Friday, 31 December 2010

The year that was 2010

So here we are, last day of the year 2010. First off twenty-eleven sounds butters, nor is it aesthetically pleasing.

I don't really do reviews. Previews di ting deh (I prefer writing previews/predictions) 'cos "mi nuh look back, straight front or forward me say", but I thought it's only right.

So I'll start with fact that I went from nothing to something this year. Started off writing for nobody to, &, on the Bloggers Delight fam and my own blog has been a trendsetter in a few ways. My MeViews and TweeteReviews (formerly TweetView - changed it for Google purposes) have taken off in particular Damian Marley and Nas concert, MOBO Awards 2010 and XFactor ones have received nuff attention.

Out of my many random ramblings, I got quoted on BBC website and received emails from people at 1Xtra congratulating me on my blog and recommendations. I don't really brag about controversy, that's so 2009, if it has come my way, I've forgotten about it.

Here are (some of) the blog posts I'm most proud of:

My top 5 tunes for the summer

All of these were on Robbo Ranx's top 5 dancehall chart. On two occassions the chart was filled by 5 of the 6. Included in this are the two biggest dancehall hits of 2010 in Vybz Kartel's Clarks and Gyptian's Hold You. Both featured on my blog before they were even being played in clubs. You may also be interested in this post.

Damian Marley & NaS Distant Relatives concert MeView

Type "damian marley nas concert" into Google and this is the 7th result, 2nd highest ranked review. I coined the term "MeView" (an in-depth review through my eyes) when I wrote this. I wrote this on the plane to Jamaica due to requests from followers, namely @PurpleRamblings. My favourite concert of the year. Think I got that across in the MeView.

MOBO Awards 2010 MeView + TweetView

Another first for me. What started out as a MeView turned into an innovative and popular TweeteReview made up of copy and pasted my timeline's reaction to the always controversial MOBO Awards. With MeView's you only get my opinion. Through the TweetView you see everyone's reactions to the show. This is one of my favourite posts in the year and a bit that I've been blogging. Absolute stone cold classic post. Yeah, I said it. Shouts to SoulCulture for blogging it too.

Labrinth 'Let The Sun Shine' (+ prediction that two other singles will fail)

I like this post for two reasons, hate it for one. First reason I love it? Quoted on BBC, but the thing I hate about it is "Marvin Sparks says: "If this doesn't hit number 1, I'll... be very surprised." Tinie Tempah released a single the same week so that messed things up. 2nd thing I like is I was right that the other two artists, Loick Essien and Talay Riley, should have avoided releasing around that time or face chart failure. Despite reasonably good songs (more Loick), they didn't reach top 40. I also mentioned that Tinie Tempah will take Tinchy Stryder's fans and that Tinie pushed the game on from the song Tinchy did with Taio Cruz. Tinchy's single didn't do well, not sure about the album sales.

Another post I did nicely was the dubstep over funky when Katy B released the video for top 5 single here

MiRecommend: Ed Sheeran

Finally, everyone is doing who to look out for in 2011. As I mentioned earlier: "I don't really do reviews, previews di ting deh (I do previews)". Ed Sheeran is a singer I blogged about in April as someone I recommend. He is the main person I shall carry on endorsing for 2011. Collabs EP drops on January 9th. I shall be copping.

And if you wanna hear 90% of my favourite dancehall tunes, download this here mix. As I said, I don't do review, straight preview. I made this a bit ago but it has most of the tunes you'll need to hear, mix and blend precisely.

For another kinda wrap up post, read this. It details my writing/interview game for 2010.

And all my FlashBack Friday's. Must continue to do more in 2011

My highlights of 2010 are:

Interviewing my favourite rapper (J. Cole), favourite grime MC (Devlin), witnessing Bounty Killer and Beenie Man surprise performance together just after Killer dissed him (they've gone on to do it at least three times), partying during a thunderstorm at Wet 'n' Wild in Negril, Jamaica (big up Elephant Man and Aidonia going around with water pistols, Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor, Tony Matterhorn, Coppershot... party shot!), Street Vybz Thursday on the 29/7/2010 (ZJ Rush absolutely spazzed out that night), going to 2 of my favourite producers studios, witnessing one of my favourite riddims for the year get built (mad lucky), being in very small company of those to interview both Vybz Kartel and Mavado (did I let that out?), reggae's biggest export this year Gyptian and last year Serani, UK reggae's finest Gappy Ranks (and having the interview included in his press release), being the first journo to have a full in-depth interview "Wha' gwaan Popcaan?". Witnessing that explode over the net during my holiday in Jamaica was great. Jamaica in 2010 was possibly my favourite time ever. Loved it! Been there 11 times, yet still found new things to do.

