done in this same vein. I ain't telling you though. Soz

Monday, 4 April 2011

Return To The Classics - Destiny's Child - WOTW

Alright so you may have seen the last post where I posted links to a bunch of posts that I've done recently, and you may have thought "So where the interviews at?" You most probably weren't thinking that at all but it makes me feel better to think you did. But anyways, I digress, back on track: I have done about 5 interviews in the past 6 weeks. I'll be rolling them out in due course. The one I'm most proud of however is one that I did for Soul Culture.

Return To Classics is a series I've thought about for a while. The Soul Culture execution has been so high, extremely high but I really wanted to get into it. We had a team meeting about potential ideas and albums for Return To Classics was one of the topics. Chris Williams raised the bar to some extreme levels interviewing people involved in making the albums. I randomly brought up Kandi and The Writings On The Wall as an idea in conversation. Next thing I know *BlackBerry Message* "Would you be interested in interviewing Kandi tomorrow?" #WINNING

You all know I'm a dancehall/reggae man but Destiny's Child - The Writing's On The Wall is one of the first r&b albums I ever bought. To this day it is my favourite album by a girl group. The same can't be said for WOTW 12 years later. Back in the good old days of Choice and pirate stations, they played Bug-A-Boo, Say My Name and So Good at the time of first single Bills, Bills, Bills. That is still virtually unheard of in today's radio programming. Everyone spoke about this album. It was up there with Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP, Dr Dre's Dre 2001 and TLC FanMail. If you didn't have those albums, you weren't cool.

Soul Culture: making dreams come true

Birthed in Houston, Texas initially named Girls Tyme, the original Destiny’s Child comprised of Latavia Robinson, Latoya Luckett, Kelly Rowland and lead singer Beyoncé Knowles. Destiny’s Child are the most successful female group in history with over 60 million records sold, sold out world tours and former lead singer Beyonce has gone on to become one of the most celebrated icons in music.

Their departure left a void which has never been filled. Whilst spawning the Wyclef-assisted classic platinum-certified single “No, No, No”, the self-titled debut album only peaked at number 63 on the US Album Charts. Remember the second single ‘With You’ featuring Jermaine Dupri? I didn’t think so.

The group’s seminal sophomore album, The Writings on the Wall, marks when Destiny’s Child became that girl group! DC weren’t short on controversy either; members Latavia Robinson and Latoya Luckett saw the video for smash-hit single “Say My Name” on TV with Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin in their place. Franklin left shortly after the release of fourth single “Jumpin’ Jumpin’”.

What makes this a classic? It is an album you can pop in the player fresh out of the wrapper, press play and tell the fast forward button “Find a new hobby!” But to me, it takes more than a solid album to be stamped a classic. There must be some sort of impact or significance in my opinion; an album everyone spoke about, played in cars, brings back memories of a particular time, moved the genre forward and/or one that many will agree on.

If I had to sum this album up in one sentence I’d say: “Voice of the next generation via the voice of the next generation.”

Click here for the full story + the stories behind So Good, Bug-A-Boo, Hey Ladies and Destiny's Child's first number 1 Bills, Bills, Bills

Oh and No Scrubs is still a banger! Salute Kandi 'cos she did a lot back in the day.

FAQ: Why aren't you blogging anymore

A: Well, I think I set a standard of blogging a lot at some parts last year. Reason being I had a lot more time back then. Some stuff in the open, some you won't know and nah I'm not telling you - near future. I'm also contributing material SoulCulture. As I said to someone yesterday, I should post it on both sites, mine and theirs.

So guess what I'm gonna do today?

Post everything I've posted on there up 'til this point :oD

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Star Boy Remix feat Chipmunk and Sneakbo by AllianceJamaica

Nas x Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives tour hits London Hammersmith Apollo [Video] | Live Music

A near sold-out crowd were entertained by Damian Marley featuring and NaS at the London leg of Distant Relatives tour last night in Wembley Arena. Many dubbed last year’s show at Hammersmith Apollo “Concert of the Year”, so this one had a lot to live up to. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), it didn’t disappoint – watch footage from the night below. Click here

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Click any (all) of dem links there to see what-a-gwaan.

On a separate note - C-minor (get it?!), check out this tune Love Bass by Cleo Sol