Monday, 29 November 2010

Means it's Monday

Wiley 'Party Pooper'

What happens when you listen to too much Drake and Lil' Wayne? I dunno exactly but I'd guess something like this

Tune bangs! Beat is a proper jam. If I were A&R of an r&b singer I'd get to hook up with this producer. Wiley should have sold this to an r&b singer. You should have fam. This is a proper jam

R. Kelly > your granny's tea and toast on a winters evening

Kells brought one of the best performances I've seen at an awards show in a minute. Channeled his inner Sam Cooke (not on levels with but you get my motion? No? Aight den...) on the Soul Train Awards. I've watched it through three times so far. Vocals, stage presence, songs, lyrics, dancers, co-operation from the band etc. Trey Songz who? Bruno Mars who? NeYo who? None of them can talk to Robert Kelly. #RandomThought he should use his full name to match with the mature route, dontcha think?

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - See video of the biggest web video personalities.

(Take the HQ off and it'll load faster)

Thank you for finally growing up. I blogged his tune Love Letter the other day. Check it out

Nicki Minaj 'Save Me'

So I listened to one of the most anticipated hip hop albums today. Found out it isn't hip hop. More pop/r&b with hip hop sprinkles. She really didn't carry the torch of Lil Kim, Foxy and Trina, more an Eve vibe about her. Less sexy more substance. Saying that both Fox and Kim had substance but at the same time they were raw.

This tune right here will make Nicki a lorra (as Cilla Black would say) money. As you'll hear she doesn't rap at all. Her singing voice isn't bad. She isn't a singer but it isn't bad.

Check out her docu by MTV here

Keri Hilson gets sexy

All the mandem are going crazy over this video.

Yeah she's pretty, isn't wearing much clothes but she isn't that great. Where is her bum? Uman fi have shape! She's tryna channel that Ciara vibe but Ciara is far superior

Case. In. Point

Yeah, I'm straight up comparing. If you asked me "Who would you most like to spend the night with out of Ciara and Keri Hilson" I'd reply "and" then ask for a menage. If pushed, I'd have to go with Cee Cee. Her sexy swag comes across realer to me. Keri's a pretty tomboy forcing it.

Know why I say this?

Marvin Sparks: You class yourself as a tomboy and enjoy playing sports like basketball, but appeared as the lead girl in Usher's 'Love In This Club' video and are the object of many males desire. How do you find being labelled as a sex symbol?
Keri Hilson:
Hmm, I don’t think of myself as that, but I am getting a lot of attention from men so maybe I’m on the... you know... I don’t know [nervous giggle]. I don’t really see it like that, I’m just being myself. I still feel very much like a tomboy with make up on my face and heels on my feet. I’m just me, yeah.

You can read the rest here

Throwback Tune of the Day: Changing Faces 'G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T'

For those old enough to remember r&b from 94 onwards, if you didn't know this tune was EVERY (minus a few) girls tune you missed out on a good period of music. These times r&b was a lot. Nuff girl and boy groups, leftover new jack swing - hip hop/soul period.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Nigerian Idol takes a dancehall twist

Recently we had Clarks on Canadian 'So You Think You Can Dance', now this. I've waited forever to see something like this over here. Sadly it still hasn't happened. However this Nigerian repped hard! (Disclaimer: I think this is new. Video uploaded on Tuesday)

This brings a smile to my face. I'm still laughing at the students partying to Serani's No Games in the middle of the protest/riot as posted here

It's funny how Nigerians and Jamaicans cuss each other all the while over here (sometimes banter, sometimes ignorance), yet in Nigeria some of (could be a lot but I don't know) their music is clearly influenced by Jamaica and Jamaica sings about Africa (mainly Ethiopia but still).

I remember Congolese entertainer Eddie Kadi's show at the o2 taking the piss out of Jamaicans in a way my Ghanaian friend thought was offensive (talking about Jamaican man coming home from betting shop after claiming benefits = wotless) before being joined on stage by Vocal Slender from BBC2 program Welcome To Lagos who performed like a dancehall artist...

Deep down I'm sure most of us love each other :)

Happy Black Friday :)

p.s. If you didn't get the little smart joke there, click here. I'm hil-air-e-us

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thucking Thursday

Nicki Minaj joins Kanye to perform Monster jacked from Soul Culture

Well apart from fancying every inch of Nicki Minaj from the top of her head to her ankles (never seen her feet, but not a big fan of feet. Call me immature, I'll just sulk. Big deal), her shape is out of the galaxy. I don't care if it's fake, it looks real and there aren't any receipts so until then it's down to genetics.

Hip hop fans that criticise dancehall for being slack are hypocrites. I bet you see nothing wrong with his sexually explicit content on this song. But something I've always wondered is how does it feel to sing "N**ga" looking in the face of a bunch of white people? I cringe whenever I play a white person a hip hop song with that word. I know this is an age old discussion... but this is my blog, nah? Awoe!

Random Tune of the Day: Alanis Morrisette 'One Hand In My Pocket'

This tune goes hard. This and 'Ironic' (which will probably be another Random Tune of the Day) were the ones.

Students riot to Serani 'No Games'

Student protests in London: A street-level view of the day

Fires, fights and parties break out as a new generation of young protesters take their anger over education cuts to the streets of Whitehall. WARNING: This video contains strong language

I enjoyed that coverage. Shout out whoever made that. Love that they play Serani 'No Games'. That's so big! Wasn't even a major commercial success over here if we are to judge a hit by songs.

Throwback Tune of the Day: Jadakiss 'Put Your Hands Up'

One of my all-time favourite Jadakiss songs ever! Went in doesn't even sum it up. The flows, bars, punches, metaphors, wordplay... all present on a high level.

"And I'mma get Bucks like Milwaukee cos like Sam I Cassell (can sell)" went over my head for years. Thought he said "Like Sam I can sell" therefore assuming it was a reference to someone I don't know until I found out there was a basketball player called Sam Cassell that played for Milwaukee Bucks. Most of these rappers couldn't dream of writing something on that level. A punchline and metaphor with sick wordplay all in one.

Randomly remembered the Beanie Sigel to Jada diss record on this beat

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man, hip hop was the shit back then.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wednesday tings

Kano on 'Game Over'

Spotted this over at Soul Culture. This isn't another Kano jacking and stomping all over someone else's beat like Pow! 2011. This has an interesting background:

"Having collaborated together in 2006 on Kano‘s “Hustler” remix from 140 Grime St, Swedish rapper Lazee and Kano teamed up again in Stockholm, summer 2009 to record some tracks with producer Ishi. One of these tracks was “Game Over”, a record you’ll probably recognise as Tinchy Stryder‘s latest release. Watch below as Lazee & Kano vocal the first version of the “Game Over” production in the studio before it became Tinchy’s cut."

Full track:

You hear he used the "Hood like little Red Riding" as he did on Pow! 2011?

Random Flashback: Wiley x Kano x Ghetts 'She Glows'

Received airplay on 1Xtra, not sure where it charted. Let's be honest this song is absolute garbage. Randomly crossed my mind today. 3 of grime's greatest lyricists ever put out this nonsense.

lol @ the extra's doing the electric slide throughout the vid. That's on par with directors sticking breakdance in videos. It worked for 21 Seconds but the rest of you need to cut it out.

And what the hell was the skank Ghetts doing at the end of the vid. Ghetts skankin is one of the things no one should ever see.

This period of grime was funny. Not gonna lie. I wonder if they cringe about this.

