Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Trace the sample: Willie Hutch special

I'm a music man that loves to find new music. One of the ways I do this is by tracing samples. Usually leads me to some soul or disco artist I wasn't to familiar with. Good way to get new old music. I love stuff with live instruments so this method usually brings results. If you like samples, you can check my other posts here. And yes, I said "Chase the Sample" instead of "trace" because I'm chasing them. Feening!

Listening to the radio the other day (as I still do), they played a song that uses a samples I recognised from another song. Decided to Google it to find the original (as you do) and voila. Willie Hutch is the man. Haven't heard much of this guy, not familiar with his name, so thought I'd research him. He has been sampled a fair few times so I thought I'd do a post dedicated to him.

The song that spawned this:

Willie Hutch - "Brother's Gonna Work It Out"

The closest I've seen to a vibrant dancefloor like that in this day and age is Jamaica

Recognise it? It has been sampled a few times. I remember Dr Dre using (taking the piss out of) it on The Chronic, but the most popular one is Jaheim - "Looking For Love" - 2001.

Admittedly I had seen this next one before. Never connected it as the same guy.

Willie Hutch - "Tell Me Why Our Love's Gone Cold" - 1973

Pick out a skank from this video and run with it this weekend at Carnival.

I saw the video above when there were rumours Three 6 were devil worshipers. People said the sample said "Lucifer 'til I die" or something like that. Forgot about "Stay Fly". What a tune. Well, the beat is crazy.

Find Young Buck! He had a buzz them times, didn't he? Only one rated in G-Unit at that point

Three 6 Mafia ft. Young Buck + 8Ball & MJG - "Stay Fly" - 2005

Willie Hutch - I Wanna Be Where You Are - 1973

2:16-2:24 from this song equals the sample for the bizarre Mary J Blige ft. Jay-Z "You Can't Hide From Luv" - 2005. I say bizarre because Jay-Z doesn't do anything on there but the intro (which isn't on the video I'm about to post)

What a singer Mary turned into.

Willie Hutch - "I Choose You" - 1973

I came across this sample via the soundtrack for 50 Cent's game Bulletproof? No, I never had the game, you mad?! 50 used it on PIMP pt. 2. A year down the line this song blew up with it

Salute Andre 3000 please. He kills UGK "International Players Anthem" - 2007. RIP Pimp C

"I'm so like a pi'p (pimp with southern drawl), I'm glad it's night" (Gladys Knight and the Pips) + "You know I got yo' back like chiroprac-tic" were my bars

"Keep your heart 3 stacks"

I never clocked T-Pain at 1:24 as the leader of the choir. Thanks YouTube comments.

Willie Hutch - "Mack's Stroll - The Getaway (Chase Scene)" - 1973

You'll recognise this one instantly

Yep, you got it (I hope), Usher - "Superstar" - 2004

*throws arms up and sways left-to-right-to-left-to-right-to...* you get the motive now join in

Willie Hutch "Soundtrack Hospital Prelude of Love Theme" - 1974

Sample used for Notorious BIG "Ready To Die" from the album of the same name

And Rick Ross the BIG impersonator has it on the NO I.D produced "Tears of Joy" from the Teflon Don album

Willie Hutch - "Baby Come Home"

Last one. You'll recognise one of the two songs I know that sample this istantly

First one that springs to mind for most will be "Back Like That" by Ghostface Killah ft. NeYo

The other (and one I knew first) is Lil' Kim's emotional tribute to Biggie ft. Mary J Blige "Hold On" from my favourite Kim album, Notorious KIM.

Bonus: another one for your skanks (ways to dance) catalogue

"Brother's Gonna Work It Out" live at Soul Train

These were the producers parents music, what will we sample or even our kids? Rihanna and Katy Perry?

Friday, 19 August 2011

FlashBack Friday: Cheesy Reggae Party

Hey guys and gals, I'm back with the fifth episode of the popular series FlashBack Friday (click for previous episodes) for the year like 2011. I love doing these posts as I get to relive a time when life was all about not doing homework, watching cartoons, asking mum and dad for toys and what I would be when I grew up.

These are songs you'll probably be surprised I, a staunch reggae addict, listens to in my spare time. As mentioned many times previously, I don't care how many stripes you wanna take from me, I have enough stripes to donate to a Zebra in need. I love cheesy pop music. They used very soft electro sounds in the '80s and '90s which gave the instant impression of inoffensive cheesy pop, but when you listen behind the actual sounds they use, the chord progressions and arrangements are cool. Lyrics were light-hearted, but so what?

p.s. I'm going through a phase of listening to '80s and '90s pop. For more reasons than one

Let's begin the Cheesy Reggae Party (as opposed to the "Punky Reggae Party" Bob Marley sang of)

T-Spoon - Sex On The Beach

"T-Spoon (or T Spoon) is a Dutch pop/dance band, created in 1991 by rapper and former U.S. Airforce member Shalamon Baskin (aka Shamrock) and composer Remy de Groot (aka Prince Peration). In 1994, they were offered a recording contract by A La Bianca and had several hits, working alongside guest musicians.."

