Saturday, 29 August 2009

R.I.P. Oasis

Yes, badman do like Oasis.

Think this calls for this calls time for the second installment of "Ain't Afraid To Say I Like..." If I could be a rock star I would be either of them. Liam had nuff swag, I mean look at how he handled the Michelle (some may call it mic commonly pronounced "Mike" - not 'round 'ere mate), Noel was an excellent songwriter and an alright stand-in singer. Aside from a few tunes (ain't gonna front like I've heard any albums) rated them man for sticking fingers up at media training. Evertime they spoke, people took note. Sounds cliché, I'd most probably receive a kick for saying this but they kept it real/true to themselves. Liam even sung songs like a chant from the football stands - obviously a bit better than your local Teryy, Gary and Baz (Barry). Good on 'em.

Now to my fave tunes. I feel like a hooligan when I sing them. Come on, let's be avvin ya!

Will drop this in a soundclash one day

Watch the money they spin when they reunite.

Biggest Tune for Notting Hill Carnival

I think the most apt song for Notting Hill carnival is this:

Wont get played because people don't know it, but 6:30pm lock off is a joke ting. All them people standing out there idle = trouble. Do they really think anyones going home at them times? After parties don't start for at least another 3 hours, but that doesn't even matter. Who goes to a party as it starts?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

MOBO Nominations - Full List - My Rant

Italic = who I believe will win. Disclaimer: not neccessarily my opinion of who is best, just guess work


Alesha Dixon
Beverley Knight
Dizzee Rascal
DJ Ironik
Mr. Hudson
Tinchy Stryder


Alexandra Burke
Jade Ewen
Laura Izibor
Master Shortie


Beverley Knight
Keri Hilson


Dizzee Rascal
KanYe West


Dizzee - Bonkers
Alesha Dixon - Boy Does Nothing
Chipmunk - Diamond Rings
Beyonce - Single Ladies
Mr Hudson - Supernova


JLS - Beat Again
Chipmunk - Diamond Rings
KIG - Head Shoulders Knees&Toes
Tinchy Stryder & N Dubz - #1
N Dubz - Strong Again

BEST ALBUM - voted by fans

Kanye - 808s & Heartbreaks
Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22
Bashy - Catch Me If U Can
Beyonce - I Am Sasha Fierce
N Dubz - Uncle B

BEST REGGAE - if Sean Paul isn't there Serani, if he is Sean Paul

Sean Paul
Tarrus Riley
Vybz Kartel

(The controversial) BEST DJ - they say it's Westwood's, I think they'll change for that reason

Manny Norte
Ras Kwame
Rickie & Melvin
Sarah Love
Shortee Blitz
Steve Sutherland
DJ Target
Tim Westwood
Trevor Nelson

Would ask for your opinion but moretime people don't comment on blogs unless it one of the big ones

So, let the critiquing begin..... now!!!

Right, first things first, Lady Gaga?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Get the mess outta here right this very precise second. What the hell are they playing at? Like who actually put her on the shortlist to get nominated and who ticked her name to go into the nominations? Come on, let be avin ya?

Second thing, in my humble opinion the following don't or haven't yet made MOBO (is it just initials now or have we forgotten it stands for Music of Black Origin?) Alesha Dixon, Jade Ewen, Alexandra Burke, Mr. Hudson, Dizzee Rascal, KanYe West & Akon.

The following haven't made enough music to warrant a place in there; surprise, surpise Jay-Z. I'll 'llow Jeremih due to him having an album (even though we know he's a one-hit wonder).

Lemar still makes music? Surely he got in there due to his relationship. I really like the guy, one of the nicest most down to earth artists I've met but his last album bombed. Beverly Knight has only just released her album right? Sistrin ting!

Once again they neglected the UK Funky movement

To the pluses, Reggae award is accurate (who wants to bet Sean Paul performs?), UK Act is a mad ting! Group of death ting. Drake will walk with something, Bashy could have won best album if it wasn't a fan voting. I'm not actually sure of the demographic who will vote but I'll go with Tinchy or N-Dubz.