Marvin Sparks blogs for Musicology

Yeah so I've added another avenue to the resume. Check out my piece on Jah Cure's 'Like I See It' with Ricky Ross here

Other things should be poppin soonish.

Tune of the Day: Jah Cure 'Jah Jah Bless Me'

One of my favourite Jah Cure ever. So much love for this tune here. #RandomFact I never knew this was Jah Cure singing until a couple years back. Used to hear it on radio but never knew who it was. My reggae/dancehall credibility is so high that I can tell you that and feel no way.

"I know Jah Jah bless me/ No wicked heart can test me/ No matter how they try" I beg someone tell me of another genre that a song like this gets a massive response alongside what many consider as negative songs (gun and slackness)... It's alright I can wait...

Richie Spice 'Earth A Run Red' is a killer track too

Maaaan, this is that real music. Sorry, but nothing compares to reggae. NOTHING!

Geogia: We Are London

If I said I didn't kinda fancy her I'd be lying. And with that being said, I'm gonna lie... Big up your chest reppin your ends

Fan get Drake face shaved into HIS head

Jacked from PunchBowl

What the hell is going on with this world?! If a girl did an Amber Rose bawlhead then weird but ok I accept you can be bessotted by him. But a man? Really? REALLY?!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Princess Nyah new vid & Camera Sketch DVD

Princess Nyah 'Take Control'

Song = meh but damn, I'da give her a pam still (Jamaican's will know what that means, the rest of you can use your dirty mind to imagine)

Cameraman Sketch's new DVD

Live events, mini music videos, interviews and freestyles.

Features from OG'z, Boy Better Know, Bloodline, Asher D, Rude Kid,Wariko, Fangol, Desperado, Trilla, Roll Deep, Nasty Crew, Don Strapzy & many more.

The DVD will be available to buy from, all HMV stores, UK Record Shop and any independent record store on the 29th November 2010

Got this through email. Hold tight Sketch. Quite interesting seeing his figures. Over 2k sold on "London To Nottingham", and over 3k on second DVD "UK Touring". Thought the D-wi-D game died. That's good still. Will definitely be checking for this.


That's all for today.

Disclaimer: The Princess Nyah vid has nothing to do with Sketch. These are all I can muster up today. Doing 3 other things right now but thought I'd blog for the famdem. Just in case you were wondering.

Should get more for tomorrow. Anyway, check my interview SAS in the previous post. They talk juicy stuff about rejecting a deal with Kanye West just before the accident, then Kanye blocking them from getting a deal. Click here

Monday, 22 November 2010

Marvin Sparks interviews SAS part 1 [AUDIO]

Trust, this interview is a lot. I haven't listened/watched every SAS interview but from the ones I have, none are like this Wrote up a feature for Flavour magazine August/September issue (you can read the feature here). I did the best I could but it is impossible to turn this into a 900 word feature.

When I say this interview is REAL please don't take me likely. To quote Mega "Yeah I liked that. Usually I give generic answers but I was just venting on some 2Pac me against the world shit!"

Here is the first part of the interview:

In the first part of 3 (maayyybe 4 x 10mins) we spoke about meeting Memphis Bleek whilst battle rapping in Marcy Projects in New York a.k.a Jay-Z's former stomping grounds, SAS rejecting a production deal with Kanye West, exclusive on how Kanye stopped them getting a major label deal, and rappers/MCs in the UK not staying true to the artform and rating "success more than talent".

@MarvinSparks interviews @MegaSAS and @MayhemSAS for @FlavourMag pt 1 by MiNameMarvinSparks

Galaxy Fly is out now. Click here to purchase from iTunes

Remember this is the beginning of the conversation when they are just getting warmed up. Won't tell you what else there is to come because "you never know who may get... let's say 'inspired'" but yeah, keep checking back or follow me on Twitter

For other interviews I have done with some of hip hop, grime r&b, reggae and dancehall's biggest artists including TI, Akon, Devlin, Skepta, Chipmunk, Trey Songz, Bust Signal, Gyptian... click here.

Just listening to part 2 know. As Shardinay says: "Oooooooooooooh booooo-hoyyyyyy" Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!! no exaggeration I swear. They go in.

You can read the radio edit/story that needed to be told over here. What I left out is more specialist

The Special Delivery freestyle they spoke of is here

Check out their latest video for single So Fly

Saturday, 20 November 2010

MiRecommend: Di Genius 'Winnings' riddim

You know I say you should never lie to artists or producers about shit songs that we have to suffer hearing? Well did I ever tell you about the riddim me and my cousins gassed one of the best dancehall producers about the day he made it?

Mutual followers may have seen this tweet:

"@DiGenius1 I saw the vlogs. Crazy vibes in Japan! Ship ah sail outernational. But yo, hope you voice that riddim. Capsize everything!!!"

To which he replied:

"@MarvinSparks mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#SHIP"

Then if you don't believe it's this riddim I replied:

"@DiGenius1 "No man to mi riddim again" Yow! Big up Stephen"

Convo took place on the 28th August. Yeah I searched it. You may not think I'm gassing but that doesn't mean they don't...

Well this is it.

Can't wait for the CDQ of the riddims to drop. The instrumental for this riddim is absolutely friggin crazy on a next ting.

Swear down, if the pieces on there match up, the riddim is gone! No lie. The Chi Ching Ching piece sound maddest off that preview. Stephen sound ard too. We all agreed Aidonia will work well on it. I think Busy Signal is on there, as well as TOK, Beenie Man, Chino, Laden etc.

He created the "No man to mi riddim again" whilst just listening back. Bramma and us told him the line madddd! Been singing it for a while.

The interview will drop soon. Got to drop it when he has confirmed something for me.


Here's a mix by Franco from Bloodline

Not sure which ones are my fave; Chi Ching Ching mad enuh. I'm gonna upload a vid of him performing in Jamaica. Crazy forward di man get and deserved. Stephen's piece sound mad too. TOK sound neat, same for Cecile and Ele. Gonna run it some more and I'll be back

Download the mix courtesy of Bloodline here

Shower Down Saturday

Exhibit A: Maxsta sends for Chipmunk

Today's post title is dedicated to this. "Showering down" = rapping seriously good lyrics. I jacked this Grime Daily exclusive from Soul Culture - ironic, much (soul as my source for grime)? I'm not grime so I only know this story as far back as Chipmunk allegedly getting Maxsta removed from Pow 2011.

Tinchy Stryder's signing Maxsta gives more reasons why he doesn't like Chipmunk

"You try badmind me to Colin (think he say Colin anyway)/ Try badmind me to Terror Danja/ Like it's my fault Mz Bratt broke you heart..."

Wow is all I can say to this. He will have the whole scene behind him for this.

Chipmunk must be thinking "Again... and again... oops here we go again". Dot, Grim, Lowkey now this? Cussing man's mum was a bit far though

As grimestress Hyperfrank wrote: "Now the music market has shifted to a more harder sound being embraced, the real question is, can chipmunk have the same success or will he need the underground to support him? The same underground he laughed at when he was high in the charts. Only time will tell."