Thanks to MTV Wrap Up, Soul Culture and Flavour Magazine for giving homes to my interviews. Thanks to everyone that has taken the time out to click any of my links. Thanks to all of you currently reading and staying with me through my weird ramblings. Thanks to all my followers on Twitter. Big up everyone that has faith in me, wishes me well and encourages me through Twitter and personally. Thanks to you all.

Happy New Year from all of us (just I) at Marvin Sparks dot blog spot dot com.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Marvin Sparks speaks to Vybz Kartel fans special

Well, if you've been following either myslef or Kartel on Twitter you would have seen the tweet (copied from Kartel's twitter) @iamthekartel: "#AWOAH RT @MarvinSparks @iamthekartel bless up king. People talking about your interview already. Wait til the rest drops. Oh!" [source]

Tweet was after I read discussions about our interview on various dancehall forums.

This is the rest... Hear him speak on:
  • Why he hasn't fired a diss back in response to Aidonia's diss records (Nuh Par Wid and Nuh Tek Chat) and why there's a problem between them
  • What he thinks of Busy Signal and whether they'll ever work together
  • If we'll hear Vybz Kartel work with producer Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor (build the riddims for Come Breed Me, Bicycle/Mr Officer and many more) and what their problem is
  • Does he have any hate for Bounty Killer
  • His only regret as a dancehall artist
  • Plans to exploit controversy of cake soap and why he uses it
And some other stuff. This is the 3rd installment. The previous 2 were on (part 1 & part 2). No talk on Beenie Man because this was before, plus the Beenie Man stuff has been covered by dancehall people bigger than me. Think that's pretty much sorted. But what he says about Dancehall Hero in the interview kinda sums that up too prior to it happening.

Sadly, he won't be performing at Sting tonight (wasn't booked). But anyway, for your listening pleasure (click here for all my other interviews)

@MarvinSparks: Vybz Kartel on wars and business ventures by MiNameMarvinSparks

Also, Tads Records, who released Pon Di Gaza 2.0, just released a new EP of Kartel's biggest hits of 2010. It's called

Clarks: De Mixtape Raw , it was released on December 10th, and it's available on itunes now:

Disclaimer: I asked these questions as a fan for the fans. We all want to hear Kartel on Stephen riddims, Aidonia is probably the only lyricist that will manage Kartel in a clash, and people due to my most recent interview with Busy Signal a lot of people speculated that he has a big problem with Kartel so I tried to mediate. So don't shoot the messenger lol. Bless

Oh yeah, check out my mate Loukia interivew my other mates, Heatwave (@GabrielHeatwave, @DanBean & @BenjaminDMusic) here

UK video update

So finally, the long-awaited video finally dropped. Chris Brown featuring UK MC/rapper Chipmunk (I think they made a typo on the title, I'm sure it's Chris Brown's song) 'Champion'

Chris Brown delivered an emotive verse there, really held the camera well, and Chipmunk held it down well. Haven't really heard him do too many feature verses in the past apart from Ironik's Elton John song 'Tiny Dancer' and remixes (Tinchy's Take Me Back and couple others).

I take it this from Chris Brown's new album? The one with that Yeah 3x (remember that tune? I nearly forgot myself).

But onna real, well done to Chipmunk getting Chris Brown on a track. Tune's a grower still, powerful but I know Chipmunk's delivery could have been better. Sounds lacklustre next to Chris Brown's. The video is stunning visually... I'm sure there's room in the video for a story but it doesn't matter too much.

Oh and remember I blogged that I tweeted Chipmunk worked with a dancehall artist? Well I wass right. He worked with Mavado.

Lethal Bizzle featuring Grime Allstars 'Pow 2011'

Finally dropped. Can't say I like the song that much but it can gwaan. Don't like Ghetts' bit at all. Shame, cos I'm a big fan of Justin.

Video's alright still.

Check UK/Congolese comedian Eddie Kadi refix Pounded Yam 2011

"Well, well, well, are you serious? You've never heard of pounded YAM!"

This is actually funny. Smart rework of lyrics. Pounded yam is some form of west African food. Never had it before but I'm guessing you put yam in a bowl and pound it with some form of wooden instrument.

