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"Marvin. Y u burn Black History Month?"

"Until the philosophy which hold ones (hi)story superior and another inferior. Is finally. And permanently. Discredited. And abandoned. Marvin Sparks say 'BUN! (burn/blaze fire on it/get rid)'"

(The above is a reworking of father Bob Marley's "War" - a Haile Selassie I speech)

I'd guess many blacks are for Black History Month, but whenever mentioned it's mostly people screaming for abolishment. Most say it's a waste of time for reasons such as lack of events, knowledge and awareness, while many say "Why just a month? It should be all year round."

A part of me agrees with the latter. It does kinda sideline black history like it doesn't contribute to the rest of history. I definitely agree with the former in that nothing really happens and what does happen is pretty pointless. We get a few black programs; usually controversial/degrading about skin bleaching or whether we're thicker than the rest of the world. Or why we're so dysfunctional while everyone else lives in harmony - that's a popular one.

I don't agree with abolishment. I don't think we're at that point in life where we will get any coverage without it. We can't even get a black show on TV on par with stuff in the 90s when there was a Multicultural Programs Department. I remember studying a smidgen of black history at school during the month. I'll get onto what we learnt a bit later in the post, but I know the curriculum would rather tell us about kings and queens and the Great British empire centuries ago than modern history, let alone history of the blacks. No, I'm not saying we shouldn't learn about the Britain's history before anyone jumps to conclusions. I would have liked to learn more about post-World War's though.

So, going back to why I hate black history month: why does it centre around the Yanks? That's all we learnt along with slavery. Like, yeah, big up on your civil rights movement and all that, one love et cetera, but I am a British-born, Jamaican, stolen from Africa (in father Bob Marley's voice again). What does American civil rights history have to do with me when there are people with similar backgrounds to me that don't even know why their grandparents/great-grandparents came to this country?

Martin Luther, Malcolm X, woman on bus are cool stories bro, how did they fight for my rights? (I can't even remember the bus woman's name right now and I won't Google it because I like to keep this real as I write it. I'll definitely remember it in a second, but this is how much she means to my life.) What about Marcus Garvey? Patrice Lumumba? Kwame Nkruma and all the other African revolutionists?

I believe someone like Doreen Lawrence's story one of great British significance. Time will tell if she gets a mention in the future. For those reading internationally, Jamaican-born Doreen's 18-year old son Stephen was murdered by up to 5 white men in a racially-motivated attack in southeast London. It took longer than Stephen's lifetime (just under 19 years) for two of the accused five to be convicted following a change in the double jeopardy law. During Doreen relentless fight for justice, we found out about the police's disgraceful work on the case and exposed institutional racism in the police - something the black community always suspected.

I condensed a really long and complex story into a paragraph there. Alternatively, wikipedia is quite cool to check for the story. Also, I spoke with UK rapper Ty about Stephen Lawrence's legacy in the video below on the 18th year anniversary of his passing. He sums up what it was like back then, the initial reaction of the black community, how the story developed and police & blacks relationship since then really well. Check it for a more in-depth look.

I did the interview because I felt the story had been forgotten. Months later it grabbed headlines following the arrests of Gary Dobson and David Norris. Factual programs celebrating both father Neville, but more so Doreen's resilience and determination against all odds, proving she's a real modern day heroine.

I remember when popular soap EastEnders blacked out (all-black cast) and spoke about the Notting Hill race riots in 1958. That was the first time many of us even heard about it! You imagine this; a soap which has no reason to provide factual information whatsoever is the first time a whole new generation are exposed to our history. That make sense?

A little video about the riots below

A longer video about the riots

But we know about the sit-ins and that stuff 1000s of miles away, yet nothing about something up the road? And that's one of a few race-related riots/struggles many have no idea about.

May all seem minor until you realise the worship  and blind sheepism of black popular culture in America, no matter how negative it may actually be (materialism, worship of money...).