I've always wondered if dissin people when you're successful in a fickle market like pop and you aren't of Dizzee's stature where he doesn't rely on underground to support him at all, him laughing at underground will matter in the long run. Then you look at Tinchy Stryder, who embraces the underground, regardless of liking his commercial songs people haven't written Game Over off as an attempt to gain street cred. I'm guessing/hoping Chipmunk has a song to hit everything out of the gate forcing people to playing it or dissin the underground + (possibly more importantly) walking out of his major label contract (if that is true) could lead to tough times for the Chipster. Saying that, there are rumours he has a track with Chris Brown. If so, everyone will shut up. I'm neutral in this. I wonder where Tinchy will stand on this...


His initial response via Twitter:


But you will have noticed the video has been taken down

Chipmunk have anything to do with it?

"No one man should have all that POWER!!! #FlyingHigh" [source]

My response = BAWSE!

If you missed it, never fear, Once Upon a Grime are here.

You can d/l from here. Safe for using my audio of J Cole x P Money here.


Grime Daily have re-upped

Dr. Dre 'Kush'

Didn't hit me first time but now? Now?! Yo, this tune goes hard! I just wanna jump and prawns around the place on a crip walk ting. Jacked from PinBoard

Question: Is that really Nate Dogg? I swear he lost his voice due to the stroke or is that an evil internet rumour? If it isn't a rumour, this tune must be old.

Random one, I wondered what happened to Akon the other day.

And last thing, Snoop's first line is probably the best bar from him in a while.

Kush (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon) by

Sidenote: Just remembered Akon said he's going to start a reggae label when I spoke to him in '08. What happened to it? Lady Gaga money musta distracted. Can't say I blame him. That money would distract me too.

I'd LOVE J. Cole to spit on this! To be honest, I'd love to him to rap over every beat to be honest.

Here's a (cheap) behind the scenes at the vid. Don't get your Cous' on me cous, I'm only messin about, cous! :)

Peep's Ent Exclusive Dr. Dre Kush behind the scenes with 50 cent,E40,The Menace,Roccett,G Malone from Peepsent on Vimeo.

Duss Riddim medley video

Got this in an email. Hold tight Kirk Lee and Roadblock films, you man are doing a lot! Papi's (Popcaan) tune is my one. Kartel's one go ard still. And for its purpose Gaza Slim's one is good for the ladies.

Oh yeah, Rihanna is continuing on to trample on these other female artists out (except Nicki Minaj maybe) there by saying the right things to me continuously. Check her talking about who she'd like to collaborate with

Sway 'Wow 2011'

So it finally dropped and he still hasn't heard word back from Lethal Bizzle. Premiered on 1Xta DJ Semtex's show last night. Sem never asked how Sway felt about Kano dropping his freestyle first.

p.s. it's pointless trying to read the lyrics along with the song. Like really pointless. I still wonder what he would have done on the proper Pow 2011.

Oh and here's a CDQ (CD quality) version of Kano's 'Pow 2011 Dench edition' (DENCH is the new slang Lethal's pushing meaning good/powerful) jacked from Soul Culture.

K.A. POW '11 (Dench Edition) by TheRealKano

Friday, 19 November 2010

J Cole wants to work with grime MC

So I got off the phone to my favourite rapper J. Cole about an hour ago. If you don't know about him, he's Jay-Z first signee to Roc Nation and crashed his website with over 4,000 people trying to gain access to his site to download latest mixtape Friday Night Lights (click for download) at one time last Friday. So yeah, if you haven't heard of him, you live under a rock (or in Twitter terms #SlapYourself).

Often compared with Drake. Many of you may like this

This song goes hard off the latest tape. Check the 3rd and final verse.

Anyway, I interviewed him today for free urban lifestyle, music and fashion magazine Flavour Magazine (website and read latest Pioneers issue of mag by clicking here) (follow 'em on Twitter). We spoke about a lot but you'll have to wait and see that. I won't tell you what we spoke about because you never know who's reading and may... let's say "be influenced". I think it's interesting, hope you will too. Will post when it gets posted. What I will say is it is up there with my Asher Roth interview quoted on Cocaine Blunts as "The greatest interview with hip hop's leading thinker". Not to say it's the greatest interview with J. Cole, but I think the quality is on par. Stay tuned to the blog and Flavour mag and their Twitter for the full interview within the next week.

However, I couldn't afford to hang onto this for much longer. I just had to share it. And who better to share it with than my Twitter fam blog readers and extended blog familia?

Let me build this like they do on radio. So far we've had Diddy reach out to Skepta for Hello Good Morning (grime remix), Tinie Tempah and Tinchy Stryder on a remix too, Snoop jumped on Tinie Tempah's Pass Out, Kelly Rowland on Tinie's album, Tinchy linking with Jay-Z for the Takeover/Roc Nation...

Last Friday Semtex played the Jay-Z interview where Jay bigged up Kano, surprising many because as talented as he is, he hasn't been the chart star his talent suggests. (Kano's response)

But my favourite rapper wanting to work with my favourite grime MC? Say it ain't so (p.s. listen to him spitting the MC's bars as he figures out the MCs name):

@JColeNC tells @MarvinSparks he wants to work with grime artist P Money by MiNameMarvinSparks

Stay tuned to my blog, follow me on Twitter , keep checking back at Flavour mag or follow their Twitter for the full interview within the next week.

No lie, them same bars were in my head today.

If you haven't heard of P Money, this is probably the video JCole is talking about

Slang Like This out now. So is Ho Riddim. Check out P Money's mixtapes Coins 2 Notes, P Money Is Power and Money Over Everyone. Google them innit.

If you want more videos like the above check out SBTV F64's in particular

J Cole is supporting Drake next year. Fingers crossed they get something done!

Whilst you're hear feel free to check out my interview with former Dipset associates, UK rap duo SAS:

In the first part of 3 (maayyybe 4 x 10mins) we spoke about meeting Memphis Bleek whilst battle rapping in Marcy Projects in New York a.k.a Jay-Z's former stomping grounds, SAS rejecting a production deal with Kanye West, exclusive on how Kanye stopped them getting a major label deal, and rappers/MCs in the UK not staying true to the artform and rating "success more than talent".

@MarvinSparks interviews @MegaSAS and @MayhemSAS for @FlavourMag pt 1 by MiNameMarvinSparks

Couple interviews with grime artists Devlin, Tinchy, Chipmunk, Skepta and Bashy (few of them aren't grime grime but you get me) here

If you're new to hear and would like to see previous interviews with people US hip hop and r&b artists, and Jamaica reggae/dancehall artists ranging from Akon, TI, Raekwon, John Legend, Trey Songz, Busy Signal, Tarrus Riley click here and scrolllll. Holla at me for enquiries:

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hot Wuk x Sticky + Free Kartel = this post

  • On the 25th November, Hot Wuk returns to celebrate Sticky's birthday at East Village
  • London's maddest bashement party gets madder - Watch out for surprise appearances from Sticky's nearest and dearest MCs, who will be celebrating his birthday by chatting on classic dancehall rhythms.
  • If you've ever raved to a Sticky tune or gone mad to one of his remixes, its time to come and buy the big man a drink!
  • You can buy advance tickets for only £5 here :

Know that I will be in the building! Always a good night with great music!

If you wanna join me, the first to email with "Marvin Sparks / Hot Wuk Guestlist"

And Free Kartel. Nah he isn't in prison, but I do have a free download to his track Dancehall Hero released on his Adidjaheim Records. I've got it in my email but I've stolen Look Hear See's link.