Wales remix? This is funny for another reason

Skepta "My new flow's so sick MC's tryna find out where I caught the infection"

Skepta tells no lies, someone put one big dutty Duracel battery in his back the way he is rippin' these tunes right now.

"And now that I'm on the playlist I'm not tryna get put back on the hitlist
Back in the streets of north London dippin' in and out of T with the biscuit"

Urghk! The Frisco sample for the chorus is dutty!!! The beat is straight muckilly. Bars are friggin' gone! This is too sick.

And the Mike Lowery video dropped?

Tune is still absolutely bonkers!!! I need to see him drop this in a rave. It will duppy. I know the perfect tune to mix this with. Urghk!!! I know someone will do it. This is a rap song, video's about people dissing on laptop. Hold tight this comment on YouTube

"I cant stand this Skepta dude, for fuck sake, fucking wanker. KMT




Be Right Back...Some 1 is at my door. lol"

linkuptvuk 2 hours ago


Thursday, 23 December 2010

TotD, TToftD, QotD

All those acronyms in the title are in this post.

Wiz Khalifa 'Black and Yellow'

Been meaning to post this from a while back, but didn't. Tuuuune

This YouTube comments a bit harsh though: "Black and Yellow are the worst colors to represent the worst city in the US....but this song sure is catchy"

Black and Yellow is about Pittsburgh, PA

Hold tight G-Dep

You should know about former Bad Boy record rapper G-Dep admitted to murder. Puff spoke on him yesterday in an interview with Elliott Wilson on Shade 45 (listen to part 4). That's some real stuff Puff spoke right there. I've always said people judge Puffy differently to others. Everyone people ask "Oh what happened to..." he made them. Total and 112 weren't good singers. Mary J wasn't the singer she is today either. Sometimes artists have talent but they don't work for whatever reason.

Puffy made Jodeci, Mary J, 112, Ma$e, brought us The LOX, produced Jay-Z's real comeback album in American Gangster and let's not forget 2 classic albums with arguably the best rapper ever in Notorious BIG. He made Biggie do Juicy against his will because Big said the track is soft. Let's pause for a second while we think about a massive tune we'd have missed out on...

Ok. And when I say produce, I don't mean send a beat over by email "Biggie spit on this. Bless" I'm talking steered Biggie down a route he wasn't on or interested in, wrote a storyboard for the album and Ready To Die is a classic. With Life After Death, Puff split the producers, The Hitmen, in two. Can't remember who was with who, but D Dot, Stevie J, Puff and one other, then they battled each other with beats. Method could have been used before but I don't know.

But yeah the boy G got knocked.

Who never attempted the Harlem Shake in the mirror?

Yank speaks on Passa Passa

This is an interesting interview with US journalist/former editor of Trace magazine Anicée Gaddis. She speaks affectionately about notorious garrison community Tivoli Gardens, controversial street dance Passa Passa and her love for dancehall culture.
My favourite quote that brings a lot to me is: "AG: I’m a dancehall junky. I just love the music; I love the theatre. It’s a ball. There’s a lot of drama and there’s a lot of action. There are always dancers, the guy chatting on the mic—it’s more than just the music; it’s the energy that this whole system brings." This is also real talk: "[Jamaican people] have so much style and flair and personality and creativity just bubbling around."

LU: And what do you want readers to gain from the book?

AG: That Jamaica is more than the sum of its parts. It’s layered. The people are layered an nuanced and spiritual—not necessarily in the religious sense, but in the human sense. They have such an internal beauty that is expressed in the culture and the dancing and the music and the soundbattles. Jamaicans as a people are some of the richest and most gorgeous that I have encountered. And I think that the true expression of that is for me at something like Passa Passa where you see so many dimensions.

Read the interview here

Please note: I just deleted a sick lightbulb moment from this post. Safe.

Throwback Tune of the Day: T-Pain featuring Mike Jones 'I'm In Luv With A Stripper' (or should that be las... lol)

What a tune! This album should have been called 808s and Autotune. Never really understood this tune before...

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

On My Mind

Real Badman Never Afraid: Urban Cookie Collective 'The Key, The Secret'

This song came to mind whilst editing some audio last night.

Throwback Tune of the Day: 50 Cent 'Wanksta'

I still remember the summer this dropped. Maaaan, no other artist had the same impact as 50. I was hooked on freestyles before this dropped but this sealed the deal. Also, I laugh at those who are surprised 50 Cent is witty on Twitter. Guess they never heard the beat jacks where he took the piss with original songs. His bars were gangsta with a witty edge.

