Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Trilla - Who Are Ya?

WTF @ the adverting at the end. That was weird.

Saw him perform this at Kojo's Comedy Funhouse (premieres tomorrow April 1st MTV Base), although I don't think it made the final cut. I like this song; feel it has good crossover potential sound too - something for the kids, the popular yob/hooligan chant of "Who Are Ya?". Whether it achieves that or not I don't know, may be too cheesy. Even though the Midland accents are funny, I do like Trilla. He has single-handedly put 0121 (Biingham/Brum area code) on the map (well to me anyway) with "Don't think you're a G-star just cos you're wearing G-star" and the infectious "Tell dat gehwl seventeen fifteh". His Woo riddim freestyle is still hard! Good luck to him I say.

Erykah Badu - Window Seat [Video]

Feeling this song hard right now. I know this is on most blogs, but the video is deep, the thought behind the video deeper

Shamelessly jacked from Click the pic ('cos I can't post it in readible form for some reason) then proceed to read from bottom to top.

Now watch the video

I refuse to speak on "that thang". That is disrespectful; Erykah Badu's like an aunt.

People celebrate Lady Gaga's visual artistry, and recently banged on about a 9 minute ad break with Beyonce like it was an moment of greatness. Well I prefer this. Simple, but much more poignant and creative than Gaga's 'Telephone' to me. This is art

Gyptian - Hold You [Video]

Reggae's summer hit for 2010, me seh so! Expect this on 1Xtra's playlist within the next 3 weeks. If you don't like it the first time, forward back in a couple days, listen again and see if this doesn't creep up on you like morning breath, donate your eardrums to a good cause []. Used it before and I shall use it again, this tune is "catchier than Swine Flu".

Produced by Brooklyn's own Ricky Blaze (of Hard Slam riddim fame).

If you likey, you can get it on iTunes Probably your safest bet, 'cos if you download it you'll probably get the shitty quality version.

Check my interview with Gyptian here

Video isn't groundbreaking, but who cares? We don't sit and watch music video channels anymore; the tune knocks and that's all that should matter. The audio version passed 1,000,000 views pon Youchube. I would have liked a video shot outside as it's a summery song, Jamaica is summery all the time, give some authentic Jamaican flavour, so it makes sense.

I'd also like to hear a deejay on this. Don't ask for much do I? Didn't think so. Busy Signal would do it justice, but I'm surprised there isn't a Sean Paul one like how he's both dancehall and VP's hottest commodity in the States - one in need of some Jamaican back in him to the mainstream after the "techno" dancehall stuff he made on Imperial Blaze. I really want to hear an African (anyone from the continent, I'm not being ignorant or referring to it like it's a country) artist on this riddim. This tune will shot over there. And mainland Europe too

Someone at VP make this happen! Do some regional remixes; for example Booba for France, Ziggi for Holland, Gappy Ranks from here in the UK, Busy Signal for Jamaica/Caribbean, Sean Paul for America. There isn't a bridge so put the artist on the 8 where he's adlibbing. Do it, do it, do it, then "Put it pon Youchbe"


Never heard this one before, I think I could have heard about it though.

Rawwwwwwwww!!! Missed Mama Saw, dancehall queen that doesn't need to dance on her head

Friday, 26 March 2010

R.I.P. The Bill

*pours out a little Sprite into a cup*

Today, we received the terrible news that a whole heap of coppers will be jobless. "Why aren't you rejoicing" I hear you ask. Well yes I listen to a lot of reggae music, but no this isn't an anti-Babylon blogpost.

The Bill, a cop soap type program which has been on TV forever (as long as I've been alive), will be given the chop. This feels like when Woolworths closed down; I haven't watched it in years but it still felt like it's a part of my life.

The Bill will end this autumn following ITV's decision to drop the long-running police drama after 27 years.

"Times change, and so do the tastes of our audience," said Peter Fincham, the channel's director of television.

The move follows a major revamp that saw the drama relaunched as a weekly programme in a post-watershed slot.

read more

Hold your head little homie (I really mean Babylon bwoy)!