I asked earlier, if a white person sung 'Bonkers' by Dizzee, Chip Diddy Chip - Chipmunk or Number 1 - Tinchy Stryder if it would qualify them for a MOBO? The answer to that is they most probably would if Lady Gaga does. That shut me up

MOBO Nominations 2009 - My prediction

Tonight sees the announcement of the nominations for the annual (what year are we now?) MOBO awards which will take place in Glasgow, Scotland. *vinyl scratches and music stops* Yes, Scotland! Official line is they are taking it on the road until 2012. Yeah right, that doesn't sit right with me. Since when did MOBOs become an ambassador for sports and 2012? Stop the jokes, I didn't even lol behind my screen with a straight face. What you really mean is no embarrassment brought on from booin in a far from capacity crowd by unruly Londoners who probably blagged their way in for discounted prices anyway you bastards!!! In addition to that, the Scots will possibly be much more appreciative of seeing their favourite black artists. It's a bit far though isn't it

Well it isn't quite my predictions, mainly because I cannot remember the categories but what I can guarantee is that Tinchy, N-Dubz, Chipmunk, Master Shortie and Bashy will be up for Best UK male (if there is such award) and deservedly so.

Depending on which MOBO's we have (whether they are on point or not) will decide whether Bashy is up for Best Newcomer. If he is, he'll take it. If not, I think it's "the peoples champ" ROFL (rollin on floor laughin) Master Shortie's. He'll be nom'd alongside Mz. Bratt, K.I.G., Donae'o and couple others naturally. Those others also depend on MOBO panel. Double S should be up, but will Griminal get a nod? Tempz?! LMAO that'll be the day. How about Dot Rotten? Can't think of who else.

Alexandra Burke will be nom'd somewhere (MOBO music? Not yet she hasn't), Jay-Z (doesn't have to do anything but his name will be there), Kanye West (808s = MOBO?), Flo-Rida and my mind's gone blank

Now MOBO always has a reputation of disappointing by either a. not nominating those who the roads feel deserve to be (ala Giggs last year), or those who will make it by default even though they haven't produced any material or Music of Black Origin.

The most annoying/frustrating category for me personally is the Best Reggae award. In previous years we have seen Anthony Hamilton nom'd based on one song (Everybody was a great song but come on) and won by Sean Kingston *insert straight face*. However, last year was the best line-up they've had since they bowed to pressure from racist gay rights organisation OutRage! in about '03/'04 which saw them drop Sizzla, Beenie Man and Elephant Man from their list. Hopefully we see a continuation of last year (Busy Signal, Tarrus Riley, Beenie Man, Mavado & Etana), maybe even a performance this year?!

The performances were dry like crackers (no marg/butter etc.) last year. You know you're in trouble when Craig David has the livest performance of the night, but we'll save all that talk for a post closer to the awards.

I'll finish my post on this, will Giggs be nominated now that he has released a successful album, signed to Takeover Entertainment/XL Recordings? He has an awful lot more power than he did when he was just Giggs from Pecknarm who had the biggest song of the year.

And lastly, will they still choose to ignore UK Funky despite it's top 20 charting (K.I.G. 'Head,Shoulders, Knees and Toes) and the immenant major label release of Migraine Skank by Gracious K? Last year it was predominantly an underground movement but there has been growing interest in the genre. Even MTV Base show a prgramming filler chart show called UK Funky Top 40. Yeah, they had Chipmunk's 'Chip Diddy Chip' @ number 16 (Chip Diddy Chip? UK Funky? Bahahahahaha *inhales* ahahaha)

Ok, the real last thing; a final thought. People in-and-out (mainly in) of the music industry are saying this has been a good year for UK black music, but I question that. The faces may be black but is the music they are making black? For example, would we consider a white person singing Tinchy's chart-topper 'Number 1' a white person singing black music? Dizzee's 'Bonkers' most certainly wasn't, nor was Chipmunk's 'Diamond Rings'. Ironically, I give it to N-Dubz because they are making the closest to "black music".

