Sunday, 16 September 2012

TweeteReview: "Starboy" Nathan auditions for XFactor

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The audition video isn't on YouTube. He got through, but here's the reaction.

Erm Star Boy Nathan lol 

Uh oh.

LOL @ Nathan


What???? Nathan????? 

No but.......*rubs eyes* NATHAN?????????

Oh no Nathan why??? -Factor

WTF is nathan doing on there

Isn't this the second time Nathan has auditioned on a show??



Is that YOU Nathan yeah???!! 

Nathan! oh gosh!!! 

Lookin forward 2 watchin Xfactor this year

Saturday, 15 September 2012

"So Marvin Sparks, what effect will afrobeats have on bashment"

"What effect will afrobeats have on bashment?" Something I was asked recently. I've seen tweets like "bashment is dead now", "afrobeats is taking over", "I'm glad afrobeats has killed bashment" and "remember bashment?" So, I thought "Lemme weigh in on this". Haven't brought out the opinionated Marvin Sparks around here for a while so here he is... [please note: I said "the opinionated Marvin Sparks", meaning this is all my opinion based on my findings and observations. If you disagree, feel free to comment. I'll accept anything positive or negative. Tell me to suck any of my family members and it's a war ting though. Calm.]

First and foremost, this is a stupid, premature debate, hence why I held back from entertaining it on Twitter. I've bitten the bait a couple of times to correct those who should know better, but kept quiet apart from that. Throughout this post I will demonstrate that the only foundation for this "debate" is that the black community in London is largely represented by Africans and Jamaicans and the rivalry/jealousy that comes with it.

Now I already know some will call this biased because they say I'm the UK's leading dancehall correspondent, hating or whatever means to deny the truth, but I'm gonna go ahead anyway. I've been down that road before (namely UK funky live review & Sway's new song: Do we care?). Annoyed me at first 'cos they were actually pretty accurate, then I realised denial (calling people "haterz") is an easy way to diffuse "the ether, the stuff that make your soul burn slow". And in both posts Marvin Sparks' words came to pass... (p.s. I also wrote this about the day dubstep took over UK funky and Labrinth vs Talay Riley vs Loick Essien triple threat/hell in the cell match. Both those came to pass as well...)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, afrobeats "vs." bashment. Check out the piece by pressing read more (in case you didn't see it)