Saturday, 30 October 2010

XFactor TweetView

X Factor crew where u at? u ready....

Let the best X Factor disses begin. On ur marks gets set GO!

X factor is on is it grime nite?

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
So is this week actually Grime Week on XFactor then? If so, there goes my hopes for Cher Lloyd Miss Independent x Ramping Shop then

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
X Factor time!!!! U ready? #xfactor

Money on it Wagner does thrilllerr

Mary performance

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
Seriously? With the devil horns? *throws papers in air* I can't already #xfactor

@MzFr3Butterfly Afryea Ama
The devil horns #utterfail!!! #XFactor

@RajKathwadia Rajveer Kathwadia
Mary looks like the evil one out of The Little Mermaid #TheXFactor Ps. That sing was shit.

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
Urscula deh pon di stage...sorry Mary but this tune nuh mek it at all, at all, at all!

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
That's someones MUM!!!!!! *covers face*

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
Erm... so, like, when does this tune get grimey then? Will she break out with "Who is it? ITS THE MURKLE MAN!" soon

@MannyUK Manny
Why must Mary always wear black? And since when was Take That considered Grime? #XFactor

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
Why did they chose Mary to kick of the Halloween show? Hmmm


@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Don't piss me off! This shit better speed up! #XFactor

@LittleDonatella Donatella
Oh this devil boy can piss right off, how can only imagine how badly he's gonna prick us now its halloween #Xfactor

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
Brave of Aiden to 'attempt' Thriller! Why?

@ChipmunkArtist Chipmunk
I'm sorry but MJ Thriller should be left alone... Mary was cold... This guy needs to low it! just my opinion! Horrid! Love XF tho!

@RudeKidMusic Rude Kid
This guy looks like a vampire all the time

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Michael Jackson just turned (about 50 times, grabbed his crotch & said Shamone!) In his grave

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Bye Aiden. I hope you're in the bottom 2 tomorrow for that! #XFactor

Early prediction

@MarquesTrevon ✔ Verified Account RT by @XianLoves
I think One Direction should perform "Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Rock Your Body)" #XFactor

Belle Amie

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
People, doing the nose crinkle & Christina Aguilera mic hands does not mean you can sing. #xfactor

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
Bel amie vocals are AWFUL!

oohhh this is sounding bit off key...i like them but maybe they need to be given razers and do adverts...this sounds badd

@jessiejofficial JESSIE J
This is making me wanna shave my legs right now Lol #xfactor

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
These chicks should be on Babestation!

this song has nothin to do with halloween...dannii speak the truth

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
As if Louis couldn't look like more of a twat, he decides to wear a bow tie. Good job douchebag. #xfactor


@Sonyadyer Sonya Lorretta Dyer
Yep again“@XianLoves: RT @MarvinSparks: Anyone else getting the vibes that tonight's XFactor isn't gonna be that good? • YEP”

@tahirah Tahirah
"@MarvinSparks: Anyone else getting the vibes that tonight's XFactor isn't gonna be that good?" « Yep. We just discussed this fact.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
RT @MarvinSparks: Anyone else getting the vibes that tonight's XFactor isn't gonna be that good? • YEP

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
RT @MarvinSparks: Anyone else getting the vibes that tonight's XFactor isn't gonna be that good?<< Yup!!


it's a wrap real talent

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
Nice voice but not a performer!

@LittleDonatella Donatella
They take the piss with her weave, make up and clothes every week, whatever Bex you're still a choongers and yeah #Xfactor #TeamLighty


@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
RT @fishermansworld: Get Cher out on that stage NOW..... She has the #Xfactor also she looks like Cheryl on crystal meth • HAHAHAAAA


@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
I'm not looking forward to TreyC's weave or outfit tonight #XFactor. It better compliment her

The lip stick makes me sick

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Black lipstick??????

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Oooo TreyC is looking fierce...performance is giving me what I need. #xfactor

@RudeKidMusic Rude Kid
Allow the black lipstick pleaseeee

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
U know you got a back when you can see it from the front! My garsh!

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
TreyC would make a good Vegas act #xfactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
TreyC just looks like she has burned out weed lips.

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Black lips on Black people, naaaaaaa

@EmmaGemmaAmy Emma Stephens
@alexkofitwinb tell Gucci


@Caligraphist The Caligraphist®
Wow. Simon just threw Cheryl under the bus! #Hotted! #XFactor

@tymusic ty
Trey c tried oh! But the styling is wiggedy wack that wasn't weave that was WOVE! #xfactor

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
TreyC's make up artist - now when Jay Z said "all black everything"........

Matt Cardle

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Bleeding Love a Halloween song? #xfactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Leona Lewis..... Oh I get it.. Bleeding in love... Halloween, blood, gore... LOL

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
Matt is the 2010 Olly Murs #xfactor #fadetoblack


SSarpong Sabrina-Anne Sarpong
Oh Wagner can F*CK right OFF! #XFactor

@NicholasMarston Marston
Wagner ur a wanker #Xfactor

@MakedaQoS Makeda Wilson
How dare Louis use music lovers and Wagner in the same sentence!!

@skvibemaker Sean K Vibemaker
Yooo.... Put Wagner on the bonfire... Along with Halloween celebration star... Capleton voice: "A more fiaaahhh"

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Wanger you are taking the piss and I love you for it!

Listen even satan will come up and slap him 4 dis shit deep

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Wagner singing in that accent makes me want to vote BNP

the same group that got rage against the machine to number1 are doing a campaign for wagnar aswell humm this could get very ironic

I heard about that still

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤ #XFACTOR WAGNER


@ChockzTheRapper Chockz
I feel sorry for this fat boy.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #XFactor why does Paije sound like he sings a strained version of everything?

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
Please pass the mic!

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
How does he go "BACK to black" !?!

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Seriously people need to stop. Paije is not Gabourey Sidibe's brother.


@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
RT @THISISMAXONLINE: katie jarrs me she seems very fake i'm sorry she has a good voice but not likeable • YES! This

@NicholasMarston Marston
Chins r us .. Shouts out to katie #Xfactor

@MaleekBerry MR BERRY
that was 'jaw-dropping' katie

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Oh my days Katie WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE A SCARECROW???? #XFactor

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
Who stole her arse!?!

@Davinche Davinche Canvas
no booty. #justsaying

One Direction

@ChockzTheRapper Chockz
The Asian boy that all you girls are tryna claim is the only one that can sing a note, as for the rest, one word - Flat

Cher Lloyd

@MannyNorte Manny Norte
Chav time!!!!!