Good year for the artists, yes, black music events are still getting shut down, even comedy awards are shut down, so it can't be good for the music. The black people are selling because they are making music the people like which at the end of the day is the ultimate aim. Let's celebrate the artists, but until they stick with the sound they were introduced to the underground with, they are not pushing black music. Some may say I'm being short-sighted, I ask who's to say they will sell making black music? Deal with wha gwarn, not what if's!

sidebar: Don't care about the DJ's category, World Music, Gospel, Jazz etc. hence no mention of them. Apologies if you do

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bounty Killer vs Vybz Kartel - Father vs. Son

Unlike Ele vs Flippa this war actually has substance. If you don't know here's a brief:

  • After being written a few songs by said artist, Bounty Killer (Killa) introduces and mentors (sons) Vybz Kartel
  • Kartel appeared & performed at Beenie Man (Killer's arch-enemy since 190-long) wedding
  • Kartel declares emancipation from Bounty Killer-led Alliance camp stressing the need to grow his own wings to fly
  • Killer calls Kartel ungrateful
  • Mavado and Kartel war begins, Killer makes a whole heap of subliminal songs directed at Kartel...

Kartel has made a few songs directly dissin Killer, but Killer never really outright replied causing many and even Kartel (Click for Vybz Kartel dissin Alliance "Suck pu**y Killer can't diss me") to suspect the once fearless Killer was running scared of the 'War Angel' aka Gaza yout' Vybz Kartel.

Killer finally plucked up the courage to send shots at Kartel

But most notably with Chatta Box

Vybz Kartel allegedly missed a booking in Turks & Caicos to make a reply to Chatta Box

Bounty Killer drops another one

Streets is saying Killer has the lead. The dynamic of this clash is completely different to Mavado vs. Kartel last year. Both artists were at the top of the game, one a singjay, the other a deejay. Nobody really gave Mavado a chance due to his style.

However this time around we have two deejays Killer and him sons Kartel. I recently heard Kartel call Beenie his Uncle (I think it was) so I still think he regards Killer as "di dads". Killer, unlike previous battles, most notably Merciless, comes into this the underdog. His career in desperate need of CPR because to be honest he hasn't had much recent success and many would argue that he lives of yesteryear and Mavado's name. Kartel on the other hand, has most of Jamaica screaming "Gaza mi seh" including many artists (Flippa Mafia, Beenie Man and even Usain Bolt ahead of 100m semi-finals in Berlin), there isn't anyone in the game with a big enough name who possess the war lyrics to dethrone him - but is Killer that man? I don't think this will be settled until Sting.

In my humble opinion, despite the talent of the two artists, neither have produced songs which equal a patch on Mavado vs. Kartel on the Self Defence, Drumline and Powercut riddims respectively. I'll keep you updated.

But what makes this funny is little over 3 weeks before this, Killer was on TVJ (TeleVisionJamaica) talking to Winford about Mavado and Kartel need to hold a treaty, yet he himself is now immersed in war with Kartel *insert confused face*. Maybe he was high on life after reversing the boo's at last year's SumFest to having one of the best received performances of the night.

p.s. Yes, yes I know the initial hype behind these tunes were over the weekend but due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn't able to post. My apologies

UPDATE 19/10/2009

Whallaloadacobblas?! Waste of time diss. Never thought I'd say this but maybe Kartel should stick to girl tunes!

*UPDATE 22/10/09

Bomboclaaart Bounty returns fire, this time he takes aim at Beenie Man as well for his "Them say them money nuff, but my money stock and piling up" sublim @ Mavado.

This one mad when you take the previous ones into consideration. I still think Bounty is winning on wax. All of Kartel tunes have been poor barring maybe the first. I still don't think this war has produced anything other than filler tunes. Shame really. The reworked names of Gaza were quite chuckle-worthy

UPDATE 26/10/2009

Kartel replies to dispel rumours of his pierced tongue.

More chat of sodomy. Kartel lame. At least he stuck to what he seems to be best at these days - singing with Autotune. Lack of melodies displayed with Virginity melody re-licked again.