UK Music tonight >>>

Sorry but this just in

Game Over reeeeemiiix

Ghetts on this > Ghetts on Pow 2011. Griminal's second half is sick! Maxsta goes in! Dot Rotten fux it! Nearly everyone goes in... just listen for yourself

Game Over Remix Ruff Sqwad, Tinchy, Ghetts, P Money, Maxsta + Others by user2297205

Original Game Over; Tinchy Stryder featuring Giggs, Pro Green, Tinie Tempah, Example, Devlin and Chipmunk

And this? This? Kano, this? Kano F64 on Pow 2011?

Kano pow2011 64bars by GRIME2011

The intro is recording of Jay-Z biggin him up on Semtex's show.

Bruv, I quit. When was the last time anything US got me this hyped? Apart from J. Cole's latest mixtape? Nothing really.

#TeamUK (well #TeamGoodmUsiK)

Shouts to GrimeForum for the audio. Topic on Game Over and Kano's extended Pow! 2011

p.s. I feel sorry for Sway. If you didn't know he isn't on the original Pow 2011 because Kano took a 16 bar so Sway wanted equal or nothing. Sway has been on Twitter saying he's waiting on Lethal Bizzle's green light. All the while, Kano dashed it out and got first dibs. What a feckin liberty!

The original Pow! 2011

The Lethal B interview where he speaks on Sway's removal

But as blogged before, hear what Sway did on Game Over

Oh and for good measure, the original Pow

Disclaimer: I am not entering the soon to be Pow 2011 vs Game Over debates. What I will say is all debates are healthy until someone takes it the wrong way. *looks at print screen of Lethal Bizzle's deleted tweets from last night* (Fling 10 bags at me and I'll delete them fam)

Thursday Things

Scorcher 'Terms of Agreement'

Got this through an email. But I'll still give you my honest opinion (unlike other blogs). Not my cuppa tea. Should work for them Oceana types. Said it before and I'll say it again, I think Scorcher should concentrate on making songs for girls. That isn't to say he isn't a very good MC.

Is that a sample of Estelle's 'Freak' in there.

He kills the freestyle on the end of this with deep bars so I'm not saying he is a one-trick pony by any stretch of the imagination (Don't flick out the Skywalker on me bruv)

Mr. G 'Swaggerific'

Another track/video sent through email. I love both riddims featured on here. One Day (the first) was probably riddim of the summer when I was in Jamaica. If you know it, you'll know it for 'Drinking Rum (and Red Bull)' by Future Fambo and Beenie Man or Khago's anthem 'Nah Sell Out'. 'Swaggerific' always snuck in on the juggling. However, Split Personality has been my favourite riddim for over a month now. Crazy riddim. And you know my ears. "Me and others hear the same songs but don't hear the same songs" if you catch my drift...

R. Kelly 'Love Letter'

Spotted over at ThatGrapeJuice. Yo, Kells is going in hard with the mature songs. What they call it? Adult Contemporary? Or is it Adult R&B? Anyway it's for the mums. I always felt like he should have stayed in the lane he was headed with Chocolate Factory followed by Happy People/U Saved Me. Problem is radio programmers didn't so he reverted on some formulaic childish r&b no one cared for because Trey Songz is better (image wise). R. Kelly is that demographics uncle. We know about Kells' "alleged" track record...

Listen quality tune.

Quote of the day: Rihanna

"'Man Down' is gangsta! It comes from me trying to achieve that [vibe]," she told MTV News. "I'm super inspired by reggae music [and it] has been a part of me since I was born, and I grew up listening to it. I grew up loving it. My favorite artists are all reggae artists."

Nice to hear babes. Now get on to working with our artists. (I say our because although I listen to and feel most types, iRep Reggae/Dancehall)

Foxy Brown jumps on Hold You

Yes, you read corretly. The original Trini-that-utilises-the-Jamaican-accent Foxy Brown (Nicki Minaj being the other) has caught Hold You fever. But she also throws a shot at Nicki Minaj ("bad gyal we nuh wear pink hair").Hold tight Seani B dropping drops all over the gaff. He fully got this out there.

Rick Ross flattens London with BMF

I really couldn't be arsed to go just for the one song. Seen him twice already, he disappointed me the second time because he didn't perform many songs from Deeper Than Rap and showed too much love to his dread man dem (Gunplay and one next yout') from his crew. Can't even remember their name. Oh yeah, Triple C's (Carol City Cartel). I could have deleted me writing I couldn't remember their name but I won't. Plus, he's a fake.

But BMF is a futhamuckin CLASSIC!!! I tweeted that it's one of the greatest hip hop tracks ever. That isn't to say it's in the top 20 or top 40 ever, just saying it is a great hip hop record. I see it as the 21st Century equivalent to Black Rob's Whoa! Wish I witnessed the demolition job. And I never miss the big concerts.

Either way Damian Marley & NaS concert is already concert of the year so it doesn't matter.

Wha' gwaan for the mural on Bank$ back? jacked from Hip Hop DX

This is pathetic no?

This tattoo hype has really gone too far. Remember we used to cuss those bikers with loads of tattoo's? Now people there marking up their skin. I'm sounding like my parents but I don't care. Before you commission someone to do a painting of it for you? That's what I would do. But hey, if you got the money and feel you wanna, I can't dispute it. Just saying I don't see the point.

Lethal Bizzle Pow 2011

So it dropped yesterday.

Will it go to number 1? The original still holds the title for highest chart entry for a grime single ever. Think it reached #14 (that or #11) in 2005.

Don't get it twisted, it isn't a bad song - at all. However, it's like So Solid re-doing 21 Seconds or Klashnekoff thinking he can re-do Murda with a similar beat. Some things are better left untouched.

With that said Wiley, JME and 2Face have reload bars. Kano, Chippy and Ghetts are too technical for me. Chippy's "Throw 10 bags at a hater" line is good though. Original Pow had characters and less "swag". They may not have been the most gifted lyrically but all had enthusiastic delivery forcing you to raise your gunfingers.

Here's Lethal informing us why certain heads weren't on there, why Maxsta and Sway were removed. Would like to know why he went for a beat so similar to the original.

I say Blacks, Kozzie, P-Money, Tempz, Maxsta and grab a few more get Spooky to produce them something

Random Tune of the Day: Edwyn Collins 'A Girl Like You'

Speshul dedicayshun to all the beautiful girls out there that I've met, yet to meet or will never meet. Hoping this song doesn't have a different undertone like You're Gorgeous posted yesterday. The bassline is hypnotizing. Heard this for the first time in a long I was vybzing to this on the TV

Shy FX Feat Kano, Donae’o & Roses Gabor – ‘Raver’ (Breakage Pattern Moschino Remix)

Jacked from PinBoard.Woi oi!!! Good old jungle inna this! This is flippin ard! Taking the essence of foundation dub with the sampling and echoes.

03 Raver feat. Kano, Donae'o & Roses Gabor (Breakage Pattern Moschino Remix) by

Throwback Tune of the Day: Shy FX featuring UK Apache 'Original Nutta'

You know how I know these were good times? An Asian boy put on a yard man (Jamaican) accent and we never cared. That's how it should be. If a next man pays homage in that way, be happy. It's a compliment. I don't need to say anything else other than "Jungle > D&B" and "Just. Press. Play"

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wiley TweetViews Chipmunk's new video

Yeah, another TweetView. Yeah, I'm killing it. Don't for a second think this is lazy blogging though. Trusssst me, TweetView'ing XFactor is not simple feat. I missed the whole episode. Well I heard it, but I didn't watch it.Twitter is such a funny place, I'm documenting this for future.