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
She looks like Cheryl BADLY NOW #XFactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Who said Cher Lloyd's eyebrows look like sperm! I'm DEAD HAHAHAHHAAHHAAA #XFactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
She really does look like a witch

@NicholasMarston Marston
Cher can sing... Good performance #Xfactor

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Countdown to the judges gassing up 5, 4, 3, 2,1 .......#xfactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Err why is she crying? Oh please!!!!!

why is she crying.....

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
Oooooo & cue tears! Nice little fake emotion there at the end #xfactor

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Don't cry Cher! They'll let you rap next week I'm sure.

@ChockzTheRapper Chockz
She sang well. But I wanted some bars. Kmt.

@ChipmunkArtist Chipmunk
Thanks Cher Lloyd... Ya dun know I got ur back! Listen... This girl definately has something... I'm telling u guys! Trust me!

@ChipmunkArtist Chipmunk
And no I'm not saying she's the best singer... Or best rapper... I can't identify what it is yet... But it's something special!

In conclusion

To quote myself:

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
Yup, that was a rubbish episode. Twitter's eruption over John's hair last week > Katie's chin > this whole episode

Friday, 29 October 2010


TFIF = Thank Father it's Friday

Katy B back on funky

Katy B returns to the sound that made her popular to most of us in the first place. I know she does soul with the Illersapiens (I think that's their name anyway). Tune's alright, but I prefer hearing her on Dubstep-sounding stuff

British granny marries Gambian waiter 35 years her junior

And she's surprised all he wanted was her Visa (you thought I was about to say something else innit? You twisted people). I mean just look at the happy couple

Read the rest here

He definitely matched up to the tall and dark description woman go gaga for. Definitely a Bad Romance this one. Old biddy fell for the oldest trick in the book. Sorry dear, can't say I feel sorry for you to be honest. Demba (even the name sounds scary), you opportunist you. Didn't play your cards right though, did ya? (No Bruce Forsyth)

Did you name your baby Oliver or Olivia?

These are the most popular names for newborns in Britain (source). Technically Mohammed/Muhammad x12 different spellings is number 1, but that's a bit unfair really. The top 10 girls names aren't bad; Ruby, Chloe, Emily, Sophie, Jessica, Grace, Amelia and Evie are timeless. They all sound cute like "Awwww look at little Ruby/Chloe/Emily..." Not sure about how cool Ruby sounds for a teenager though.

The mandem names certainly aren't repping. Jack's alright, William and James are timeless, but Alfie? You know that's Alfred right? Sounds alright for a baby but what about when he becomes a man? That ain't cool.

But I've had a thought, if it's cool to name your babies old people's names (because let's be honest, they're old people's names), I'm naming my unborn, not-yet-conceived foetus Winstone, Norman (pronounced Narmun), Rupert or Delroy. The chick will be called Beverly, Hyacinth or Margaret. New trend.

And for the record, I see no harm in Monique's, Tanisha's, Keisha's etc. The name doesn't define the kid. And just because it's a stereotypically black working class names, doesn't make it "ghetto". Just saying. And anyway, why is "ghetto" substitute for "black"? In fat, ufkc it, I'm gonna name my daughter Shanice. Watch and see *raises black gloved fist*

Nicki Minaj 'Right Thru Me'

She's a stunner, can spit, even hold a note on track, but fk me she makes some dead songs. I think she's trying to hard to be a rap Gaga x female version of Drake and please the Perez Hilton's of this world. JUST RAP! Watch the video though. Not gonna lie, I screwed my face at this yout' with her sitting on him in the bed. When they came close I said "Anyhow he kisses her I'm gonna be vex".

Throwback Tune of the Day: Eve 'Love is Blind'

In response to the above video, I thought I'd relive this classic. How a woman should rap. Rep the gyallie! Ruff Ryders first lady reps for the ladies in abusive relationships, produced by Swizz Beats. Ruff Ryyyyderrrrsss!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dun know the Thursday

Yeah, blaad, Thursday. One day away 'til the weekend.

If you haven't already checked it, there's a competition to go see Joe at Sound in Lee-i-chester Square as my Jamerican (Jamaican-American) friend calls it. "Why y'all spelling so hard to read yo? Don't you know about phonetic" she said. To be fair, she has a point. Love her man, shout her out. Anyway, it's a simple question. For more info go this way.

Back to today's thoughts

Throwback Tune of the Day: Xscape - 'My Little Secret'

Slow jam inna dem neckback! This song came to mind through a conversation. Jermaine Dupri has to be one of the most underrated producers in recent history nah? I think it's actually a young Brian-Michael Cox on the buttons for this one. Same vein as another popular song around that time.

Just thinking without Kandi, would Beyoncé have been female-empowerment, independent woman Beyoncé? I've never listened to Destiny's Child's debut album in its entirety, so I couldn't tell you the theme of it. Going by the singles on it and The Writings On The Wall (stone cold classic), there was a difference. Kandi wrote No Scrubs, then DC got involved?

Turn it up because the volumes low. Taped from VHS. Can't embed the official video so put a live performance. Weird to see how they performed with minimal dancing, no dancers, actually singing and it's a slow jam. R&B with a slow jam did exist.

Mariah Carey's up the duff!

Lifted from ThatGrapeJuice

Yep, she's revealed she's pregnant. I look at her these days and wonder if she's even all that anymore for me to hate on Neek Nick Cannon. I still wood obviously but she isn't Heartbreaker/Honey Mariah anymore. Far from it. She's a fat skinny girl. I like girls with weight but she's so funny amalgam of the two. One that doesn't sit right with me.

But forget that for a second, I came (no pun) across a quote that I'm unfamiliar with. Mariah Cannon said: "Yes, we are pregnant, this is true!” Mariah told Billy of the baby that is due this spring." I'd never heard a couple/woman say they both are pregnant before. Call me ignorant. I don't care.

Pushing all that aside, we here at Marvin Sparks dot blogspot dot com would like to send out best wishes to the Carey-Cannon.

Diddy Dirty Money 'Loving You No More'

I've felt this song from I first heard it. Really plush. Has all the makings of a hit. Shame the artist goes by the name of Diddy on there. Feel it would have got more ratings had it been a "cooler" rapper. I don't care, I rate this tune hard. My ears hold little prejudice. And when is this Last Train To Paris? I thought South West Trains were bad but damn fam, this last train to Paris takes the mickey.

Shakira performs in parking lot

This would have been the scene at the end of Borat when he tries to put her in the bag. Truss me!