I'm fully going to do a post (fingers crossed next Friday), on TV shows I miss and/or would like brought back (only if it's good)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A-List - Midnight Lover [Vid]

Wiley's latest project, A-List release Midnite Lover, and it's a steamy one

Songs hmmmm not sure if it's my thing, but the girls are the highlight. Wrigley and Brazen's girls are the best

Forget a F64, I'd rap every verse myself just so I can appear alongside these 6 females,

Disclaimer: Before I start posting pics, I will say I have no right to own or post these pics (even though they are on Google/Facebook/Twitter) but ladies I hope you don't mind. You all look fabulous else you wouldn't have made it in these pages, bel'eeeeeeeee dat!

Video would open with an obvious choice; A-List singer and overall hottest UK singer in the whole entire... UK, the beautiful Sadie Ama

Just as a bonus


Next scene would involve Grime Daily presenter and model, Donatella

I'd feed Max from 1Xtra grapes while I spit my verse

We need Max back on TV. A woman with such an adorable face shouldn't be stuck on radio. No disrespect but I can understand why Choice FM's Jenny Francis is on radio; she has a seductive radio voice with a face fit for radio, but Max?

A lady I used to fancy in my school days, Lisa Maffia, who has actually improved with age

I never fancied Jamelia in School days, now is a completely different dance. She does dis ting on so many levels.

Last scene would involve staring at... sorry into Shay's, erm... eyes

Well you can't see them, but yeah, they're nice

If you never guessed, this was an excuse for me to post some UK females I fancy. If any of you read this and want to contact me regarding the illegal use of pics, feel free to email me @ No need for managers, lawyers or attorneys, we can settle it over a couple of pints and Nando's

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Genesis riddim - it's a new day in dancehall

Billed as a new beginning in dancehall, the Daseca (David Harrisingh, Craig 'Serani' Marsh Craig Harrisingh) produced riddim, aptly titled Genesis (first book in the Bible, you know), has broken the traditional format of promoting songs distributed by email blasts to soundsystems, DJs, dem friend... Despite its success in gaining buzz, email blasts of download links usually lead to the whole riddim hitting popular forums used by anyone which meant less records sold.

However, the Alliance camp decided on a relase date of 23rd March (today), sent out a press release sighting their intentions of a new day to blogs and forums, and selected leading radio DJ's in popular regions to premiere the riddim; first stop Jabba and Bobby Konders Hot 97 show in New York, followed by Robbo Ranx's 1Xtra show, in Jamaica where I think Johnny Kool on Kool FM played it. I'm not sure who else debuted it, but I'm sure Danny Pepperseed must have.

This strategy seems to have had an immediate effect on the industry with many producers suddenly posting up iTunes links for their riddims. I find it hard to believe that people were waiting on VP to release them as riddim driven CD's to be honest.

It's 2010 and you mean to say the easy access to independently distributing/selling music, selling tunes on iTunes wasn't being done before? No disrespect to VP, but more time the riddims were released too late. Naturally, as a business they hand-picked riddims which had blown up rather than whilst it had the initial buzz, resuliting in lost valuable sales. And before you think this is one of those anti-VP statements, it isn't. I rate them highly for putting CDs on shelves in stores, but I feel they should link up producers with iTunes as a middle man so everyone makes money. I promote their artists all the while so it's not that.

Shane Brown, founder of record label JukeBoxx (home to Busy Signal whom he also manages), said it was tough times for reggae producers when I spoke to him in 2009, sighting an increased need in diversification to survive financially. "To be a producer in these times, you are better off managing an artist because there are little or no returns from record sales." Hopefully this new strategy will alleviate some of the financial pressure.

My Review

Upon initial preview of the riddim, listeners have given mixed reactions. Best known for their Anger Management which spawned the breakout success of the then little-known artist from Cassava Piece Mavado's Real McKoy and the slightly re-licked Angrier Management (Busy Signal & Mavado 'Full Clip'), I personally thought it was a bit shit on first hearing I know Daseca for building (but rarely producing) some of the hottest dancehall riddims for the past few years - for example 2007 Airwave (Mavado 'Gullyside')& Gully Creature (Mavado 'Touch The Road'); 2008 Look Gal (Elephant Man 'Nuh Linga')& Unfinished Business (Serani 'No Games'); 2009 Good Life (Vybz Kartel 'Dollar Sign')& Street Team (Mavado 'Mockingbird') to name but a few. To hear a more piano than traditionally dancehall sounding bass-driven riddim, I was slightly disappointed. It sounds more like a Stephen single than a Daseca riddim.