What happened to the deejay? Who'd have thought it's the white guy? lol. Charted at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart in 1997. Don't know this isn't classed as reggae on Wikipedia.

Vengaboys - Ibiza

Just clocked this is a product of the popular reggae fusion element Europe had going on in the mid-90s. Ih-bitza

Peter Andre - Mysterious Girl

I think I've posted this before. I don't care though. This is Peter Andre's best song ever. Please let him go back to reggae. What a groove. I would love to hear this played with authentic instruments. In fact, I'm convinced this would do well in Jamaica if they took Bubbla Ranx off.

This song has been released 3 times. Failed the first, charted #2 in 1996, then #1 in 2004 following his appearance on reality TV show I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Inner Circle - Sweat (A la la la long)

Miami-based reggae band Inner Circle produced a summer anthem in 1992. Peaked at #3 in UK. #1 in New Zealand, Switzerland (6 weeks), Germany (12 weeks) and Holland.

Classic example of a cheesy pop song that sounds really light but with sounds authentic with actual instruments. The riddim track is John Holt's "A Love I Can Feel". Youngsters that frequent London club's may (or most probably won't) recognise it as Sanchez "I Can't Wait"

RIP original Inner Circle singer Jacob Miller. Not the guy in the video, the original lead. Top Jamaican singer from dem day deh.

Ace of Base - The Sign

What a groove on this. Listen to chord progressions on this again. I know for a fact I've posted this before. Love this song.

Big Mountain - Baby I Love You Way

"Big Mountain is an American reggae band, most famous for their cover version of Peter Frampton's "Baby, I Love Your Way," which became a Top 10 hit single in the U.S. in early 1994 reaching #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #2 in the UK shortly afterwards."

Couldn't be bothered to type anything there.

And just for good measure I'm throwing in

Men At Work - Down Under

Not quite as explicit as the above but there's usage of reggae in this. New Wave.

I think

Madness - Must Be Love

Is another one they class as New Wave. Basically post-punk

miRecommend: Foster The People

p.s. I don't care if I'm late. I rarely listen to this music nor radio stations that play it.

Came across this band on Spotify via Billboard Hot 100 singles. "Pumped Up Kicks" is in the top 20. Like the sound of it. I got a Gorrilaz or MGMT vibe from it. Vocals are processed in a similar way, bass sounds like them too. Don't crucify me if you're offended. I'm not comparing the two, just the vibe I got from it. I recognise "Pumped Up Kicks" from somewhere. Not sure if I've heard it on the radio or telly.

"Foster the People is an American indie pop band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2009. Members Mark Foster (vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, programming, percussion), Mark Pontius (drums and extra percussion), and Cubbie Fink (bass and backing vocals) formed the band while in their mid-twenties. Mark Pontius used to play drums and shoot/edit the music videos for the indie pop band Malbec." - according to their Wiki page.

Clicked to hear the album, and to be fair, I'm not disappointed. The overall sound and catchy melodies give a really light-hearted feel but the subjects aren't always reflective of that. Oh and some seriously groovy chord progressions.

One of my faves is "Houdini". Great example of the groovy chord progressions.

"Got shackles on, my words are tied
Fear can make you compromise
With the lights turned up, it's hard to hide
Sometimes I want to disappear"

makes me think they're speaking about not wanting to conform to what's expected of them and being in the public eye.

Ends on

"You gotta focus on your ability
Focus on your ability
Now focus on your ability
Focus on your ability
Then they can't get what they want to steal
Can't get what they want to steal"

Which basically translates as "Be true to the game" in hip hop terms or "Nuh sell out" in dancehall/bashment.

Raise your hand if you didn't want to cut the rug/throw some shapes (dance) off-beat when the instrumental break kicked in. Exactly.

Listen to "Pumped Up Kicks" and tell me think about your first impressions.

Then read this:

What is 'Pumped Up Kicks' about?

'Pumped Up Kicks' is about a kid that basically is losing his mind and is plotting revenge. He's an outcast. I feel like the youth in our culture are becoming more and more isolated. It's kind of an epidemic. Instead of writing about victims and some tragedy, I wanted to get into the killer's mind, like Truman Capote did in 'In Cold Blood.' I love to write about characters. That's my style. I really like to get inside the heads of other people and try to walk in their shoes.


Ya didn't get that did ya? I listened a few times before catching there's something else going on.


All my favorite bands have done that -- like Blur. I listen to those records, and I respect them because they can do what they did, whatever they want. And now Damon Albarn is doing the Gorillaz and it's a totally different side of him but you can tell it's him.

Makes sense now.

"I Would Do Anything For You" is the epitome of cheese, but try hate on it.

Check their album Torches if you can. Entertaining.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Apologies for the missing in action

Currently away, but it's raining outside so thought I;d do something useful with my time. That something will be a bunch of YouTube videos I'm feeling right now. I'll probably forget some, but hey, that's life.

Ed Sheeran - Small Bump

This makes the third time I've posted this song. Radio rip from a Jo Whiley's radio show, on the barge with Rosie and Jim (not really with Rosie and Jim), now this from the iTunes festival.