Wiley's Eskimo goes bashment funky

Hold tight mi I-drin Prodigal on this one. Wiley gave him a couple used lyrics from From The Drop but I hear it was made under him Guinness. The beat will feature Lady Chann, Natalie Storm and dancehall artist Einstein. Should do a lot on the Shoreditch scene. Riddim goes hard!

p.s. Ever wondered what Marvin Sparks' favourite dancehall tracks from 2010 would sound like if he mixed them? Well click here. I'm not a DJ but I've made a sick CD. Initially made for friends that complained they didn't have any new dancehall. Couple people said I should upload it, so I got drops from couple artists, and voila. Features the biggest tracks such as Clarks 1, again and 3, Touch a Button and Hold You and stuff but also features strong cuts on those riddims, plus plenty more top rate riddims. Will dedicate a post to it tomorrow with more info but if you trust what you've read on these pages then it should be alright. *cough the track record is a lot, just check here and here. Mostly predictions made from the comfort of my room :D cough*

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Win Tickets to see RnB legend Joe perform live!

This event is guaranteed to be a roadblock. *cough Nuff gyal!*

Win 2 Tickets to see US RnB legend Joe @ Sunday Show in Sound, Leicester Square on Sunday 31st October 2010 answer this simple question:

I love reggae/dancehall, so finish the name of this song which featured a dancehall-ish artist.

'I'm In [blankety blank]'?

A. Muff
B. Luv
C. Blud

Email answer to and the winner will be selected at random on Saturday.


* Tickets will be reserved on the door.
* The winner will be chosen on Saturday 30th October 2010 at midday
* Tickets must be collected before 8pm on 31st October 2010 from the venue
* For more information on the event please email the promoter on

Further info:

Remember "You have to be in it to win it" & "Nothing ventured nothing gained". Don't be the one who got there late, joint the long line and never got in. Likewise don't be the one reading about how good it was on Twitter/Facebook. Enter!

Check my interview with Joe here. We spoke about old R&B artists sticking with tired-and-tested concepts for songs, competing with the Donell Jones, R. Kelly and Ginuwine, and the situation/beef with R. Kelly but singing R. Kelly's songs.

p.s. Ed Sheeran is a don!

RD have a ridiculous banger!

Darren B is the black singer yout' from the LG mobile phone advert. Also done a song with Sway

Mo is hilarious! So should be a good night out

Weddy Wednesday

Hmmm... think I'm running out of catchy titles. Hopefully today is a one-off

Lil McKell got game

This 12 year old is jokes. Can't even remember if my game was as good at 12.

Tinchy + Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example and Chipmunk 'Game Over'

Who you reckon goes the 'ardis on this? I'm undecided. Is it me or is Chipmunk slyly telling everyone on the track he's better than them? I know that's just what rappers do these day but his sounds a bit more "I'm the best on this track"

Chris Brown needs to boot the boots

1st of 3 pics jacked from ThatGrapeJuice, wha gwaan for Chris Brown's boots? He needs to show them the deuces - badum tshh

Damn Ciara

2/3 from ThatGrapeJuice. No words to say about this

Rihanna, marry me? Please? With a cherry on top?

3/3 from ThatGrapeJuice. Even less about this. Actually I lied. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan she's such a babe!

Jamie Howard interview

Haven't watched this in its entirety yet, but this dude is hilarious! Always cracks me up. Check it out:

Jah Cure featuring Rick Ross & Mavado 'Like I See It'

Blogged about this today, today I post the actual song. More a chilled vibe than I expected/hoped. Neat tune though, more a medz car/radio tune than bruk out gunfinger. Bun a big head (Disclaimer: I don't smoke the reefa) vibe. Hope they make a video for it. Check out my interview with Jah Cure here

Rick Ross: "Lick a shot for Dudus if you real motha..."

Ricky says something Jah Cure pushing Lamborginhi's through Kingston. When I saw Jah Cure driving it was a crisp white BMW 6 series. Pushing a Lambo is a nice thought. We understand you rappers exaggerate your lifestyles/live above your means.

Mavado: "Was born on the gully but I'm big in every city"

Brap brap!

Jah Cure: "We don't need no visa to come through your speaker"

Cure Again puts in the best performance for me.

Who'd have thought an ex-prison officer would be on a track with men with real records? Let's hope he doesn't go telling his ex-work colleagues.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tuesday's Thoughts

This was meant to be yesterday's post but for obvious reasons (death of legend Gregory Isaacs) I didn't post it.

RIP Gregry (no typo / Jamaicans will understand we don't pronounce the o in GregOry... fi wha'?)

Tune of the Day: Gregory Isaacs 'What a Feeling'

Another Sly & Robbie produced hit. Greatest duo in music history? Quite possibly. Yes, this plus Tune In and Soon Forward from yesterday are all Gregry and Sly & Robbie songs.

12 year-old Lil McKell sprats Shanni Cuppcake

This is jokes! Yout' is mackin'. The end could have been better though. Please say he has one with Sadie Ama. Regular readers will know why.

p.s. I'm bringing "sprattin'" back. Sprattin = to court a lady. You know we "speak in slang like this"

NBA Jam is back!

Epic game as a yout'! If you never experienced it on the SNES or arcade, your life is incomplete. Doubt this will live up to it to be honest. The commentary was almost as great as the gameplay. "From dowwwwwwwntowwwn!" "He's on fire!" "Boom-shaka-laka!" got used on the football pitch.

Vybz Kartel and Busta Rhymes voicing together in Jamaica

If you don't follow me on Twitter, I tweeted "Busta Rhymes working with Vybz Kartel? Rick Ross, Jah Cure and Mavado drops on Tuesday? See the trend yet?" I tweeted during the intermission at Sister Act (with Whoopi) in the theatre that we over at MTV Wrap Up endorse dancehall. I'm waiting to see how long before the others realise what's going on. When you do, holla at me for the best interviews. I gets certification from hardcore dancehall fans and industry to people that don't know what's good with the same interview. Not being big headed, it's real talk.

Rihanna and Drake do Island Pop

Continuing with the point from above, Rihanna's second single fresh in the same island pop vein Rudeboy and Sean Kingston's Dutty Love left off. I'm not even a Drake fan but he kills it. This tune is dirts!!! Rihanna excels on these tracks. She said she brought out the dancehall couture for the video. I'd like to hear Chino or Konshens spit on this. Hope there's a dancehall remix like Rudeboy feat Assassin/Agent Sasco

p.s. The square root of 69 isn't 8 something roun' 'ere

Jessie J got talent

I, like the whole "cool, in-the-know" world, ventured down to Hoxton Bar and Grill to watch much talked about singer/songwriter Jessie J perform. I'd like to add absolutely-hilarious to the singer/songwriter bit too. If she couldn't sing, I'd feel no way in encouraging her to pursuit comedy and still write songs. Her talk/jokes between songs absolutely killed me. Had to hold down the laughter. Hold tight the lucky lady (yes you this time) *shout laugh "ahhh-haaaaaaar"*

Interaction with the crowd second-to-none also. I'm a cool, calm and composed dude that does a little head-nodding thing. You know those pricks you see holding up the wall at raves and think "Why did you pay to come if you're gonna give the wall support"? That's me. Anyway, long story shorter than it could be (you know I does this rambling ting), she pointed me out and encouraged me to do her happy dance during a song.