What a shit war. Please Jah make them stop cutting songs. Just wait til Sting.

UPDATE 27/10/09

Bounty Killer replies. Yet again talking about Beenie Man, why? Bounty's "song writers" must be going into overdrive right now. Maybe he has them like Santa has elves.

Not feeling this one either. Why's he spitting so fast? Is because Claude Mills said his flow sounded old skool? None of these tunes have been difinitive of the clash. Can't see any being remembered. Lame war

*UPDATE 28/10/2009

Vybz Kartel makes home video for Nuh Bore Tongue

You know what, this tune's kinda catchy. By the end I find myself singing along to the chorus. Couldn't tell you who is winning this war. I just want them to 'llow it 'til Sting then face-to-face warring

UPDATE 19/11/09

Ok, so I was slightly late on this (internet days = real day months) Mavado sends shots at Vybz Kartel

From what I remember hearing, there will not be a rematch at Sting this year. Quite frankly, I wouldn't like to see a re-run, however, I do feel Mavado will fair better if they were to go toe-to-toe again. Better than before I mean.

I put the above video here as I didn't feel it was worthy of a new post for anyone wondering.

*UPDATE* 22/11/2009

Vybz Kartel replies to the above Mavado

Boring! He's still on this barber ting? I'm sure I've heard this same concept of you don't buss guns at least 3 times before. He really isn't good at this clashing ting is he? YAWN. He always seems to answer Mavado within 2 days (albeit with the same old concept), but long for Killa... does this mean peace at Usain Bolt's party is called off before it even happens?

But did he really draw Stephen into this? Like really? WOW! I can NOT believe he said that. And he's finally opened the door for Aidonia to enter the clash. Two of the baddest lyricist's in the game.

Ahh well, time to rub out the bleacher. Getting to big for his Clarks. Next tune I hope to post is Mavado & Aidonia produced by Stephen.

UPDATE 22/11/09

Going back, I've just discovered this Aidonia. Obviously what Kartel replying too

Who will actually be clashing at Sting? Goofy vs the enigma a.k.a. LA Lewis and who else? Kartel gonna take Merciless' place and clash 3 man one time?

UPDATE 23/11/09

Aidonia voices on what appears to be the war ground riddim for this battle, dubbed Israel (geddit? The whole Gaza strip debate in the real Gaza is between Palestine and ISRAEL!)

Indirect response to Kartel stating he is the "real Lord evil". Hmmm... we want but I guess Kartel threw a subliminal, so Donia is responding with one. Sting will be WARM this year. One lyricist will get rub out.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Flippa Mafia vs. Elephant Man

This is most probably the weirdest war ever. Ele is all about the dancing, Flippa all about the money. Granted Flippa was going at Killa earlier this year and Unfinished House is a big tune but both artists success are based on the aforementioned gimmicks. I hope they reveal this was all some big joke meaning neither of them decide to clash at Sting.

Flippa dropped a line about Ele in a song called 'Who Me?' on TJ's Unstoppable riddim. TJ is known for 'Beauty' and 'Beast' riddims which featured Vybz Kartel vs. Mavado amongst many other solid cuts. If you aren't familiar with that you will definitely know new riddim dubbed Unfinished Business which laid the foundation for 'So Special' by Mavado.

The line: "Not even them yout' them can't maintain/ that's why I'm glad me and Ele not the same"

Ele obviously took offence

Flippa's response

Elephant Man replies

Bwoy it look sticky pon Flippa right now.

I'm confused by this whole war thing because I saw these two having a water fight on Independence weekend 8th August to be precise @ Kool Runnings Water Park during the best party I have been to Xxxtreme Wet 'n' Wild.

You can't see Flippa in the pic but I swear to Jah that's his pimp cup in Ele's hand. Jah Cure was around at the time too.