Now is a different story. Funnily enough I woke up halfway through Robbo Ranx playing debuting it when it caught me. Guess it goes to show without any premeditated thoughts or expectations it's easier to give a fair review. It's a well-produced riddim.

Anyway biggest cuts for me are undoubtedly these

I've never been to jail, so can't directly relate but I hear where he's coming from. Buss gunfinger said way! I can't wait to hear this in Jamaica. I know the tugs dem pon di ends will hail this tune. Aidonia is going ard for 010

"Alla mi tug dem weh know seh no jailhouse cyaan transfarm badman inna gal pickney, we never bow out, we bun out babylon bwoy, mi waan si every gun hand shoob up inna di air"

(Genesis translation: All of the thugs in the vicinity that know Her Majesty's Pleasure can't break us down, thou shall raise your gun fingers in the air)

Aidonia - Buss Gun Charge

Bugle drops yet another street-conscious anthem. Another artist going on with tings!

"Certain bwoy ah walk round like man can tell we nutt'n true dem have likkul man made tykle. Man nuhfi pree man. Dem fi know seh ongle di most high can judge we."

(Genesis translation: People try to judge us because they possess a man created title or money. Man shall not judge man. Only God/Jaha/Allah can judge us)

Bugle - Don't Judge Me

The uncontested man of the moment Mavado goes in with a solid cut chasing the crosses

"Even though dem a try fight we dem cyaan get we out. Talk bout dat"
(Genesis translation: Despite the hate thy receives, we shall not be deterred)

Mavado - Still Stand Up

The riddim sounds maaaaaaaaaaad at that tempo

This riddim will knock much harder in Jamaica than anywhere else. Other countries have an idea of how dancehall should sound rather than if the music is good. Everything must be something that knocks in the club and makes people dance. Whereas in Jamaica they more go with the flow, so with a more laidback riddim like this they'll listen to the lyrics and give a forward if its good/they relate, hence the versatility of both riddims and tunes in Jamaica are far superior to everywhere else - naturally.

1 Hold On Raine Seville
2 When I'm Around You Serani
3 Jah Love Me Kibaki
4 Still Stand Up Mavado
5 Don't Judge Me Bugle
6 Dem Can Only Talk Charly Black
7 Deya Same Way T'Nez
8 Buss Gun Charge Aidonia

Log on to iTunes to buy your favourite songs or if you like the whole riddim CLICK RIGHT HERE

Or if you're in Japan (and can even read this) click here. Speaking of Japanese, the ones who love dancehall seem to understand Patois better than conventional English. Mad-eeee

Also available on Amazon, Juno and all good digital retailers

Sadly, the Assassin song isn't available on iTunes as he is signed to VP

Sounds like a hymn doan (doesn't it)?

Monday, 22 March 2010

Pound Sterling F64

This is either funniest F64 or one of the best for quotables! Pound Sterling aka the "hussulah!" aka a self-procliamed "Souuljia" and if you don't know "You're a ideyut" is just something else. Awkward flow most of the time coupled with what would seem the laziest punchlines ever. You'll either love him or hate him.

Too many quotables

"Your boys probably cried when Bradley died/ I knew it was Stacey Slater, you're lazy hater, bring heat like a radiator!"

"Get licked down like Chris Brown did to Rihanna. Got more keys than a piana"

"Smoke weed til my lungs black like Heskey"

This was classic Channel U stuff! One song (not the only song) epitomises the essence of Channel U *pours a little Fanta Fruit Twist on the ground for RIP Channel U* I know this is taken from Just Fabulous, what happened to that?

This tune was good

And Chanade Laroy does dis ting, so I'm posting this video

Don't forget to check out for your regular fix of F64's which are coming to an end. They had the internet going NUTS!

Mayweather and Mosley face off

For all my boxing fans out there, this is a great watch. Hosted by Max Kellerman, aka the guy that cut Mayweather's post-fight (vs. Marquez the blown up lightweight) interview short when Mosley confronted Mayweather.

Should be a good old-fashioned grudge match. Two men with a lot to prove; has Shane Mosely still got it? Has Mayweather made a career off fighting stiffs throughout his career? being the 2 questions which will ultimately be answered on the night. As of now, I'm saying Mayweather, with Shane having a punchers chance.