On to the performance, she killed it! Generic term doesn't quite sum it up really but her voice is amazing. Yes, another one of those generic/overused word that doesn't quite explain what I'm feeling.

I don't remember many of the titles of songs but this stood out to me (it has reggae in there innit) and I remembered the name. The whole set was serious though

'Stand Up'

I wasn't too sure about the single 'Do It Like A Dude' until I saw this acoustic version.

Throwback Tune of the Day: Spice Girls 'Holler'

I don't have to Real Badman Never Afraid this one. Everyone rated this tune back then. Darkchild made an absolute banger with this. He was the man then. Loved it then, dug it out the other day and it still knocks hard. Could still be a new song. I'd drop this in a rave if I DJ'd... You KNOW Mel B was gassed when they recorded this innit? Probably thought "Finally a song I would dance to". She looked the most enthusiastic in the video too. Can't say I blame her

Taken from TOTP (RIP). Hold tight Richard Blackwood at the end. Didn't even remember him hosting this

Monday, 25 October 2010

RIP Gregory Isaacs The Cool Ruler

Gregory Isaacs dies

Gregory Isaacs: 1951-2010
Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs has died after a battle with cancer.

Isaacs, who was 59 years old, died on Monday morning at his home in London where he spent part of his time.

He leaves behind a wife and children.

Close friends told BBC Caribbean that he had originally been diagnosed with cancer of the liver which had then spread.

The Jamaican reggae singer, who was nicknamed the Cool Ruler, was best known for the song 'Night Nurse'.


Was gonna do a thoughts for the day but nothing else can even level with this news. As a Jamaican, Gregory Isaacs is up there with Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, John Holt and Alton Ellis as an artist your parents have at least 4 dusty vinyls of. Although he didn't release many records over the past decade, he remained very active through touring. One of the best voices in reggae history. My grandma's favourite artist. She'd go to the record shop and ask for any new "Gregry". That's right without the 'o'. Unlike most of my peers, I regularly draw for my favourite Gregry songs, a couple of them posted below.

Best known for Night Nurse, which was covered by Simply Red and both the name of and featured on the advert for that sleeping stuff Night Nurse

Simply Red 'Night Nurse'

If I had to select my favourite tracks, they are between 'Soon Forward'. Wish I could have seen him when his voice sounded like this

And 'Tune In'

Also love Buju Banton 'Mr 9' and Warrior King's 'Never Go Where The Pagans Go' on this same riddim track.

Staple at every family party, 'Number One'

Was in cult classic Rockers

I-Wayne utilised this riddim well on 'Nah Draw Nil' from classic album Lava Ground

I doubt reggae artists are that bothered whether they get mainstream coverage because it isn't something that happens or necessarily see as validation but that doesn't make it right at all. They may not have sold shed loads of records like their American counterparts but their influence on popular culture is evident, and it should be celebrated especially from a country with little over 3 million people.

Why aren't they booked at festivals and given TV time at Glastonbury etc.? I know Gregory did some this summer, Toots does too, what about John Holt, Beres Hammond, Morgan Heritage...? I don't remember Alton Ellis, not sure about Desmond Decker and Dennis Brown getting booked at them. Could be wrong so don't kill me. These dudes got chart hits back in the day. Barrington Levy too. Only person I can think of that gets ratings is Jimmy Cliff.

I wonder if MOBO Awards will pay tribute to him next year...

As I write this, Gregory Isaacs has 4 entries in top trending topics on Twitter (most tweeted keywords) worldwide "Night Nurse", "RIP Gregory", "Isaacs" x2. People know who he is. Treat these artists as MUSICAL LEGENDS don't pass them off as simply reggae legends. Please don't let anymore legends die not knowing how much they are valued by us the people.

Shouts to 1Xtra at least they're playing some Gregory in daytime. I wonder if Choice are still playing their usual Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne lucky dip playlist.

Last thing, despite lack of sales in comparison to mainstream genres with much more backing (sales are over what they should be) reggae is the daddy. Know this

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Gappy Ranks 'All The While' (Pass Out riddim)

Remember when I told you about UK reggae artist Gappy Ranks' Pass Out freestyle back in March (click for proof)? Well they've made a video for it. Check it out

Alll di while! Best use of the riddim apart from the original.

Check di interview on courtesy of moi here

Friday, 22 October 2010

FlashBack Friday: Channel U part 1

Haven't done a FlashBack Friday (click for previous episodes) in a while still. I'm generally in a good vibe on a Friday, "have you got that Friday feeling?" And to help boost my mood, I love reminiscing about old days so what better way then dedicating posts every now and again?

This past week we had the MOBO Awards (you HAVE to read this MOBO review post) which for the past couple of years has been in a position to celebrate UK talent. Who remembers the days (before YouTube) when UK rappers had an American accent, we rarely saw UK urban videos on TV and the only ones we did see were of a good standard? Yes, I'm talking those grim days before the groundbreaking Channel U! Video quality ranged from man dem on the block in ends with dogs wearing A9 tracksuits filmed on alright cameras to man dem on the block in ends with dogs wearing A9 tracksuits filmed on what could pass as CCTV images.

Channel U brought all kinds of catchy, gritty and shitty UK tracks into our homes via the Sky Digital box. Many tracks became Channel U Gold for a variety of reasons; the good, the great, the bad, the grime and the "Rah they're actually showing that?" Many men must still wear disguises on road to avoid "I swear that's that youth from Channel U". Like every channel they had their fair share of legal trouble. But they did give back to the viewers through competition prizes...

Loads of artists have to pay dues to Channel U, from N-Dubz to Boo Kroo. Not only artists though, "models" too. They got a bit of fame in the ends (yeah I'm talking the wobbly girl in Aggro's 'Free Yard' video).

Channel U RIP'd last year, morphing into Channel AKA... Without Channel U spearheading the UK thing on TV forcing mainstream avenues like MTV Base to show UK videos and getting a lot of us to pay more attention to what was happening on the underground, would we be in this position? Shouts to 1Xtra too.

Obviously this will be a series of posts over however long. They may or may not run concurrent, in fact I'll try to do one a month.

So starting off with the video that inspired this:

Pound Sterling 'For My Dawgs'

A performer from Wednesday night's MOBO Awards. Hold tight my late night crew, Nelly 'Tip Drill'

This kid had and still has one of the memorable videos ever!!! If you don't remember this your life isn't complete

And ending on a positive, one of the best songs to have a big hype for good reason, Lethal B 'POW!'. Another song featured on this blog this past week. Pow for Xmas #1

That Friday Feelin

Well it's Friday and I'm going to attempt at doing a thoughts of the day plus a FlashBack Friday. If I'm honest, thoughts of the day can suffer today because it's an everyday thing and I LOVE doing FlashBack Friday's!