Vybz Kartel big rass forward in Suriname

Suriname is in South America,, borders Brazil. This is Vybz Kartel in Suriname. Listen to the crowd.

Don't forget to check my interview with Vybz Kartel here

Next concert footage, I-Octane's Different Page concert. Nuff hype. Skip to 1:35

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg 'Kush' (no Akon)

This is such a p-take, how they gonna take out Akon then upload and it still sounds like a proper tune. I actually don't mind Akon on this track.

New members to #TeamNotDigginNoDiggity

If you follow me on Twitter (@MarvinSparks), you'll be aware of #TeamNotDigginNoDiggity. It's a phrase I coined following a tweet stating I hate BlackStreet's song 'No Diggity'. Probably their most famous song (yes ahead of 'Before I Let You Go' and 'Don't Leave'), it is so overrated. Other members of the crew are @missjaylouise, @PurpleRamblings, @DeliciousDavina and @SadieAma. We're still recruiting, so if you wanna join holla at me with less that 140 characters detailing why you hate the song. Actually, because it's that overrated, you can use multiple tweets to express yourself. Trust me, Marvin Sparks understands.

Anyway, they interviewed King of New Jack Swing aka super-producer aka BlackStreet founding member Teddy Riley over at SoulCulture where he states, I quote: "Like No Diggity, None of the guys liked ‘No Diggity’. None of them. They would even say it. That’s why I’m singing the first verse..."

So boom, that's 3 more members to the squad. Yeah, the song was a hit and is a classic but I don't like it.

On a related tip...

Random Tune of the Day: Guy 'Tell Me What You Like'

What a tune!!! Teddy Riley's group before BlackStreet. Hold tight Aaron Hall. R. Kelly stole your thunder didn't he?

This knocked too. Swear down, the video has nothing do with the reason I posted it.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Things to do this Xmas Holiday

One of the hottest unsigned bands in the UK The Thirst are back with their Live club night
‘Plan A –The Christmas Special’ @ Plan B (Brixton) on Thursday 23rd December
The Thirst have been praised with creating a new sound and scene which they call
‘Electric Groove’, a mix of Urban and Rock elements.

The Thirst again have called on some of the hottest live talent.
Performing on the night will be Random Impulse, G-Frsh,
The illersapiens and XO Man.

And next Wednesday:

Hot Wuk >> London's madddest bashment party

- Wednesday 29th December 2010
- East Village, Shoreditch
- 9.30pm-2.30am
- £5 adv / £7 on the door
- DJs: The Heatwave / Sticky / Motive

London's maddest bashment party + the festive season = 100% Christmas bashment madness

Come join the Heatwave family and work off the turkey with the original dancehall workout!

Get tickets from

Photos from our last party >>

If you want to hear great bashment in a nice environment, Hot Wuk is the place for you.

What are people doing New Year's Eve? I have no idea. Holla at me. Safe.

Terms and conditions: Must not be over £30. I will not pay £30 to hear DJs I'll hear next week for a 1/3 of the price. Must be worth it. Now you can see why I'm stuck, innit?

Romain Virgo interview for Soul Culture

This youth right here is the future of reggae. Don't sleep

Romain Virgo began singing in his local church choir as a youngster after his talent was spotted by a neighbour. During high school, he became lead singer of the school’s choir, with whom he finished runners-up on Jamaica’s nationally televised competition, All Together, in 2006.

Following encouragement from people who saw him lead the choir, Romain entered the soloist equivalent, Rising Stars, later that year. Unfortunately, he failed to make it to the finals, but the confidence gained from positive feedback helped the then 17 year-old try again in 2007. Not only did he make it through, he became the youngest singer to win the competition.

Since winning, the singer-songwriter has gone on to become one of the most promising young reggae singers, currently working under the wing of legendary producer Donovan Germain. Germain’s Penthouse record label has been very influential to the careers of some of reggae and dancehall’s biggest artists and producers from previous decades including Beres Hammond, Garnett Silk, Wayne Wonder, Sanchez, Buju Banton and producer Dave Kelly.

Virgo thanks his mother for playing the likes of Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, Sanchez, Beres Hammond to Michael Jackson, Percy Sledge and Marvin Gaye, which he credits as a contributing factor to people describing his songs as having an ‘old soul’ feel.