As Shane Brown told me, this is the season for the war. Give it a rest lads

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Ain't Afraid To Say I Like... Rick Astley 'Never Gonna Give You Up'

I "ain't afraid to say I like..." it is gonna be a new category I'm playing with. Not 100% on the title, may change when I find something catchy. Focus will be placed mainly on songs but I have an idea for at least one other thing I'll put in this category. Conditions for this section: we all have things we like but are afraid to say in fear of what other people will say or are things which may not be cool to like, but I'm raggo telling the whole of the www ends who visit this space "I like it" cah I don't fear no one!

Setting off the series is this 80s classic by the ginger Rick Astley. I didn't mind being Rick Roll'd as I enjoyed listening to the song and the subtitles helped me sing-along. Believe it or not, this gets played in Jamaica lol. Bet you didn't know that

If you haven't been fortunate enough to have been Rick Roll'd, check this link

Friday, 21 August 2009

Flashback Friday: 110s (Trainers/Sneakers)

Sooooooooooo after a hiatus the Flashback Fridays make a return. I apologise for missing out the previous 3 weeks, had other stuff doing.

Today's topic is about popular old skool kicks/creps/boogs/and any other word that I can't remember to call trainers or as the Yanks say "Sneakers" circa 1999-2002 which cost £110. Back in these days, trainers were all about ostentatious designs whereas nowadays its simple designs and if you wanna push the boat out get loads of colours. Back in these days trainers would cost more than your whole outfit.

The spoilt kids had them (£75 I think) cos' no one was old enough to work legitamately so them kids were usually envied. Those with more than 2 pairs got attention from the budding gold digger. Back in them days parents bought one pair of trainers and you wouldn't get another until they were written off and then some. You had to prove to your parents that they were old (playing football in them at break time was usually the trick!). Parents soon wised up to the point where they sent kids to church in astroturfs.

I persoanlly would mark them out (fold the page) in the catalogue as to hint that those were the ones I wanted. Mainly in the Autumn Winter editions fingers crossed that I would get them from Santa for Christmas. I never got them, the games console or the bicycle

What inspired todays topic? I was killing time in London's West end - Oxford Circus/Street (well it was Regents Street still) - I ventured into the museum that is a.k.a. Nike Town. Haven't been in there for a long while, but boredom makes you do things you wouldn't usually.

I took the escalator to the first floor because that's where all the good stuff is. Instead of good stuff there were football boots (don't play football anymore), replica football kits (which reminds me; I'm looking for last seasons Manchester United kit. Don't ask why I don't have one already, nor my intentions for it) and Nike iD. In the Nike iD section I came across these

The ones I saw today were some mad fruity colours but Nike Cortez! I remember in about 1999/2001 when these were the rage. Literally all the kids had a pair. Except for me that is. I yearned for these, would visit the local trainers shop and look in the Kays catalogue just wishing I had a pair. Fast forward to 2009 and I think they are h-ugly!

I then ventured over to Foot Locker. Haven't stopped in there for the longest time either. Trainers used to be my vice but I keep my money in my pocket more often than not. On my visit to Foot Locker I spotted these bad boys (110 appreciation time - I'll do a miscellaneous one another day)

I never even knew the re-released Air Max 97s. Now I never wanted those. Although very similar in look I prefered these (although the ones pictured are ugly and aren't old skool but you get the point)


So that is how I got to where we are now.

I can see the first 110s but for the life of me I can't remember the name. They were blue and yellow. If I find out I'll be right back to edit the post. My apologies

Never had these, never really liked them either but they were like the standard black kicks at one point

Who remembers the boog (fake) ones nuff people had?

LMAO not me star!

I had one pair of these when they re-released them. Blue ones with mesh material. Will never spend £110 on trainers again!

If my memory serves me correctly, these were one of the original colourways. I remember these and a black and red pair being first.

As you probably guessed the next trainer topic will be the ones I had as opposed to yearned for

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hip Hop legend speak on Gully vs. Gaza

I found this on a popular dancehall forum. Not sure about the validity of it but I'll take it as legitimate. If it isn't erase his name from the text and imagine someone else said it (mi nah tek back no talk!)