Pound Sterling the Hussalla kicks nahlijjj

This man has his name stamped as a Channel U star. Remember his first video? Anyway, I think I've just changed my mind on the subject to post for FlashBack Friday. See, just like that I get inspiration.

Back on track, interviews alright still but he drops a gem when talking about fake rappers spending too much time talking to cameras on Grime Daily (whilst on Grime Daily) instead of "doing this thing". Quote of the Day: "When I was really, really doin' dis ting I didn't see Match of the Day for 7 years! And then I clocked, 'Rah, it's been 7 years I aint seen Match of the Day'."

RockCorps give a little love

Saw this on Mad News a while back but forgot to post it. Davinche produced single for charity Orange RockCorps featuring Bashy, Wretch 3-2 (NOT thirty-two), Cleo Sol, Bluey Robinson, Aggro, (a Scratchy less) Roll Deep and Davinche himself spitting bars.

One mans treasure is another mans...

Reason to comment. First off thanks to everyone that has given positive comments on this spot since its existence. Just thought I'd blog this one cos I think it's funny. Yesterday I saw a new comment on my blog post for A-List 'Midnight Lover' where I selected 6 females I'd recreate the video with. With me playing the male lead in all of them... obviously.

"Anonymous said...
with the exception of fake knockers and Jamelia you are just another sold out N..Fool with no eye for beauty unless its mixed with white- get a job and get a life"

Based on the post can't say I disagree with him/her to be honest lol (I'm not laughing out loud though). It probably does look that way, most are of similar caste. For the record those women I posted frequented Twitter a lot back then so were in the conscious mind. Anyway anyone who follows me on Twitter would have seen my appeal to become the male Kat Stacks I requested Keisha Buchanan, ex-Sugababes holla at me. And to top it off, based on that he/she/shim told me to get a job and life? You gathered I'm unemployed from posting a few images of women I find attractive?

In my head I thought maybe I should have played equal opportunities employer (shouts to Mad News) a bit better, then I realised it's just a post by some any guy (that'd be me/I an' I) who has little authourity on how many dark-skinned girls get casted in videos and fashion. Why didn't you ask me to put fat people in too? Or is fat rude too? I know I have no preference of caste. So for that very reason, *let's join hands and say this in The Rock voice* "IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!"

Oh you didn't hear me? I said

Now let's dance! Wyclef featuring The Rock 'It Doesn't Matter'

Only messin' with you. Yes, the above comments did enter my head when I read your comment but I appreciate you taking the time out to comment and I don't actually mind. I don't think he or she is a regular reader to find a post that old must be a Google jobby. Ladies, I love you all. Dark-skinned ladies (without mix of white) send me some pics. If you're banging I'll post it up in a future post. Come on, it worked for 50 Cent on twitter and called them hoe's! Would it help if I call you "empress", empress?

Tune of the Day: I-Octane 'Stab Vampire'

Some real rebellious roots and cultcha fi di yoot's uzeet?! First tune I ever heard from I-Octane. One of my favourite artists in music. Reggae is never dead you mad? We just have lame DJ's

"Sell out the ghetto youths to dead
So weh mi do, stab vampire with a peg!"

"Give the youths them coke to snort and gun to walk with
Then they talk 'bout the youths them [are] haunted.
But how [are] the youths [to] strive when a guns them start with
Them no care [about] the youth's ah rahtid [at all]"

And cos' I'm a badman, I can go from spiritual and fight the power (or babylon) tunes to glamourising the other side of life on...

Finally, Throwback tune of the Day: So Solid - Ride Wid Us

I revisited the classic So Solid 'They Don't Know' album sparked by a conversation I had the day before.

So Solid Crew are the kings of this thing and this video did a lot for me. Same as all of their videos to tell the truth. I was a fully fledge So Solid fan. I feel sorry for those who aren't it's that real. Missed out.

Megaman's swag was elsewhere in this video, flow is crazy, beats a monster... Megaman had swagger when we didn't know what swagger was. Only other black artist in UK that could talk to him is Mark Morrisson. In fact, if they formed a three-the-hard-way with Liam Gallagher it would have been lights out!

The intro speech by Mega "TALKING 'BOUT YOU WANNA BLAZE ME! I am preepaared for you..."

The first bars! The beanies (girls) are tick! The DEEP ROLLER REMIX IS RIDICULOUS! Mate this is emotional

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Back to life

Yesterday was MOBO day over here at Marvin Sparks dot blog spot dot com. Today we resume normal posting. To read the MeView x TweetView (Mine + Twitter reaction) click here. Hilarious post. My timeline was jokes. That's the cyber world. In real life I interviewed one of my idols but that's to land here in the near future.

Throwback Tune of the Day: NorthStar 'On a Rise'

This tune was ahead of its time. Now road rap is doing a lot, this would fit in nicely. I feel it's criminally underrated (get it, criminally underrated? What they are talking about in the song obviously...). Spray goes in on the first verse with real emotive rhymes, Chyna's goes hard with the vocals, Para was on fire them times and the video was good too. Para needs to make a comeback.

Sorry? Pardon?

I'mma set the scene, they're on the set, behind the scenes of a movie that obviously hasn't finished and asked "So for the people who haven't seen the film yet tell us about your character?" What do you mean? Of course we haven't seen it. You're there while they're creating it.

And how's the producer calling films like Kidulthood and Adulthood "Hoodie" like that's a genre. Man on road ain't no hoodie fam. Leave that to them ASBO kids, g. Real tugs roun' 'ere fam

X-Factor's Cher Lloyd pulls a Rick Ross

I know what you're thinking; no she isn't fat, black, male, American or hairy, but she's a damn liar!

Whoever made this video is a bit dim for the second song where she used Professor Green's lyrics. Professor Green's song samples S.O.S. Band 'Just Be Good To Me' for 'Just Be Good to Green'. It makes sense to get Cher to spit them bars.

Giggs @ the MOBOs

Not sure if you watched the MOBO Awards last night. If you don't know what they are it's Music of Bl**k Origin (I don't think they feel they prefer urban over black now).

Giggs is so real,

Max: "So is the MOBO's something you've always wanted to come to?
Giggs: "Not really"

Max is a lovely chica. Just thought I'd put that out there.

Red Bull Music Academy Culture Soundclash

Taken from PinBoard blog, I really wish I went. As a reggae man, soundclash is my thing. A culture soundclash would have been interesting to experience. I read the tweets on the night with considerable envy.