Gotta love how Americans throw on these promotional programs for boxing. Much better than the short-lived The Contender, which as good as it was, in all honesty the fighters were never going to amount to antyhing, much less a real contender.

I'll probably do another one of my prediction posts closer to the fight. So far I'm 2 for 2; Mayweather vs Marquez and Haye vs. Valuev.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gyptian - Hold Yuh

Damn, didn't know this song is almost a year old. First shown about it by Heatwave, about a month ago, never felt it that much. Grown on me like a mofo! Tune is currently gaining spins on many urban US stations including New York's Hot 97, and running the Caribbean.

Beat is a simplistic piano loop, clap and bassline with Gyptian's soft vocals lusting after a female with intentions of Hold(ing) Yuh (see what I did there? Wasn't smart nor clever I know) gently floating on top. Mi dun talk, listen tune

I know my African friends will love this tune! Gyptian gone clear in Africa (yes, I'm talking the whole continent) with the bookings this year I'm telling you! All he needs is a 2Face or another well-known artist on the track and the tune SHOT!

Check my interview with Gyptian from last year: here

Maverick Sabre - These Walls

Yes another Maverick Sabre video!

Filmed by SBTV for a BBC3 program called Jail Tales, Maverick Sabre drops some bars. I think it's a program hosted by Asher D about people who have been to (you guessed it) jail. I think these vids serve as viral vids. Hol tight SB each and every time! Big man innadis

Big alie? He's one of my fave artists right now. Can't wait for some more material to drop

Don't forget to check SB's site

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Marvin Sparks x Gappy Ranks interview

[INTERVIEW REMOVED] Hold tight for updated link

Marvin Sparks caught up with Gappy Ranks to discuss how recent commercial success by home grown urban artists affects him as a UK reggae artist, whether he’ll change his sound for the pop market, exclusive information about collaborating with Beenie Man and if he ever thought of getting the now famous gaps in his teeth closed...

For more info on Gappy Ranks, check his MySpace:

You may also be interested in:

Peetah and Mojo Morgan (Morgan Heritate) interview

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Big Ship's Laden and Chino interview

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Gyptian interview

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Monday, 15 March 2010

That's why they call me a Baaaaad Boyyyy

OUT NOW. iTunes that! I'm saying this will reach top 20, which for an indie release will be an outstanding achievement (remember them ones from school reports?)

I couldn't take this song seriously once upon a time; Skepta confused me. In the interview I did with him back in November in the lead up to the release of Boy Better Know's BANGURGH 'Goin In', he said:

On making commercial music Skepta said: If you just keep it real to yourself and keep it credible then the tune is gonna be an anthem for time. People don’t like commercial shit - I’ve noticed that. No matter how much people like to see success, once a song goes commercial or videos commercial people just go off it, because people that don’t really know about it start liking it. When you’re walking down the road and some guy in skinny jeans is tryna say “You don’t know about Boy Better Know” then people get mad and say “Boy Better Know are shit!”

Then on his previous attempts (FAILS!) at going commersh Marvin Sparks: All that stuff you are saying about going commercial and wanting to stay credible, is that something you learnt from your own experience of attempting to crossover commercially with Rolex Sweep and Sunglasses at Night?

Skepta: Yeah man. Everything I do throughout my career I think; if I die tomorrow, God forbid, I’d like to be remembered by my last video. The only thing that I was upset about with Rolex Sweep is I didn’t spit a lot of lyrics. I reckon I could have spat a lot more lyrics in the gaps. Somebody who listens to that tune may think “I don’t like that Skepta guy, he can’t spit. Why did he leave so many gaps?” When I did Sunglasses At Night, I spat a proper lyric that I can go to the most ghetto or grimey rave and say it. Obviously after that I done Too Many Man so yeah, it’s nice to be in a place where I wanna be. I’m just learning everyday.