Anyway, Wiley and Chipmunk were beefing not too long ago. Anybody that knows about Wiley know's he forgets most things in short space of time so I don't think he was sending (dissing), more like he's bussing commentary.

Now remember, Wiley is a 31 year old, legend, pioneer of grime.

First up, here's the video

Now Wiley's commentary:

@WileyArtist Wiley
im running this jungle cant touch me im hammer and im a lion king hakuna matata

@WileyArtist Wiley
was that helicopter really above chipmunk

@WileyArtist Wiley
when chipmunk is next to the lion you can see me in the distance by a tree doing the crip walk

@WileyArtist Wiley
im in chips video driving that helicopter

@WileyArtist Wiley
i am in chipmunks video hanging off the mountain he is on and he wont even help me back up he has let me fall down the cliff

@WileyArtist Wiley
im in chipmunks video doing a migrane skank when its at the village part skanking

@WileyArtist Wiley
can someone do a version of that video you photo shop me in there moonsliding across the lions path

@WileyArtist Wiley
replace that lion with a camel that has 6 humps

@WileyArtist Wiley
you could of put 20 monkeys doing a barndance in it instead

@WileyArtist Wiley
can someone please add me to that video on a photo shop ting

@WileyArtist Wiley
photo shop me into that rasclaat video and let me handglide into the city on a jim carey ting

@WileyArtist Wiley
i wish i was standing next to a lion realtalk or skanking next to a crocodile do a 1 step 2 step

@WileyArtist Wiley
tell london zoo to let every animal out the cage and let me do a video in there on a im not scared ting.

@WileyArtist Wiley
how can you do a video next to a lion and you didnt holla man what you think man dont wanna meet lions and tigers

ROTFLMAO Wiley is legend!!! I was cracking up in my bed on Sunday night reading through that.

And to show you he isn't cussing him

WileyArtist Wiley
@KieranAR I love this video

WileyArtist Wiley
@KieranAR real ive watched over 100 times

Exaggeration? Who knows? It's Wiley, I'm sure he has a bit of OCD. As they say, geniuses tread the thin line betweem sanity and insanity (but I'm sure I didn't need to put insanity there for you to know what I'm on about).

p.s. I have NEVER seen these figures on YouTube before

Likes: 1111
Dislikes: 1046

A big name artist? NEVER!!! Meanwhile, Tinchy Stryder's 'Game Over' is currently within touching distance of a top 20. I know there are other factors but food for thought...

We're back

Went in hard over the weekend with blog posts including 3 TweetView's so I thought I'd let my "Thoughts of the day" breathe for a day of few. And nah, I won't stop referring to myself in plural. It sounds cool-er


Spotted over at Soul Culture. The Ol' Dirty Boy (it's Bastard really) died 6 years ago 13th November. There will never be another ODB in this current climate. Like wise Eazy E and Flavor Flav. Real characters. The game's too serious at the moment. People would say things like "Ergh, he's basic" because they don't drop #DrakeBars (them stupid punchlines like "My chain so icy... freezer"). Or people will say "He needs media training" or even "That's a publicity stunt". WTF (what the f***)?! Rappers are meant to be wild and unruly if that's what they are. It's about freedom of expression and rebellion.

Too many former pop fans comment like they are hip hop these days. Before 50 Cent you only cared about Will Smith or the next NSync tune. Stop lying to yourself. You don't know about hip hop. Fans should be fans, let those in the know care about image and package being right for the market and branding. Make me sick!

As Method Man says @ 1:50


Mz Bratt and two blokes

The other blokes being the legend Wiley and the former Chipmunk impersonator turned slightly Yank with his twang, Fugitive.

Song doesn't do much for me. Bratt or your people's holla at me for Nando's. I don't have a Nando's black card, but I have some stamps and a black...

Keep No Hats No Trainers on our screens

Saturday lunchtime haven't been the same since the end of series 2 of popular BBC2 show No Hats No Trainers. An urban newsletter, filmed and presented very well. They are appealing for us to keep them commissioned for another series. Check out the show reel of what they did

No Hats No Trainers showreel from Lemonade Money on Vimeo.


I love this stuff. Love extreme sports. I remember staying up late watching XGames on Channel 5 back in the days. Freerunners are beyond crazy. The way they see normal everyday benches and walls with a little groove as obstacles to perform on is mind-boggling.

And almost if not as good as them is the filming and editing of them. Damn, fam. The slow motion plus the angles.

Lauryn Hill x The Roots perform Bob Marley's Is This Love? live jacked from PinBoard

I know you may have seen performances from Rock The Bells over the summer, but I can assure this isn't of that level. She sounds good. Shame that I will never get to hear her voice or see her perform like she did back in her heyday. My parents did and said it was a great concert. Hating very much.

Performed at Michael J Fox's Parkinson fundraiser.

Seems like everyones favourite tune to cover at the moment. First US soul singer Bilal

Followed by UK soul singer Corrine Bailey Rae

now L-Boogie. Is she still married to Rohan Marley?

Big Man Zest 'Who I Am?'

Got tweeted the link to this today. Quite funny considering he was the main person trying to strum up support for (or maybe it was more against) my revolutionary review (original MeView before I coined the term MeView) of UK Funky Live. That's not even me being big headed; I have been in places when the subject has come up. In fact, yesterday I randomly brought it up in conversation on Bloggers Delight and people knew about it eeeven though I never knew they knew about it. The phone calls, tweets and messages I got that day were overwhelming. Posted on other blogs and I've seen that same format used for in-depth step-by-step reviews since. #JustSaying

Anyway, you're probably expecting me to cuss this song cos of the above. I'm not biased. This song isn't great, but I see it serving a purpose as a good performance song in commercial ends. Copying the "Boy Better Know - CEO" line JME spits for "Everybody knows - Who I am"? Maybe, but not many ideas under the sun are original.

Who? Inspires Londoners to start their own business? Really?

Top male celebrities inspiring Londoners to become their own boss
1. Alan Sugar
2. Simon Cowell
3. Richard Branson
4. Peter Jones
5. Jamie Oliver
6. Bill Gates
7. Gordon Ramsay
8. Theo Paphitis
9. Jonathan Ross
10. David Beckham

That isn't bad. I don't understand how TV presenter Jonathan Ross got in there, but you know, the rest are cool.

Top female celebrities inspiring Londoners to become their own boss
1. J.K. Rowling
2. Katie Price
3. Karren Brady
4. Cheryl Cole
5. Oprah Winfrey
6. Victoria Beckham
7. Michelle Obama
8. Denise van Outen
9. Dannii Minogue
10. Kylie Minogue


Sorry but this is absolutely pants! Katie "Get yer tits and vag out for the lads" Price? Really? Or is she different person to glamour model and career slag Jordan? Dannii "Don't have talent, don't know talent but I judge talented people" Minogue? Denise van Outen? Cheryl "right hook" Cole? I can't believe this.

And Max

Nothing to say.

Well actually (just the title of the song)

And check out the performance on legendary but defunct Channel 4 show TFI Friday's here 'cos I'm not allowed to embed (wankers!)

Who knew this song is about being convinced to do porn from the woman's perspective? I didn't. Reading the comments on YouTube are funny. You have people saying they used to sing this to their kids next to people disgusted. Scroll up and listen again. Don't say Marvin Sparks dot blog spot dot com isn't "for the children" *ODB voice like the video all the way up top"

Sunday, 14 November 2010

TweetView: Take That ReUnite 15-years later: 1st Xfactor perfomance

Think I'll put this down as a Real Badman Never Afraid. I'll blog about Take That cos they had couple tunes. Pray, Everything Changes and Back For Good get wheels on decks.