"Culture Clash sees 4 sound system crews go head to head in the Roundhouse, each trying to out-sound, out-smart and out-do each other. This time round it the contestants going at it were Metalheadz (former champions), Skream & Benja, Soul Jazz & Channel One."

Metalheadz = Jungle/D&B
Skream & Benga = Dubstep
Channel One = Dub and Reggae
Soul Jazz = I guess are soul and jazz? Not sure though

Listen to it here

ThatGrapeJuice vs. Omarion

I haven't watched this yet but ThatGrapeJuice are one of few you know are guaranteed to get a great interview. I say vs. 'cos they aren't like other interview where its similar to a Billboard advertising feature. They ask real stuff

ThatGrapeJuice caught up with Omarion on his pimpin' UK trip avoiding $110k taxes he owes in America.

"The former B2K front-man, who was in town for a string of live dates, spoke candidly with us about many a topic including Raz-B’s recent abuse allegations, the poor performance of his last LP ‘Ollusion’, his forthcoming album, the real reason B2K disbanded, his friendship with Bow Wow, and much more."

Omarion: That Grape Juice Interview from Sam A on Vimeo.

Chris Brown to fighting for top spot (lifted from ThatGrapeJuice)

Chris Brown released video for Yeah 3x (it's called Yeah, Yeah,Yeah). Dance number, cheesy, perhaps they're doing this because the ballad Crawl never worked. Should have done. I think they found the same alley they shot Crawl in too

Finally, congrats to on their invitation to link up with Jay-Z in Miami!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

MOBO MeView + TweetView

So basically I started writing notes for my MeView. If you haven't experienced a MeView (my view on a performance/concert) click here. It was going well until, well, Twitter became more interesting. I hardly watched the TV because I spent my time copy and pasting funny quotes from Twitter. I always tell people about the jokes I get from my timeline. Today I'm snitching on everyone I follow with a public account. (Disclaimer: YOU may have a private account but if it got RT'd by someone on my timeline with a funny tweet, then you are in here) Oh and one more (Disclaimer: I only realised the fact some may have private accounts long after. Apologies in advance. Holla at me and I'll remove your tweet).

I'd like to thank all of you, my unaware Tweeting contributors. Here goes the MeView x TweetView (snitchin'). I DON'T NECESSARILY AGREE WITH EVERY TWEET/OPINION. IF I THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY OR INTERESTING I'VE POSTED IT. SOME I AGREE WITH, SOME I DON'T, ALL ARE WORTHY

For entrance photo's go here

If you didn't watch, some of it may be slightly confusing. To watch:


RT = retweeted = copy and pasting someones tweet to show your followers, either to agree, it's funny or to add/correct/amend

Gwaan J2K performing with Mark Ronson. Lol @ him shouting out Roll Deep. This weird chick can't sing though. Oh ok, Manga too. Maybe this is the whole Roll Deep entourage with the platinum haired man. WE WANT AMY WINEHOUSE THOUGH! Mark Ronson without her is Jacobs Crackers without butter.

LMAO @ Wiley performing Cash In My Pocket! He hates this song. Dressed like me the last time I went to Liquid though. Tune lacks vibes. WE WANT WHEN I'M 'ERE NOW! Booooooooooooo that was boring. And why they keep cutting to a black audience in the dark? Don't they know all we see is teeth and eye balls?

World Cup 2010 in Africa, Ghana do well so Reggie Yates embraces his African heritage in public? (disclaimer: I never knew until this year) Why he roll out with four topless men without a no homo badge? And who the hell are Lebara Mobile? I see certain man handing out their cards. I never stop. Reggie's got jokes "Name checking Jason Derulo." Who's the random man singing (poorly) whilst Alesha Dixon walks out. And oh no, she looked so sexy until she spoke. Why does she have that voice Jah?

Ahahahaha @ them saying "You've only got yourself to blame if your favourite act doesn't win". That's in response to last year's shenanegans with Tinchy. I wonder if Tinchy's there today.

Sorry but why don't they have a comedian presenting? Reggie's to clean cut for this. It's all a bit sudden. Ohhhhhhh Grime Daily got a shout out!

(Barbie and) Ken hair Jermaine Jackson was there last year nah? Anyway he's presenting the first "Moble" (think he got confused with MOBO and Lebara MOBLE - you know Americans don't pronounce "mobile" correctly) award for Best Hip Hop/Grime. Come on Giggs! Youth with the football got skills. Ah booo Pro Green wins. Not even Skepta. BADMAN speech from Pro Green though "Big up Kate Nash's second album".

Last years Best Newcomer Act JLS presenting this years award. Tinie Tempah has to get this. Strong category though. And yes Tinie Tempah wins. What's he gonna say in slow-motion. Well deserved. Ok, speech is a bit long, play the Grammy music. Oh safe, I kinda got a big up cos I wrote good things about him.

LOL Reggie to Alesha from Mis-teeq: "yeah successful trio, girl group long hair, one MC? Cleopatra" joke was good.

N-Dubz are them kids!

Peak! Reggie putting people on blast this year. LOL @ warning Alexandra Burke to keep her weave away from the lights.

(This is where I start to watch Twitter more than the TV)

Yeah so I missed a couple awards. African and JLS won something. Reggie introduced Alesha's single as smash hit. Which part? If she MC's I'm gonna punch my screen.

Nelly and Mohombi present an award

"i'll tell u why they got Nelly - because no other US act said yes. Lol. Simples. Trust."

Me in response to the above tweet: Not even Jason Derulo?

"i was offered an interview with the dude last week - not sure why I would have said yes. Sorry. It's not 2006."

Backstage N-Dubz interview Jay Sean

Me: "N-Dubz interviewing Jay Sean? This ain't '09. Where's Taio Cruz?"

Jazz Award

Me: "Jazz Award should be given out on the Red Carpet"

Jay Sean performance

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"Put your TV on mute & shut your eyes. Jay Sean improves.Considerably. #mobos"

Me: "I repeat: Jay Sean? This ain't '09. Where's Taio Cruz? And why's Skepta wearing a disco ball?"

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
"Who told Skepta that it was a good idea to wear an outfit that looked like something Cilla Black would have worn in the 80s?"

Plan B won something

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Plan B has got no neck"

Dance troupe Peridot selected "randomly" by Reggie Yates to dance to some big tracks over the years in honour of MOBO 15th anniversary

Me: Peridot dancing. Atful (I'm not correcting that typo, sounds like a freshie 'Atful' haha) Dodger 'Re-e-wind' is still a dutty banger. Damage 'Ghetto Romance' = one of the best UK R&B songs ever. Romeo 'OH No' is greeease! Lethal B 'Pow' = classic. Dizzee Rascal 'Bonkers' = so yeah I've never understood breakin' to grime like they did to Pow!