This really sounds like a stadium anthem.

Yasmin - Light Up

Yasmin links up with drum and bass legend Shy FX again for her 3rd single, "Light Up". I liked "On My Own", but this is a lot better. Shy goes back to a reggae-inspired sound. Everyone will class this as jungle, probably right for doing so, but it really exposes that the UK sound jungle isn't really that original. From what I know of jungle and d&B, this doesn't fit either category BPM-wise. It's more of a reggae/dub tempo with double-time drums. Nothing that Sly & Robbie haven't done before. So, is it really jungle? I don't know.

Tune is really good anyway. Well the beat is.

Dappy - No Regrets

Long-awaited debut from the N-Dubz frontman is really impressive. Right type of song for him conceptually and lyrically plus anthemic hook. Cheesy metaphors/punchlines in places though "Flyer than the birds - Richard Branson". Saying that, he could have manipulated that to say flying solo without much worry. He's the one most likely to move without NDubz and still retain the NDubz vibe.

Mz Bratt ft. Dot Rotten - Speeding By

Really feeling this song. Unlike the others, I don't believe this is a hit, but that isn't a criticism. This is a mixtape track and serves as one of the best songs I've ever heard from Bratt. I really like this. Dot lays down a big hook, bouncy beat with Bratt dropping some heartfelt and at times quite vulnerable bars about her quest to the top. Unlike the Dappy song above, she drops quality punchlines. I think I've heard a variation of "Best hands down - half six" before but I really like the "Got more balls than these pricks scrotum's" line. That's hard.

I've got the feeling Dot's album will be what I hoped Devlin's album Bud, Sweat and Beers was gonna be. His bars, observations, lyrical dexterity and way of thinking makes it one to anticipate.

Katy Perry - Firework

I'm extremely late on this. Isn't the sort of song I come across in England. Don't listen to or watch any of those stations where you are likely to hear it. This song knocks, good message, anthem and dancey beat. Big song to let your hair down and skank out to

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Another topic that always wins; song to make the ugly, unpopular girls feel special by females that aren't either. Discovered this via VEVO because I couldn't recall hearing a Taylor Swift song before. Like this.

Konshens - Different

Konshens takes on Kelly Rowland's r&b smash "Motivation" with another D&H remix. He's good at this stuff.

Laza Morgan ft. Mavado - One By One

With the right support, I think this could be a US top 40, UK top 20 and chart in places like Sweden, Australia etc. This is out of the top draw, sexy pop. Has a slight 80s funk mix with a bit of reggae guitar strums. Laza Morgan is the guy from the embarrassing Alexandra Burke song. I took my time in listening to this song for that very reason. A younger relative of iconic reggae family Morgan Heritage.

Some bogus people may say it sounds dated or like Sean Kingston though. You know how the industry can go.

Popcaan - Raving

"Yaaaaaaoooowwww" this is without doubt, the undisputed biggest song of the summer in Jamaica. Deputy to the Portmore Empire steals the limelight from the self-proclaimed World Boss, Vybz Kartel on the Summertime riddim. Kartel almost certainly would have taken the title if it wasn't for this. Popcaan just has a next vibes on there with his swagger filled rhymes. Don't know why DJs in England don't play his songs. His melodies are infectious, he has clarity and an unusual/unique voice.

To reach this level of popularity in just under 2 months is a mean feat. over 500k views on two of the channels. Has longer legs than Kartel's "Summertime" because it's just a general song about enjoying yourself. I really wanna see a video for this. Like, really. Ask Dan Bean, Popcaan is my dj.

The construction of this riddim is the future. Proper pop construction behind it. In fact, actually, lemme shut up

Summertime - Kartel has publicly stated he hates this video. I agree with him, hence why I never posted it. Posted the audio way back in about May though.
The original audio has over 1million hits in 3 months. That's impressive for someone with little mainstream support

Sean Paul - Turn Me On

This song is over a year old, I know, however I heard it in a club the other day. Not only have I got a renewed/possible increase in love for this riddim, I rate the way he sits on this riddim. Definitely feel this is the strongest dancehall single he has done since Trinity times in '05.

Wayne Marshall - Great Escape

Some sexy dancehall fi dem. First proper riddim of this type I can think of for this year. I like how Marshall isn't just doing a bunch of throwaway songs on riddims on an almost freestyle tip, he's constructing songs.

Man of the moment I-Octane is on here too. Another lovers tune from the man they say does too many badmind tunes. His almost whisper voice works well.

Vybz Kartel & Russian - Get Gal Anywhere

"Gal ah seh 'Mi love di extensions inna yuh hair" is the stand out quote on this. Another Russian and Kartel collaboration.

Beenie Man - Go Go Club

This tune is the in ting. When the bass line drops on this it's a next vibes. Straight club banger. Beenie always finds a way to stay relevant with a massive song for each year. Prolific artist.

Mavado - Final Destination

This is that summer evening cruise post-dinner date ride out tune. Riddim has some other big pieces; Tarrus and "Imma need securiddy"