Click here for full interview

So for me to then hear Bad Boy, I was fully confused. This isn't much different to Sunglasses At Night in target audience alie? Maybe he was speaking solely on BBK projects. I honestly took it wrongly, or so it seems, to mean he wasn't on that vibe anymore. I'm guessing he's happy with this song and that's the bottom line... *shrugs* That was my reason for being confused anyway

Whatever the story, it has grown on me. Proper fun, Kiss 100 listening, Liquid/Tiger Tiger/Oceana raving (or WKD/Smirnoff Ice drinking in park cotching), McKenzie trainer, belt-around-you-neck (ok maybe that's just Skepta) wearing thugs dem music. You can picture the scene can't you? Gun fingers aloft, off-beat vybzin, proper givin it one! It's a lot! This tune brings a smile to my face #SummerTune #RoofDownStringVestPlaylist - I haven't really got a convertible, but I will get a string vest :oD

Hol' tight the delightful Donatella sporting the swept back fringe look (no Gok Wan) @ 2.10, potent Pia (remedy for an impotent man... politest way obviously!) wearing the peachy dress @ 0.40 seconds, and the lead girl does a lot.

Shouts to Staple 'owwwww (House) on the video. Doin a lot right now! If anyone connected to the making of this video can explain to me the significance of the big, dutty, household candle on the birthday cake is, I'll be a happy man. Jammer blew out a candle on the same cake in the Goin In vid. Product placement for a cake isn't that useful, in my humble opinion anyway.
Does this tune not remind anybody else of Underworld 'Born Slippy'

Ultimate pub tune! "Shoutin lager, lager, lager" I think that's what he says. I remember some boys told me he says "Shoutin n**ger... black man ni**er, ni**er", so I forced myself to hate the tune

His appearance on Big Bro's Big Mouth kills me. Shouts to @XianLoves ( follow her, she's hilarious!) for this one. She musta tweeted something like "You know when black people overly dance to something because there's black people performing". I started bussin up when I saw the vid! Check the big bloke trying to get in on the action, poor ting, he musta told his mum he was going to evening service alie? What will his pastor say when he sees him skankin x bussin gunfinger? Extra tithes that month

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Made up my mind months ago that I will post this beautiful mothers tribute on the day we celebrate mothers day in the UK (and some other places I'm sure but not America or Jamaica. That's some time in May).

I-Octane (one of my favourite artists out there), pays tribute to his single mothers struggle to work, manage a house and raise kids. Tek it dem yoot!

Followed by Garnett Silk. This song seems much more poignant since his death or should I say the reason for his death. He literally died saving his mother from a fire in the house which ultimately killed both of them.

I come from a dual parent family, so I don't directly relate to the above song, but I feel it 'cos I understand the place where it is coming from.

So for all of us

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sean Paul cuts his hair

This is probably the most gossip post I've ever made in my entire blog life but hey.

As the title said, dancehall's only artist, well according to the MOBOs, Sean Paul has chopper the canerows off. Judging by what I've read/heard every time SP was seen before, this will be good news to many out there. Question is, is it for better or worse?

A. He went from bald

B. To canerows

C. To (the horrific) slight trimmed sides/fade x canerow

D. To this

Gal dem, which looks the best? A, B, C, or D?

Which looks the worst; A, B, C or D? I'm going with C by a long shot

Who reckons he'll still insist on canerowing the top piece of hair he has left?

P Money + Sukh Knight = Bang-urrr

I don't think I've ever posted a dubstep tune on here before. I've been a fan of it from about 2008, so a bit later than a lot of people but still ahead of loads, surprisingly. Seeing DJs & MCs who I would guess are supposed to be ahead of the game tweeting about old tunes like they're new I'm left slightly confused.

Anyway, Sukh Knight from the True Tiger camp linked up with OGz MC P-Money. This tune is an absolute madness!!!

Reminds me of the energy grime had once upon a time. P's sits on dubstep nicely. Makes me wanna wild out and start punching up guys! If you listened to that without a deformed look on your face like someone let off the dirtiest fart, there's something wrong. I'd love to hear Trilla Jermaine Trilloski on a remix with some Midlands slang. OMG that would absolutely be the biggest remix of the year

This is the other song I know of where P and Sukh linked up

Friday, 12 March 2010

Leftside - I Can Transform U [spoof video]

Jamaican DJ (rapper) and producer Leftside / Mr Evil recorded this tune during the hype of Chris Brown's 'Transform Ya', but for some reason decided to make a video.

Check it out

Oh, what do I think? Well I'm not sure, its alright. Yeah, that's it. I know you expected more didn't you? I mean "Marvin Sparks usually writes more than this" most probably crossed your mind at some time, but that's all I have for ya.