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
“It’s just what we grew up listening to,” agrees Fem Fel, adding “we grew up listening to it when we were having good times, when we were in a club… and 50 Cent or whoever else is talking… it wasn’t used in a derogatory way.” The rapper justified its use in his own music, arguing: “I don’t know who it offends anymore… It doesn’t offend my peers, I don’t know how it could offend white people… so that’s why I use it.”  - says UK rapper Fem Fel on whether using the N-word perpetuates racsim [SOURCE].
Or chatting wet (haven't used that in an extremely long time. I didn't want to swear/say "sh*t* though) about America like it's black people's heaven whilst devaluing their own valuable history and culture.

Misplaced youths, nihilism and materialism are common theories for "black-on-black" (stupid term) youth crime and when the riots happened. Well, how about educating black British people by letting them know who they are, where they come from, why they're here and what people that look like them who may have faced certain obstacles have made good of their life?

I mean, the recurring images of hoodies and crime seem to have an effect. Especially when we look around and see the most successful man on the ends is a round-the-clock roadside pharmacist or good with magic and numbers in bank accounts. When I say successful, I mean big cars, name-brand clothes and nice jewelery. You know, the only way to judge success.

I read a blog post on Monday about shadeism. Pretty interesting. One of the interviewees suggested there's more of a problem with blacks not loving dark-skinned blacks in the UK than US. While
The presence of black people of varying shades in the US media is argued to be much more prominent, with Juliyaa, Isha, Thaniya and Haris all suggesting that the US tends to give a much more balanced view.

“I think there’s probably more black middle class and darker women who are quite pro-blackness and stuff in America,” Juliyaa suggested, “but I don’t think that’s really happened here yet. I don’t think Britain has had its revolution yet.”
is excrement to a certain degree (pro-blackness? America in 2012? Yeah? Aight then). The fact she says "probably" leads me to believe she probably doesn't think it's factual. Yes, there is a black middle class (like we have here to a lesser degree), she isn't too sure if they are pro-black "and stuff" (whatever that means) in my opinion. And we may not have had our revolution, but we didn't have segregation like them, therefore smaller battles. We did fight them though, they just haven't been celebrated.

Black Yanks love a red bone, yellow bone or high caste Latino much more than a dark-skinned natural black woman. Listen to rappers lyrics and watch their videos. But this goes back to UK blacks thinking Yank is heaven for the blacks. And re: varied shades, high caste black women represent black women most of the time. I don't remember actresses like Nia Long and Gabrielle Union in any/many blockbusters. More black women in public eye in USA than here doesn't mean they appreciate all types 'cos I know Kim Kardashian could never be a black woman.

She went on to suggest that this may be due to the fact that colour is so enmeshed in American history, generations of fighting for equality and progression that hasn’t particularly occurred in the UK – “that’s probably why we don’t have a sense of blackness, a sense of heritage like they do,” she concluded. [SOURCE]
is spot on. For all the flaws in their culture and lack of morals, there are two things you can't not rate about Yanks; blacks celebrate their culture and black American history is part of American history. Our black history in the UK is black American history lol.

Most of us are from Caribbean and Africa, not America, so why don't we learn about leaders of our regions? Most were former Great British colonies, so learning about how our countries gained independence? Who our prime ministers were? Struggles in our countries. Great leaders, empires and influential figures? Or is it only alright if they were gunned down? And did we not exist before slavery then? This in turn helps everyone. Same for Indian history. This may all possibly be too much for history, so may be some kinda social studies course instead of some other course like Design and Technology.

So, that rounds up what I'm calling "Bun Heathens Month" until we get Black OURstory Month. I have three other concepts in my head to write about at the moment. Will probably condense two into one. But anyway, stay tuned.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Starboy Nathan's X-Factor exit - TweeteReview

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Last but not least

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Nathan has to go through




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No comment.. Smh -Factor

Ouch. U got to feel for Nathan

Nah, that's dread...


She said no to Nathan. Oh shiiiiiiit

OMG I actually screamed!!! Poor thing.