Mr. Cee Says Squash The Beef
Aug 17th, 2009
by robk007.

A Hip Hop Legend says “Caribbean Music Can Be A Monster,” However…

I got a chance to reason with a Hip Hop Legend last Friday, the one and only Mr. Cee. Depending on the depth of your knowledge of hip hop culture, you may know Cee as Big Daddy Kane’s DJ, or as the man who recorded the demo tape that got Biggie Smalls his deal with Puff Daddy. Or you may just know him as the influential radio personality at New York’s #1 radio station, Hot 97 FM. Besides playing great hip hop and R&B, Cee has been influential in helping break many dancehall records on the international market. Hot 97 plays more reggae than most of the urban format stations in America. So I had to ask him the $64,000 question:

You were involved in hip hop before it was a major major money industry. Do you feel like reggae can ever reach that same level of prosperity internationally? It seems like it always stays in the grassroots and in the underground moreso than rap.

AND THIS IS WHAT HE SAID. “I know that reggae probably can be just as lucrative or just as successful as hip hop is, or maybe even beyond. I know that it could. But the one thing that’s the biggest downfall for reggae right now…

…and it’s been the downfall for the longest time—is these artists not getting along with each other, and these artists not doing enough with one another to lift each other up and help each other out, to take the music to the next next level. If they was to work together a little bit more, do more collaborations with each other a little bit more, and just lift each other up a little bit more, piggyback off each other a little bit more, Caribbean music can be a monster.

I love Mavado and I love Kartel, but for those two guys to be at the top of the game right now and for them to be going through what they’re going through, it doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t help the overall upfliftment of what the Caribbean scene could be.

You know, I spoke to Mavado’s manager a couple of weeks ago on the email and I said, “Yo, even Jay-Z and Nas squashed their beef.” I just threw that line at him through the email just so that maybe he can talk to Mavado. Just kind of, you know, throw those words out there so maybe something can be worked out. Now I’m not trying to be a peacemaker. But I know that’s always been the downfall of Caribbean music since I’ve been dealing with it. The artists don’t get along with each other, the promoters don’t get along with each other, the Djs don’t get along with each other. It’s worse than hip hop—and hip hop is bad—but it’s worse than hip hop.

But one thing I will say that the Caribbean artists have over the hip hop artists is this: Beenie Man and Bounty Killer can be on the same show and they’re not going to go to blows with each other. 50 Cent and Rick Ross—you can’t put them on the same show. You know what I mean? The Caribbean artists at least have some type of sanity to them going at each other. But if they was to work together a little bit more, do more collaborations with each other a little bit more, and just lift each other up a little ebit more, piggyback off each other a little bit more, Caribbean music can be a monster.

That is such a big point that you made, and I hate to even conjure up the spirit of your good bredren—but having gone through seeing what happened with B.I.G. and Pac—does that influence your thoughts on what’s happening in reggae right now?

Of course it does. Of course it does. And that’s why I won’t feed into what Mavado says about Kartel, and I won’t feed into what Kartel says about Mavado. Of course it does because at any given time… Is Mavado gonna do something to Kartel? No. Is Kartel gonna physically do something to Mavado? No. But both of them got entourages and both of them got people that—their man’s man’s man—you know what I mean? And you just never know the next man’s intention, of when somebody may take action on the other person just because they wanna show that they a rider, or that they’re gonna ride or die for their brother. And so on and soforth. So that’s what scares me about the whole situation that’s going on now between Gully and Gaza. You know what I mean? It’s just crazy to me. And it’s so much money to be made out there. And there’s so much prosperity and so much uplift that these artists can give to their country if they was to be a little bit more accessible to each other.

Alright so first and foremost big up Mr. Cee on his achievements but this peeved me. First off why ask him like he's qualified to answer that question. I mean I'm not gonna front, I have asked an artist a question people didn't feel the artist had the right to speak on but I have my reason for asking Asher Roth if he thinks the writing is on the wall for gangsta rap. He reps the new breed who buck the trend.