If you have time, I'm interested to know what you think about it.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Congrats to Tinie Tempah

As I'm sure you all know by now, the 'ardest urban UK song to be released in a very long while, Pass Out by Tinie Tempah, reached the number 1 spot in the UK singles chart!!! We knew chances of it hitting there were high from Monday last week as it shot out of the blocks faster than them stupid greyhounds chasing after a fluffy motorised Duracel Bunny looking thing. Isn't about time those foolish four-legged monsters realised they're chasing a dead cause? I would tell (series of barks obvs) my trainer dude "You are 'avin a laugh mate? Fool me once, shame on me..."

I was fortunate enough to be at Tinie's number 1 celebration on Sunday (shouts to the hook up), and I was a happy camper pleased to be a part of it. Ex-Sugababe Keisha Buchanan (oh my she is a lot of things!) was in the building, big'd up Jungle/DnB legend Shy FX whilst they played Original Nutter; classic UK song! Skepta, Tinchy, G Frsh, Wretch 32 and all them were in there

Haven't got any pics for you or anything, but I can tell you they did the champagne splash (poured champagne over him) in the centre of the club, hoisted him in the air... as Manny Norte played Pass Out about 5 times. Didn't complain AT ALL! Great moment.

I do have the moment he found out he was number 1 (well I found it on YouTube)

Tell me that didn't bring a smile to your face? Such a humble guy too. Saw him perform again last night at Reggie Yates' night Trading Places. Was emotional!

Now, everyone is wondering what T's follow-up will sound like? Will it be Pass Out part 2? What about a formulaic sound we've seen used by the likes of Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder (as UK producer Dready said, many artists probably wouldn't buy their own records)? Pass Out was only meant to serve as a demo single, but grew out of control. Obviously why it doesn't sound like any other urban artists song. Prior to Pass Out we mainly knew Tinie for songs like Wifey and Tears before (basically soppy stuff girls loved), and to be honest, he can push out another one of those.

Better to steer clear from a Pass Out part 2, or even anything to compare because people will call him a one-trick pony. Unless he has another banger that everyone will like then who cares. I wish him all the best #TeamUK!

What better way to end this on Pass Out? Well I would embed it but babylon have blocked it! Click here

p.s. I interviewed UK dancehall artist Gappy Ranks last week. He played me his Pass Out freestyle, and to be quite frank, it poo poo'd on most of the ones that came out. His hook was catchier than Swine Flu (what a hype that turned out to be!)

Friday, 5 March 2010

Tune of the Month - Aidonia - Jahova (Watch Over Me)

Care not if the month has just started, this will be the best tune you hear this month. Yes, this is far superior rather lack-luster (but will do as it's supposed to do) to Drake's first single Over.

Sounds like the perfect successor to his first Jamaican #1 'Evil Head'

Sorry but Stephen Di Genius McGregor's talent is frightening! He only turned 20 this year, yet this will be his 4th year at the top of the dancehall game, won producer of the year 3 years on the trot. As fas as I know, he works solo, and still managesto produce different sounds. Yes, some do sound rehashed like old ones, but every producer has their kit and sounds they prefer, so that is inevitable.

Who said dancehall is all about slackness?

Former Jamaicacn #1, Aidonia 'Evil Head'

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

miRecommend: Ed Sheeran

Touched down at one of them showcase thingy's called Wired yesterday. Man like Lawrence Gichgi ( informed me that Pixie Lott performed the previous month, and Amy Winehouse was in the house gulping wine* (gulping wine may or may not be true, I put it in there for the lolz).

Couple acts were there but stand out artist for the night was this guy Ed Sheeran. Me and my girl Leats ( are fans. Coincidentally, keyhole to the roads SBTV ( uploaded a video of him on Sunday (see below). Ed Sheeran is one of these urban accoustic artists that I'm feeling - the other being Maverick Sabre. Tune in

He had the same thingy he uses to record the beat on the spot last night. Never seen it in my life. That alone blew me away let alone his voice. Broke into Welcome To Jamrock last night much to the crowds pleasure. Both him & Maverick Sabre seem to have urban influences including reggae, social commentary and play a guitar = WIN! I'm wouldn't say one is better than the other; they're similar but have different delivery. Maverick Sabre is much harsher, and less of a singer in comparison. Remember when Plan B was like this?