For those unfamiliar with the Take That story, the popular boyband split up in '96 following Robbie Williams departure in '95. Robbie embarked on a successful solo career shifting over 55 million albums, plus singles Rock DJ, Millenium and all-time anthem (and his solo career saver) Angels.

Take That reunited without him in '05, releasing well-received album Beautiful World in '06 with big singles Shine, Rule The World and Patience, and went on tour. Robbie Williams career began to fail with two critically-panned albums, Rudebox and Reality Killed the Video Star.

Surprise, surprise Take That managed to convince Robbie to re-join last year. Today was their first performance in 15 years.

If there are any inaccuracies Wiki them both (Take That and Robbie), I checked album names and confirmed dates (got the year of split and reform correct - not sure how I feel about that), the rest is from memory. And I'm not that much of a fan.

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Last but not least

Disclaimer: Tweets do not reflect the opinions of us (me) here at Marvin Sparks dot Blog Spot dot com. We (I) found them funny/relevant

Forget what the papers will say, here's what the tweople say

@cleosol CleoSol
Take that!!! Woohoo

@LittleDonatella Donatella
I was an East 17 girl *shrugs*

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
They should never have accepted Robbie back in to the fold!

@EddieKadi Eddie Kadi
Take that!!!! I got the formula!!!!!

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
If you were 1 of those girls who cried when Robbie left Take That in the 90s...HA! For shame! #xfactor

@LoukiaC Look Hear See
#thingswhitepeopledo - have a wank over Robbie Williams. He's not sexy and has a bad voice. Allow it.

@MelissaMono MelissaDelicious
Please let Robbie be off his face like last time.

miming?? i hope not

@Davinche Davinche Canvas
Robbies outta tune alie

MikillPane Mikill Pane
Robbie is going to murder each and everyone one of those pussyholes tonight. That's what his eyes said, anyway.

Robbie looks a little misty eyed!

BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
Robbie has clearly been snorting coke off Wagner's penis with Louis #xfactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
For 10 years that fool bad mouthed the group members then when he suffered a career slump he wanted back in. Kmt

@PilarOfSociety Pilar Nalwimba
but why is Robbie performing like Noddy?

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
Let's be honest, Robbie Williams has never been a singer. He's a wannabe football hooligan chanting

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
RT @MarvinSparks: Let's be honest, Robbie Williams has never been a singer. He's a wannabe football hooligan chanting

@IamMrSilk Mr Silk
RT @MarvinSparks: Let's be honest, Robbie Williams has never been a singer. He's a wannabe football hooligan chanting

@regal76 Queen Allen
RT @deepermc: RT @MarvinSparks: Let's be honest, Robbie Williams has never been a singer. He's a wannabe football hooligan chanting


@mistajam mistajam
Does this feel like Robbie Williams ft Take That to anyone else?

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
The only thing more annoying than a Robbie Williams performance would be a Robbie & Katie Waissal duet #xfactor

@LethalBizzle Lethal Bizzle
Take That done prob the greatest come back of all time. Where's my E17 boys at man !? #Walthamstow #BOUNDARY

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Remember when Howard had dreadlocks?

@skvibemaker Sean K Vibemaker
Im juss gonna say it: "This Take That song is sh*t.... Patience is waaaay better"

@tinchystryder Tinchy Stryder
RT @mrviews: RT @deaps: Robbie Williams is a Legend.. He ducked them out made 10s of millions and now he's back.! #Legend « loool dats jokes

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JLS 'Love You More' XFactor Live performance TweetView

Didn't plan to do this but too many good tweets to leave it out Another Real Badman Never Afraid kinda thread.

Brief history: JLS were runners up on 2008 XFactor, losing to Alexandra Burke. Have since gone on to have a successful career.

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Last but not least

Disclaimer: Tweets do not reflect the opinions of us (me) here at Marvin Sparks dot Blog Spot dot com. We (I) found them funny/relevant

Forget what the papers will say, here's what the tweople say

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Its JLS everyone!!!!

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Gotta love this gassing-up promo for JLS. Can't stand them, but respect that they work the cottage cheese they call songs to the fullest..

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
You know what confuses me about JLS? Isn't there meant to be at least 1 good looking one in a boy band? #shotsfired

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
I LOVE LOVE this new JLS song! Wooooop whoop! Don't judge me peeps!

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
Oh yeeesssssss. JLS = MY TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE. Guilty Pleasure I'm sorry guys but I love them

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
Nah this song is WACK I take back what I just said I take it back I take it back I take it backkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
This song is awful

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
RT @ShamzLeRoc: One of the guys in JLS looks like a homosexual Kano. << LOOOL

@tymusic ty
somebodyys wearing lip gloss thats all i'm saying!!! xfactor jls

@toyaberry Toya Berry
JLS have individual colour coded ear pieces to match their microphones? How corny! #xfactor

@Jpizzledizzle Joseph Patterson
I know how annoying these four dudettes are, but I can't deny they're making that paper. Ah, f**k it. They're annoying, I don't care. #jls

@MikillPane Mikill Pane
One shot, JLS? I really wanted four. Here - take the gun back. I'm going to find one with more rounds...

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
This tune would be sick if it were sung by... any other boy band.

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Is Ashton growing facial hair?

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
This JLS performance is as limp as their down-belows when with a chick. #justsaying #xfactor

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
OMG that was terrible off key

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
RT @MarvinSparks: Yeah so yesterday's XFactor episode with Twitter commentary =

This song offends my eardrums!

@jenimills Jennifer Mills
Sing it @JLSOfficial! Available now on itunes. Guys are looking sharp. Go O!

@QueenBRochelle Rochelle Robertson
Oritse struggled on that note there. Poor ting

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Wow that note made me glad for no surround sound

@Skepta Skepta
Why do Boy Bands hug after their performances? Imagine I gotta reload at a rave and I started hugging @Shortybbk hahaha ahha ahaha #Myth

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
I'm all for coming out when the time is right, but the prob with JLS is that it's SO blatant 70% of the group like sausage...

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
..hence making the fact we're sposed to believe they enjoy vajayjay all the more patronising. #xfactor

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

XFactor TweetView Finals Week 6

Didn't do it last week but the popular TweetView series is BACK! Forget what the judges say, be up with what the Tweople say.

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Last but not least

Disclaimer: Tweets do not reflect the opinions of us (me) here at Marvin Sparks dot Blog Spot dot com. We (I) found them funny/relevant

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
X Factor time!

@KojoTweets Kojo
#XFactor time! Let's get it in people!!!!

@naijaboymikey Mikey A Abegunde
Elton John week!!! Yesssss hunnays!!!

@Wretch32 Wretch 32
elton john week guess cher aint doing movado

@KojoTweets Kojo
#XFactor Best part of the show is seeing what Cheryl is wearing! #XFactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
What is Cheryl wearing? Smh

Cherly wins in style tonight

@KojoTweets Kojo
Oi Oi she's done it again! Cheryl is the Soup to my Fufu #XFactor

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
Danni looks fierce sha!


Intro clips are of the XFactor contstants meeting Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a. Harry Potter then going to the premiere

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Paije was an extra in a Harry Potter film? LMAO....