I don't think I've ever wanted anyone to got through as much as I wanted Nathan to go through...

Na but we knew Nathan wasn't getting through. I genuinely feel sad for him. Genuinely.

Nathan's career is now dead. Nicole you bitch!!!!

Aww I feel for Nathan. Go on The Voice! 

You mean to tell me they gonna put one of these two through over Nathan!?! PISSTAKE!! For Nathan's sake I hope it ain't pum pum shorts dude.

The devil is a liar. Rylan is through.

I just can't...

Nah, how could Nicole do that though, seriously?

Nah, it pisses me off that talented black artists like Nathan are constantly overlooked on shows like this. Its deep he been had to auction

Nathan played himself going on X Factor. He had status and a name all he did was make every1 know hes fell off. Smh

Imagine Nathan at home watching this with his family. Utter disgust

That said, BEST segment of the NIGHT. Rylan is giving me his BEST Sunset Beach dramatics. 

Nah Rylan through I'm done looooooooooooooooool

As amusing as Ryland is, choosing him over Nathan? Really? X-Factor really is the pisstake of life! 

No wonder Lewis Hamilton keeps dumping her! She's making the wrong decisions man! Man dress like Delilah & got through ya nah!

Think about what we have just witnessed. Nathan who can sing and been doing this for years out for a camp dude who said "Ibiza lets av it"

Tinnie didn't support Leanne and Ne-yo didn't give it up to Nathan. You see the problem... Or is it me?

Big up Nathan. Got free exposure to millions of new people! 

I'm not sure about this PR talk for Nathan. If he dropped a diss tune for Nicole, JAHman & Rylan maybe but failing that I don't see it

Nathan's  rejection is just symptomatic of a wider issue within the UK music industry though ..

Nathan is going to need a pretty big umbrella to protect him from all this shade he is gonna get! 

RT  X factor is the same every year. They pick who will pull in the most ratings. It's defo TV Ratings > Vocals for them <-- p="p" this.="this."></-->

A wildcard? Why not just call it the 'Annual 13th place?' 

He's NOT even LOOL RT : RT : I bet Nathan is a wild card. I BET YOU ANY MONEY!

Oh no. He didn't even get the wild card.

Nathan didnt even get a bring back parrrrrrrr


Adam, Adam as your wildcard Nicole. Your not serious!!!

NEW VIDEO:  explains why he entered X Factor WATCH NOW 

Damn! Nathan didn't even make wildcard option

Wildcard... And a man still wasn't selected. This is peak.

So they didn't even choose Nathan as a wild card? Kmt

Punks they didn't even want to put Nathan through as a life line

OUUUCH Nathan is not even a wildcard. *Closes Laptop* 

Nathan didn't even get the wild card? Nicole Sherzinger is taking the piss

RT : Imagine your watching Take Me Out next week and Nathan comes down the elevator, fark • KMT. SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE. NOW

U know what with all the Nathan uproar I personally feel Rough Copy got bumped badly by X Factor

Anyone sending for Nathan on twitter, SHAME on YOU! That includes RT'ing negative tweets without a disclaimer. 

Yo  dnt watch nutum bro. Its things like that that help u write great songs wen u channel the emotion. Head up bro. God bless

I think starboy Nathan wants to be a superstar, maybe why he keeps failing. Maybe he should want be a great artist. My uneducated opinion.

I used to think I wanted to be a popstar when I first got signed. I realised very quickly, me and dem are not the same. It's not in me.

I hope Nathan comes out with a BANGING tune & watch how many of you guys love it off smh

Nathan didn't mess around did he! New track just landed in my inbox.. Lets have a listen

If u wanna kno why I did X-factor watch this 

Starboy Nathan talks about entering X Factor • BIG UP NATHAN FOR THIS. HE SPOKE THE TRUTH. YOU HAVE TO RATE THAT

Shout to  for the video! Celebrities are made and stars are born. Never forget that homie!