Gospel Award

@PinBoardBlog "gospel music is key to whats happening in the music industry"...Erm, really?"

@PinBoardBlog "these people talking about genres have absolutely not been briefed or told what to say. They ARE experts. #sideeye."

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"If you aren't following @pinboardblog you're missing out on GOLD!"


Pro Green performance = dead until the dubstep bit.

Michelle Williams presents Best UK

@MsCruzViolante Ms Catia Cruz RT by @AraTheCoach
"Larrddd Michelle Williams is purely bones..someone feed her!!!! #Mobos"

@WendiWrites Wendi Bekoe
"Michelle Williams needs food."

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
"Michelle needs FOOD!!!"

Maybe this unrelated tweet is the answer...

"ummm, I would LOVE to tell some stories about food on tables (which cost upwards of £2000). Hint: You don't get fed."

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"When Reggie said "Jermaine Jackson's face", I looked up and saw Labrinth. Fully thought he was Jermaine for a sec. I'm not alone on that"

JLS win Best UK act

@MzFr3Butterfly Afryea Ama
"Errr N*Dubz or @TinieTempah shudve won Best UK Act!!"

Fit ethnic minority one from The Saturdays presents a BeMOBO award to some initiative thing (weren't listening)

@AraTheCoach Ara
"aka "the non-white Saturday" #MOBOs"

Tinie Tempah performace:

@MaleekBerry MR BERRY
"He got an MJ jacket on theaux lolol"

@SSarpong Sabrina-Anne Sarpong
"Lol Tinie's MJ haha"

Looks like the one from Beat It.

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
"Ahhh I like Tinie Tempah...always makes an effort with his performances."

@FunkButcher Funk Butcher
"Tinie Tempah is a born performer.......his stage presence is exceptional"

"1 good artist on the stage for the whole night. 1"

@MissMDelicious MelissaDelicious
“@LishLambchop: Sorry but Tinie Tempah looks like the Gay South London Red Power Ranger... NEXT!”

Corrine Bailey Rae presents award

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"Corrine Bailey Rae, such grace, class and poise.What a beautiful woman. Rooting for her. #Mobos"

Travie McCoy performs with JLS (thanks PinBoard)

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"Someone just said to me 'MOBO's don't care about black people'"

Gyptian wins Best Reggae

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"Awoe! Have to pay tribute to reggae ya mad"

Quote of the Show: Robbo Ranx "Reggae is one of the only music that still speaks for the common man"

"Sean Paul isn't nominated, but I BET you he wins 'Best Reggae' . LOL"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks

@MoTheComedian Mo the Comedian
"The ppl in Liverpool think Gyptian is the Reggae Reggae sauce guy #MOBOs"

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
in response to @XianLoves "them wedding/family gathering/birthday speeches LOL"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
Check my interview with Gyptian. Only one you need to check really

@MotiveUK Theo 'Motive' Oliver RT by @MarvinSparks
"Gyptian's there, so why isn't he performing?!"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"Oh and here's reggae runner-up (they all tied innit) Gappy Ranks:

Nelly's performance from ThatGrapeJuice

@AraTheCoach Ara
"Nelly knows exactly what the viewers want; make the hot stage chicks stand still so we can check em out properly! #MOBOs"

"it's NELLY! On TV. In 2010. I just...Can't."

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"Feel like I'm in a time warp.It's 2003 and Nelly's forgotten to slap a plaster on his face. #Mobos"

@missjaylouise Janay Louise

@KarlNova Karl Nova
“@ondolady: WTF Nelly is singing? Has he forgotten how to rap? #mobo” <- errr that's the style he's always done lol

"Ahhhh Nelly, I wud have preffered "Tip Drill" over that drival! Come better than this! I hv to pay TV licence to watch this, Cha!"

@KarlNova Karl Nova
"Nelly's performance is the worst of the night and it's not like he's wack it's just bland."

Just A Dream 2010 MOBO Awards Live
Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Explore international webcam videos.

Billy Ocean recieves Lifetime Achievement

Thanks Metro (don't sue me)

@AraTheCoach Ara
"Billy Ocean is an absolute legend!!! And he could double as a baddie in Matrix! #MOBOs"

@WendiWrites Wendi Bekoe
"My bro said Billy Ocean looks like a black Colonel Saunders.."

@DanBean Dan Bean
"billy ocean / abel xavier"

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"This crowd needs to pipe down, they're in the presence of a legend. He's giving knowledge. Be quiet. #mobos"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
"Hold on, a Ras just gave thanks to Jesus? Not Jah or Selassie? Kinda plastic dread (no disrespect)"

Roll Deep performance

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
"ahahhahha roll deep look like action men. love it"

@JusticeMBE Justice Williams MBE
"Are all these ppl in the background even interested in the show or just a good old walk around and chin wag lol"

@KarlNova Karl Nova
"Wow Wiley was supposed to be in the song! He was cut out!!!"

@DanBean Dan Bean
"is wiley ustreaming this one"

@tahirah Tahirah
"Hahahaahahahahahhahahaahahahahaaa Roll Deep."

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
RT @MarvinSparks Someone just said to me "MOBO's don't care about black people"

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"Two highlights of the Roll Deep performance? When they exited and the Louboutin's. #mobos"

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Scratchy has got a Croydon facelift!"

Reggie on JLS vs N-Dubz beef

"Reggie!!! what are u on??"

@ChipmunkArtist Chipmunk
"OMG did Regie just say that lool!!!"

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson

@tahirah Tahirah
"'s a bit hit and miss for you, this whole "comedy" malarkee, isn't it?"

On Kanya King

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
"Kanya's come dressed as Tina Turner tonight.."

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
Come on lads, own up, who woodn't?

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Naaaah you need a fringe Kanya! #MOBOS #Buckforrid #WAYBACK #BadWeave"

Sorry papaaahahhahahahahaha @ #buckforrid!!! That is old skoooool

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Looooool why are you benning at you OWNA DRY JOKES Kanya? #MOBOS"

@MissMDelicious MelissaDelicious
"What is Kanya King talking about??"

@tahirah Tahirah
"LOOOOOOL Kanya King."

@loudmouthmelvin Loudmouth Melvin RT by @AraTheCoach
"Kanya King = self promoting fool. What other awards organiser speaks at every show? She dont't care about UK Black Music."

@AraTheCoach Ara
"If I ever get up and talk at any Jump Off event PLEASE someone sniper me! #MOBOs"

"**DEAD** one that lasts 11 months. RT @MrSlyvester: I'll say it, is Kanya King rocking a weave? RT @PinBoardBlog: **I'm saying NOTHING**"

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"I swear Kanya just borrowed Kelly Rowlands weave from last years #MOBOS again"

@MoTheComedian Mo the Comedian
"Allow this Tania King woman she like ur head teacher trying to buss joke at ur end of year prom #MOBOs"

@getMELhere mel mayers RT by @Jcxappeal
"15 years later and this fucker still can't talk and still ain't found a decent hair stylist gosh man!"