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
How can u be in a film and not be allowed to the film #SorryNotEnuffPopcorn

@KojoTweets Kojo
Paije up first! Bet he's happy it's Elton John week. #SlightAdvantge #XFactor

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
Oh my! Paije's hair is paining me tonight!

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
I just don't see it with Paije, yet folk stay voting for him. Do you think him got the X Factor?

@KojoTweets Kojo
He's doing good! Go Paije!!!! #XFactor

@shach7 Meshach Broderick
Paije just shouts....

@NicholasMarston Abendigo
I really don't think Paige can sing, he just shouts #Xfactor

@LittleDonatella Donatella
His jackets become more offensive each week #Xfactor

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Biggie meets Gaga

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
I wonder how many stamps this guy has on his Nandos card!

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
Louis: "Paije, you know I love you!"

@naijaboymikey Mikey A Abegunde
Oh lawd, Paije is really feeling herself tonight!!!

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Mmm hmmm mmm, you tell them girlfriend *click, click, click*

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
But really, who is Paije's target audience? He has yet to openly embrace the obvious (3 snaps), so who'll he cater to? #xfactor

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
RT @SirAgony: How you gonna put a pink blazer and a sparkling bow tie on the male version of 'precious' with a picky high top? smh. #Xfactor

@MikillPane Mikill Pane
How can I see RTs of a gay white boy saying Paige makes him wanna vote BNP? Prick, didn't you see what Nick Griffin said about you lot?

@MNEKtweets MNEK RT by @madnewsblog


@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Sigh. As I sit watching the X Factor, I can't help but salivate at how much better the US version will be. No joke acts aka Wagner, Kate...


@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Cher wrote this advert!

@KarlNova Karl Nova
Big up your chest!!!!! Yeo valley!!

@Wretch32 Wretch 32
i wanna go raving in yeo valley lol


@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Aiden needs to leave this week. Dick

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
He'll do well.... He's got the gay understanding

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
Aidens so handsome/pretty.

@KojoTweets Kojo
Same shit again man! Smile man liven up. #XFactor

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Aiden smiled, the world is going to end!!!!!!!

@danwootton Dan Wootton
Perfect song choice for Aiden. #xfactor

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
RT @mrdisfit You are standing on two pianos but singing out of key #irony

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
Aiden has Illuminati eyes

@Caligraphist The Caligraphist®
Aiden's on... *Where's my bible at...* #xfactor

@LittleDonatella Donatella
I'm sorry but he just scares me *shudders* #Xfactor

@shach7 Meshach Broderick
I'm sorry but Aiden can't sing. The end.

@KarlNova Karl Nova
Wow this Aiden is singing off key a lot. He needs some yeo valley in his life. #xfactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
BORING!!!!! SAME SHIT EVERY WEEK, take your shit straining face elsewhere thanks Aiden #XFactor

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
See the way he holds he mic.... #YesHomo

He has got something but needs development. Stylist gave him an awful jacket too vocal wasn't great this week justsayin

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@zanelowe Zane Lowe RT by @mistajam
"Its not the best vocally you've sounded, know what...we have already decided you should stay so i think you're safe".

Simon Cowell to Aiden: "You have swagger"

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
Simon saying 'swagger' just didn't feel... right, or was that just me?

Simon using words like swagger lol

@LittleDonatella Donatella
Simon, do not, I repeatN DO NOT ever, EVER, say the word "swagger" again pls, thanks.

Simon cowell used the word swagga on aiden hahaha! Its swag simon swag!

@mistajam mistajam
The slang usage of the word 'swagger' is now officially DEAD

@KarlNova Karl Nova
Hahaha I'm lovin' how folks are getting all possessive over the word "swagger" cos when Simon says it they get vexed! LOL! #xfactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
You have no "swag" Aiden.. Stupid trout


@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Don't cry Mary... Keep your chins up!

@KojoTweets Kojo
Mrs Wagner is on now! Let's go Mary. #XFactor

@NicholasMarston Abendigo
Mary is wearing black tonight AGAIN! Why not a yellow dress Mary? #Xfactor

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
I thought black made you look slim o_O

@LittleDonatella Donatella
This is your best outfit yet Mary, well done #Xfactor

@craiiggcraiigg Craiigg
This wannabe susan Boyle kmt get off my screen

@ChockzTheRapper Chockz
"Can you feel the love tonight?" No cos in a couple hours Haye and Harrison are gonna be taking off eachothers heads!! :D

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
When @mrdisfit and I used to mime in the #xfactor choir they'd give us robes & we'd get a couple shots....times don changed.....HA!

@KojoTweets Kojo
Mary is Back in this bitch! #TeamMaryByrne #XFactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Mary how predictable of you. #XFactor

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
RT @JamieHowardHaha: Wanger is gonna be singing this to her later..... Looooool

Mary the Westend is callin well done much better this week lovely lady

@wendyquent Wendy Quent RT by @XianLoves
She should have sang Hakuna Matata #xfactor

@KojoTweets Kojo
Eeeesh Mary might be in bottom 2! #XFactor

Advert break

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤ RT @danilorum: If you're not talking about #XFactor you're ruining my timeline, please cease and desist until 9.30 #thatisall < HAHAHAA

@tahirah Tahirah
I reach the house and every1's vetoed X Factor for a doc on Nazi Germany. This is what happens when my dad gets the remote.

@tahirah Tahirah
I don't want history. I want fixed tv competitions and bad singing *huffs*

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
My goodness X Factor is some dryness tonight. I guess that's what happens when they get rid of most of the good acts. #xfactor

@mistajam mistajam
In the style of KatieWastegyal 'sod it' - I'm off to work. Radio 1 & 1Xtra from 11

@KojoTweets Kojo
Jimmy Hill is up next! "Sod it" #XFactor

Katie Wastegyal Waissel

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Katie's chin is really long....

@lilhannarnia Hana-Sekinah RT by @naijaboymikey
i want katie waste gyal to get out of this competition!

@ShaunicaBaby shaunica lynch RT by @BROWN_EYEZ_UK
Urgggg seeing katies face annoys me #xfactor

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
It shows you how GOOD Elton John is.....These people cant compare! smh

@reggieheavee Reggie Styles
Katie sounds like a drunk trying a ting at a karaoke bar!!! Oh dear! #xfactor

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
Nothing like an Elton song to reveal how weak Katie's vocal is.Her pitching's about as good as a deaf dog's. #xfactor

@LittleDonatella Donatella
I literally watched that with a blank expression, did I miss something? #Xfactor

@KojoTweets Kojo
Louie is going in!!!!!! #XFactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I think I love Louis this week #Xfactor what an anti-climax HAHAHAHHAAAAA

Simon to Louis "You're going to get removed from this room in a minute. You're talking complete and utter rubbish" "Shutup Louis" "Shutup Louis"

@IamMrSilk Mr Silk
Wow louie you been told!

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
Louis is a lengman he is lettin off shots all over the place

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Removed from the building you know hahahahhahahahaa #XFactor

@LittleDonatella Donatella
Ahahahahaha the way Simon hots Louis is the best. B B Boss #Xfactor

@newsychick1 Karen AKA Newsychick
I'm kinda agreeing with louis tonight (minus the Paije description). #xfactor oh & btw get lost Katie.