Check out this tune too

If you're wondering who this Maverick Sabre geezer is, I blogged him as one of the acts I'm looking forward to hearing more from in 2010, and here is a vid

Out now, cop if you like

Trey Songz's recipee for success

Trigga, Tremaine, Trey Songz new video for Neighbours Know My Name lifted from the banging album Ready. Don't worry mandem, you won't question your sexuality after watching this.

Arguably the hottest (not in that-a-way) commercial R'n'B artist out right now. Apart from the fact I feel the song, I've wanted to blog the reason for his success in my opinion. Many say "It's just his time now", "It's because of Chrihanna incident" or some next "It's a coincidence" type reasons but I am here to set the record straight (well share my opinion).

Although this is Trey's third album, his name has frequently left females mouths as one of the most desirable singers in the game, but his music never really captured or sold as many as the amount of fans of his anatomy would suggest. Guess you want the reason for that, right? Well it is a bit of a coincidence in the sense that the doors in the R'n'B game opened up with a lot of emphasis placed on R'n'B/dance hybrid. Trey makes solid (not saying classic) commercial quality R'n'B more importantly slow jams. Girls LOVE slow jams, especially when they can fantasise about the guy singing them.

He has filled the void that R. Kelly left, mainly from when alienated most of the older girls when they found out they weren't his type following the video of him and the teenager (that isn't me saying underage/illegal... mmhmm). Kellz got older, couldn't hang on to the older women anymore, went through a mid-life crisis, turned all bling-bling hip hop whilst making somewhat predictable songs filled with strange innuendos, scenarios and developed weird obsessions with Gorillas.

I don't believe Chrihanna has anything to do with it. The closest Chris Brown came to being in that category was with Take You Down; he was Colgate smiling, clean-cut happy chap at any other time. On wax, you could argue that Trey has the game on lock similarly to Usher in My Way/8701 days (I said on wax, that does not include performance).

The-Dream came close to filling Kellz shoes (the sex side of things. Kellz is a much better and versatile writer) on wax, but unfortunately for him every girl in the world thinks is ugly. Well except Christina Milian & Nivea but even she traded him in for Lil Wayne. I'll leave the "is that an upgrade?" question for you to answer.

Ironically, when I interviewed Trey Songz, he was singing Sweat It Out from The-Dream's sophomore Love vs. Money whilst eating burger and chips, and us talking about females before the interview. Yeah, random bit of info there for you (with customary plug).

The other, and in my opinion key is there isn't a singer who actually plays into the fantasy the fans had. His first album 'Gotta Make It' was more adult and soulful than it should have been, second was on the road to where he is now but never really had that song, plus still stayed relatively clean-cut, this one is straight up sex; from the album cover to the series of sex-driven videos.

Obviously the music is better than before. And the association with Drake didn't do him any harm whatsoever, but that's all in my opinion

And that is all. Hope you enjoyed reading while I let off all the thoughts that have resided in my head for a minute now.

Disclaimer: I am in no way taking away from the greatness that is R. Kelly, but he is well reknowned for baby-makers and slow jams. Nor am I saying Trey Songz or The-Dream is as good, they do fill the gap though. I do realise they all need to do more work before they can be compared to R. Kelly yadda yadda yadda, this post is based on current market and the place Kellz once held. Stay tuned for more disclaimers

Monday, 1 March 2010

Tinie Tempah 'Pass Out' Out NOW!

Previous blogged on my post 2010 to watch. Simply put, if you don't like this tune music is not for you. Isn't it funny the guy we were all a bit surprised to hear he got signed or suggested other people who should have been signed ahead of him, because to be honest, his songs were for little girls, makes the most credible commercial crossover song.

I'm not one of those support UK guys, I don't support anything I don't like for the sake of it, whether it be music down to my local football team. But on the same hand, I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. Advising that this is the right thing to do for you life because you won't have the same fulfillment without it is a different thing to forcing.

If this top the charts, music execs will be confyooooooooooooooosed dot com! Has the potential to shatter all the perceptions of succesful urban chart hits as we've previously seen from the likes of Chipmunk, Tinchy and NDubz. That isn't me disrespecting 'cos I sing along to most of their hits in my own space (when no one is around).

Charts may not matter to us, the consumers, that much anymore, but it does effect the music we hear on radio. AS long as one sound keeps charting, label execs will continue to push the same thing as we all know. Support good music if you want.