Anyway, little off-topic there. Back to the matter at hand, Mr Cee, well done for taking notice of what's going on in the dancehall genre, but I think you're wrong. How can beef in the industry stop them progressing on a commercial level? Dancehall is still quite a niche market, therefore if you play a random Mavado or Vybz Kartel record on commercial radio, most won't know about their beef.

I know Hot 97 and Mr Cee play a lot of dancehall tracks, but still in 09 many programmers are scared to play dancehall even if it is a heater, yet a Hip Hop or R&B song can get less response but it would get spins. Shouts to 1Xtra over here but certain other stations have the choice but don't play them. I take his comment that the beef can be bad and friends of the artists can take it further, but on a musical level I disagree.

Going closer to home, I don't have the greatest knowledge of the ins-and-outs of dancehall/reggae music as a whole but in my experience and from what I have got to understand through speaking to others is the people in the dancehall industry aren't very professional. That's the biggest problem!

With a little help from the words of Mr Cee's friend the late Notorious BIG, "If you don't know now you know!"

That isn't the whole solution to the problem; culture clash from Jamaica to America, image and marketing, VISAs, lack of labels, buyers/support at grassroots apart from concert attendance in Jamaica, language/dialect barrier, lack of real concern when it comes to subject matter (I love that it's so rebellious) etc.

To be honest, my wish is for the artists, producers, managers and them to make a money, but I really wouldn't want it to go commercial like Hip Hop. Hip Hop and R&B in recent times have both produced a lot of music with not much substance, with most artists replicating what's hot. In Dancehall they have what they have and do it for the real fans who appreciate the music rather than buyers who are into it because it's cool. In my opinion, Dancehall is the least diluted form of English-speaking black/urban music in the world and I think it needs to be preserved.

And on a related note, I can't believe with the information at hand, why the hell do dancehall songs take so long to buss in England? Flamin' 'eck you DJ's are so slow. May have to change that

Earwig selection v. 2

Alright I did the 1st part a very, very long time ago. Wouldn't like you to believe this is a straight follow up but I couldn't find a title which suited the post better.

Holiday blue are still lingering and that will be expressed in this post. Not only that but Dancehall and Reggae music is the best in the world if we are honest about it.

One of the hottest tunes in Jamaica right now.

Mavado on this riddim is locking dances. Can see this working as Erupt - Run Dem Head part 2 in UK

Rate this too, another courtesy of Gaza leader

Summer tune of 09

One of the realest tunes about! Love these conscious songs in dancehall.

Feelin the Bugle on the riddim too

Big tune by Laden. Fi di tugs dem yazeet, yazeet, yazeet!

I'll throw in some Yank music cos' this guy is just that guy. From I first listened to The Warm Up back in June, this song got repeat treatment


Bolt is that damn guy

I really didn't think he was going to buss it true I didn't think he was bothered. Now I know Bolt just wants to break records I will never doubt him ever again! In Bolt we trust

Shouts to Bridgette Foster-Hylton who finally got her gold medal in the 100m hurdles yesterday! Well done to Olympic champ Melaine Walker came through today and won 400m gold.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Vybz Kartel's Usain Bolt tribute

In celebration of Usain Bolt's incredible achievements (Gold and WR in a like "Did he just really run that time?" speed) Vybz Kartel decided to make a tribute

Bit poor don't?

To make up for it watch the race again

How does a 6'5 man drive out of the blocks like that? Unbeatable

I was going to do a big blog on what I did and still do consider as the most intense sporting rivalry of the year, but I was too busy. I apologise. In brief I was going to comment on the way the two had stayed apart, Gay had ran the faster times but in the better conditions etc. but sadly I'll never get to write it because Gay, although gave a valiant effort which was worthy of gold, was dismantled in absolutely astonishing fashion. Bolt to the world. And for those who don't know which dance he did with Asafa Powell (vid cuts off before), it is called luggo luggo and was featured in this summer 08 chart-topper

Go on laugh, but everyone bussin these in the dance is better than your Tribal Skank!

Here's Hitler's reaction