@KojoTweets Kojo
Simon is just showed Louie who's paying his rent! #BossStaus #XFactor

@AraTheCoach Ara
Just lost respect for Simon Cowell #xfactor

@KarlNova Karl Nova
What is Simon saying? You see why I said he has lost all credibility in this series? Katie is wack! #xfactor

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
X Factor is on some Sunset Beach flex....pure fantasy. Why is Simon gassing up Katie? #fix #xfactor

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Hahaha Louis was gonna shout at Simon then he remembered #Mortgage

@Popjustice Popjustice
The moment Katie started banging on about sick kids a trapdoor should have opened. A TRAPDOOR STRAIGHT TO HELL

@NicholasMarston Abendigo
If I was in the crowd I would shout out "oi Katie suck your mum!!!!"#Xfactor lol

Matt Cardle

@naijaboymikey Mikey A Abegunde
Matt just looks dirty to me, sorry?!? He always looks like he's been crying or sniffing glue lol

(I know your profile is locked but that was funny)

@MakedaQoS Makeda Wilson
This is the first time I'd give Matt a thumbs up since his audition

Not the best choice of song Dannii but Matt is safe cause he can flppin song

I meant sing oops

@KarlNova Karl Nova
This is not a good song for Matt. He's did ok though.

@EmmaGemmaAmy Emma Stephens
What happened Matt? I don't fancy you anymore, white boy season is over

@shach7 Meshach Broderick
I used to have HUGE respect for Simon's opinion as a judge, especially on American Idol. Now he chats 100% BS.

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Lost all respect for Simon.


@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
How bout a Stevie Wonder week?

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
I thought Simon was engaged? That's all gone quiet

Cher Lloyd

@KojoTweets Kojo
Cher up next! raving tonight?.........erm.........Hows the family..........erm.....#XFactor

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Is Cher gonna be Chipmunk, Ironik or 2Pac tonight?

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
Every week Cher looks more and more like Cheryl,just more robotic & frail. Terrifying.

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Why in the name of Sweet Jesus do they keep painting Cher's face like that? KAI!!

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
She loooooks baaaaare like Cheryl Cole tonight!

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
RT @alexkofitwinb: Yeah could definitely see Cher in Lidl uniform. Spitting bars & stacking beans < hahaha

@Popjustice Popjustice
Speaking of sad situations getting more and more absurd, when's Wagner on?

@Jpizzledizzle Joseph Patterson
Cher is officially shite. She's no Jessie J is she.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
LOL I wonder if she's gonna buss a 2Pac/Nas rap? #Xfactor

@LittleDonatella Donatella
I LOVE her outfit #Xfactor but rapping? On this? Really?

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Seriously the rapping has to stop

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Sorry maybe hard Cher, but you need to Apologise for the rap bit

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Silly raps aside, Cher's voice is decent. Problem is, she can't sing more than 3 notes. #norange #monotone #xfactor

@JameliaTweeties #Яebel
Cher Just Smashed It!! Simples.

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
I got more ass than her! Hahahahahahahaha


@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Anyone else get feeling Louis won't be coming back next year. They are DRAGGING him week in, week out. Should be Cheryl instead though..


@KojoTweets Kojo
Next up is Wagner The gyal dem Saviour! #XFactor

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
Daniel Radcliffe looks mesmerised by Wagner. #xfactor

@Wretch32 Wretch 32
harry poters looks shook of him

Go on Rupert Wagnar does look like a wizard

@LittleDonatella Donatella
Ok this is just annoying now #WagnerToGo

@MakedaQoS Makeda Wilson
Wagner is parring!! He sent a message "I'm still standing" WoW!!

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Hahahahahahahahha!!!! The Lion King...

@KarlNova Karl Nova
Oh my gosh Wagner is just awful. Like what is he doing in this competition? Haha! This cannot be real! Lol #xfactor


@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
This series of X Factor with the Wagner's, Katie's & co, really changed the way I look at the show. Instead of a talent-search, it's become

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Saturday night camp TV ala Blind Date, Gladiators back in the day. Watched this way, it's 'aight'. Watched any other way = a joke.


Louis to Wanger: "Wagner reminds me of a young Elton John"


Dermott to Wagner: "How does that make you feel Wagner?"

Wagner: "Well it's good but Louis keeps getting my name wrong. It's Vaaagner"


Louie Preach. A young elton john?? Haha WAGNAAAR

@Caligraphist The Caligraphist®
Ladies, do you love Wagners earnings? Like is that attractive to you? Do they make you horny? #xfactor

@Docta_Cosmic King ShutDown Cos RT by @MakedaQoS
i bet wagner and louis beat

Beat = have sexy time

@georgia_la Georgia L.A
#WagnerToWin for pure lols

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Sidenote: Did anyone else think Wagner looks like there was a crying man behind that fake smile? Poor Ting #Xfactor

@EmmaGemmaAmy Emma Stephens
Can't believe Elton let this happen, wow just wow. Maybe he needs the prs

Ad break

TMobile return of the mac. Fast forward to 0:47. This is someone filming them filming the advert

@missjaylouise Janay Louise
Mark Morrisons pockets must have got fatter from this t-mobile advert.

@Wretch32 Wretch 32
lol omg return of the mac.

One Direction

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
Here come the 5 Justin Biebers

@KojoTweets Kojo
Here go my favourties One Direction! #XFactor

@KarlNova Karl Nova
Hey it's one dimension! #xfactor


@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
@xianloves you hot and sweaty yet

@LittleDonatella Donatella
MmMmm Zain *dribble* #Xfactor

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
When does Zain Malik turn 18.....? No R Kelly. #xfactor

Tune great choice of song

@KojoTweets Kojo
This boys aint been shit once! They are winning this show hands down! #XFactor

@Popjustice Popjustice
That was amazing.

One Direction will win

@LethalBizzle Lethal Bizzle
One Direction is in a win win situation. Simon is signing them win or lose! #Boss

@Sway_Dcypha Sway
Simon loves his boys, quick to rise for his One irection.


Let Zain speak u will get more votes lol

@Popjustice Popjustice
All One Direction have to do is sort out the singing and it's job done. *snaps Kit Kat*


love one direction but someone who met them at Potter premiere said they all stank of BO even Zain knda hard 2 thnk of them da same way now

But maybe they had a busy day and didn't have tiime t shower forgive them this once lol

Rebecca Ferguson

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Brookside's finest...Rebecca! #xfactor

Rebecca is about to shut this b**** down get your tissues out.

@Jpizzledizzle Joseph Patterson
My wifeee! #Rebecca #XFactor

@coldsteps coldsteps
Rebecca = DASH DOWN

@craiiggcraiigg Craiigg
Rebecca sorry...bareback status: applicable

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
RT @CS_Skoolboy: *Looks at Rebecca & starts singing "COME BREED ME" < I knew you had ovaries

@KojoTweets Kojo
Missing my @TreyCCohen Moments man! #SadFace #XFactor

@KevinJComedian Kevin J
Rebecca is good but we've already got Leona and Alexandra.....

@AraTheCoach Ara
Rebecca is soooo the complete package! #xfactor

@Jpizzledizzle Joseph Patterson
Urm, my wife has no boobies in that dress? Sack that stylist #Rebecca #XFactor

Omg such a sad song makes me think of the late Princess Diana

@KojoTweets Kojo
She's got an Alica Keys aura about her. Loving Rebecca man! #RealTalent #XFactor

@EmmaGemmaAmy Emma Stephens
Damn Rebecca can sing but I'm bored now, the voice is the same ever week

She nailed it and didn't over sing it love her


@Popjustice Popjustice
On reflection to really justify a rap Cher should have done Tinie Dancah

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