@artfulmark Mark Hill
"RT @OneFaris: "Urban music is the new pop music", No, "urban music is watered down to be accepted as pop music"

Montage of previous years to celebrate 15 years of MOBO Awards:

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
"Remember when Mobo was good pre- 2002 and Master Card was the sponsor?"

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"This montage makes me feel like they've taken 5 steps forward and 50 backflips back. #mobos"

"these VT's just highlight how far this show has come...fallen, sorry."

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
"Still got the redman and method man mobo performance on dvd somewhere. #goodtimes"

@MoTheComedian Mo the Comedian
"The #MOBOs looked so good back in the day [Take Me Back In Time]"

@RioChiLondon Rio RT by @NicholasMarston
"Is it me or MOBO's got worse over the years?"

On Tinchy's performance (thanks PinBoard)

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
"Giggs yh!!!"

@FunkButcher Funk Butcher
"YES TINCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"Looooool Giggs looks like Moph!"

@MaleekBerry MR BERRY
"Giggs came on with the mean mug lmao"


@MoTheComedian Mo the Comedian

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
"Oh my gawd Giggs"

@tahirah Tahirah
"RT @RogerAjogbe: Imagine if Jay-Z charged for his stage swagger? He'd be getting money from everyone on this MOBO stage."

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"I didnt win a mobo after havin da highest selling urban single of the year and sellin over 1million singles this year, cool. F the MOBOs”

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
"That last tweet was tweeted by @TinchyStryder last year. Google doesn't forget. Clearly Tinchy & mobo's made amends * giggles*"

@Jcxappeal Justin Chinyere
"Best thing about #mobos?? this end of show collaboration especially when Giggs walked in looking like 'Yeah shut up im here, innit'"

@MotiveUK Theo 'Motive' Oliver
"So that performance saved the show...kinda, not really but it was a lot!"

Random #LOLtweets

@AraTheCoach Ara
"RT @jessiejofficial: Can some explain to me what 'Urban' Music is?.... < pls let me know wen u find out, i think its basically anything!"

In response to the above tweet

@@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"@AraTheCoach @jessiejofficial Basically even if you're black and you sing Death Metal it's urban"

In conclusion

@dotdublinTAE Brendon Dublin
"This is the first MOBO's in years I have thought is pretty decent"

@ChuckieOnline Chuckie Lothian
"Look at our stars. Their ours. We don't need Americans anymore. Love that.!"

@reggieheavee Reggie Styles
"In all seriousness though...N Dubz better song than "Pass Out"...pls, never bun dwn a dance with one of their tunes ever!!!"


@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
"I'm still waiting for Gamu to come on my TV #MOBOS"

These times MOBO's finished 15mins ago

That ladies and gentleman was MOBO Awards 2010.

Once again, if you don't want your tweet up there holla at me. I repeat it was in a public place (unless I pasted it before realising your twitter is private). I feel you are deserve more followers after that. *Round of Applause* To follow them their twitter names are[insert name after @ sign]. Follow them allllll!

My predictions from earlier today are below with the actual winners. I didn't do badly

BOLD = who will win
italic = who I think should/want to win

Best Newcomer
Tinie Tempah
Professor Green

Winner: Tinie Tempah

Best U.K. Act
(I'm sure they cut down the amount of nominee's in this category)
Tinie Tempah
Jay Sean
Tinchy Stryder
Taio Cruz
Roll Deep
Dizzee Rascal
Alexandra Burke
Plan B
Leona Lewis

Winner: JLS

Best Song

Taio Cruz ft Ke$ha – “Dirty Picture”
Tinie Tempah – “Pass Out”
N-Dubz ft Mr Hudson – “Playing With Fire”
Mark Ronson & The Business INTL ft Q-Tip & MNDR – “Bang, Bang, Bang”
Professor Green ft Ed Drewett – “I Need You Tonight”

Winner: NDubz FEAT. Mr Hudson – Playing with Fire

Best U.K. R&B/Soul
(Don't care to be honest)
Natalie Williams
Corinne Bailey Rae
Plan B

Winner: Plan B

Best U.K. Hip Hop/Grime
Giggs - so badly want Giggs to win
Professor Green

Best International Act - Don't care. Sure this has been trimmed too
Alicia Keys
Jay Z
Janelle Monae
Black Eyed Peas
Nicki Minaj
Jason Derulo
Lil Wayne
Travie McCoy
Trey Songz

Winner: Eminem (didn't see this presented...)

Best Reggae

Damian Marley
Vybz Kartel

Winner: Gyptian (but we knew that from nominations)

Best Album
Plan B – “The Defamation of Strickland Banks” (679/Atlantic)
JLS – “JLS” (Epic)
N-Dubz “Against All Odds” (UMTV)
Chipmunk -”I Am Chipmunk” (Jive/Columbia)
Dizzee Rascal – “Tongue in Cheek” (Dirtee Stank)

Winner: JLS, 'JLS'

Best Video
Mark Ronson & The Business INTL ft Q-Tip & MNDR – “Bang, Bang, Bang”
Tinie Tempah ft Labrinth – “Frisky”
Tinchy Stryder – “You’re Not Alone”
Alesha Dixon – “Drummer Boy”
Dizzee Rascal – “Dirtee Disco”

Winner: Tinie Tempah ft Labrinth 'Frisky'

Best African Act
K’Naan (Somalia)
P-Square (Nigeria)
Hip Hop Pantsula (South Africa)
JJC (Nigeria)
Banky W. (Nigeria)
Concha Buika (Equatorial Guinea)
Mulatu Astatke (Ethiopia)
Wanlov the Kubolor (Ghana)
Angélique Kidjo (Benin)
M3NSA (Ghana)
Yuri Da Cunha (Angola)
Tinny (Ghana)
Waldemar Bastos (Zimbabwe)
Staff Benda Bilili (Congo-Kinshasa)
BLK JKS (South Africa)

Winner: K'naan

Best Gospel Act - Don't know any of 'em

Faith Child
Guvna B
Rachel Kerr
Jake Isaac
Beverley Trotman
Best Jazz Act
Robert Glasper
Brad Mehldau
John McLaughlin

Winner: Guvna B

5/10 = 50% (I didn't tick the Gospel box)


This just in from K'naan's twitter

"Thanks for the MOBO Award UK! It's an honor to win Best African Act having lived outside of the continent most of my life now."

Last year Kelly Rowland complained about technical difficulties, Tinchy said F the MOBO's, now this? C'mon mehn...