A range of mature topics can be heard on the 20 year-old’s self-titled debut album; songs such as Virgo’s smash hit ‘Can’t Sleep’ details the troubles with living amongst young gun men in the ghetto, empathises with less fortunate employees struggle on ‘Who Feels It, Know’s It’, offers advice on ‘Be Careful’ (interpolates Bob Marley’s ‘Time Will Tell’), ‘As The Money Done’ warns fellow males of gold diggers, break-up on ‘Walking Out On You’, to serenading that special lady on ‘Taking You Home’.

Marvin Sparks caught up with Romain Virgo to discuss life after winning Rising Stars. He opens up about lacking of confidence, nerves during his first session with Donovan Germain, the importance of social commentary over sing-a-long songs and his debut album, Romain Virgo.

Click here for interview

Love Doctor is a big tune but Who Feels It Knows It is my favourite tune of his. One thing that makes reggae singer stand out from singers in other genres is the social-commentary aspect. Can't be dealing with love songs 24/8 Sunday-Sunday. Bun that. Give me some reality

Found this footage on YouTube of a concert at Rototom Festival in Valencia, Spain this year

For all my other interviews, click here

And while you're over at SoulCulture check out Tahirah's flashback review on Bob Marley's album 'Exodus'. Trust me, it is sick!

Vybz Kartel part again for MTV TWU

The second part of the Clarks trilogy is called 'Clarks Again' for a reason, doah? Awoah!

Well in case you missed first part, the link is right here. We warmed up with the first part, speaking about the success of Clarks, insight into both his unique style when he broke onto the scene and the creation of Major Lazer 'Pon Di Floor', little background to the members of the ever-changing roster over at Portmore Empire, and he explained his work-ethic

In this part we went a bit deeper. As I said, the first part was a warm up. In this we spoke in-depth about the controversy surrounding last year's Ramping Shop. The lawsuit, resulting censorship on radio and why he went on the riddim in the first place. Makes some valid points. Also why he makes raw uncensored tunes even though he has to make a version suitable for radio.

For the real dancehall fans we spoke about reinvention and the now controversial Dancehall Hero. Let's be honest, Mavado kind've stole Kartel's thunder as the elite hardcore dancehall artist, so Kartel has done very well to reclaim his position at the front alongside the Gully Gad/Star Bwoy. Some say he borrowed Mavado's singjay style so I had to ask that. I'd just like to point out we spoke about Dancehall Hero before Beenie Man responded. Although it's kinda unfortunate I couldn't get his response to Beenie then, I guess it's kinda good foresight because I included the question even though it wasn't THAT controversial then.

Lastly, for the UK mandem we spoke working with Kano, then the big one: when will he be on a tune with Mavado?

Click here for all the answers

For all my other interviews click here

Monday, 20 December 2010

Back on it again

So I took a week break from blogging. It wasn't anything like a sabbatical or anything along the lines of some deep spiritual "finding myself". What started out as let me let the blog breathe actually turned involutary. I didn't really find the time to get to blog. But I'm back up in this BLOG!

Flashback Tune of the Day: Tyrese 'Sweet Lady'

What started out as hearing something on the telly that sounded similar to 'Signs of Love Making' took me on a slight journey in my mind. I think Jamie Foxx makes the type of song Tyrese did. Both were better known for something previous to singing (Tyrese = model/actor, Jamie = comedian/actor). Strange coincidence don't you think? Well that's if you agree they share a similar style

Anyway, I ended up on Sweet Lady. Remember Tyrese as the dude from the Coke advert on the bus? Did you know Johnta Austin wrote this at 16? Yeah, a 16 year-old wrote this tune you fiddled to. Feel slight paedo? Nah, me neither. Disclaimer: I didn't fiddle. In case that's the conclusion you arrived at.

Usher get's jup dup dorjit about Trading Places

Week old but I didn't blog last week. Imamgine how hot she must have felt when he boot heel landed in his face. Not many people get up on stage. You know she most probably fancies him, dreamt of being that close to him then performs a fail in front of thousands of people watching

If you don't recognise "Jup dup dup dorjit", we can'y be friends. Ryu and Ken move on Street Fighter

Go to 00:14

"Yeah luv, your hair's on fire, still"

Another week old video, but funny as shet. Not that her hair was on fire. Just the situation. Like can you imagine, like being there, yeah, and like... yeah, jokes innit? *nervous look* Yeah...

Hugh Jackman fail

Lifted from Mad News

Yeah, you may have seen this too but it is jokes.

Hugh Jackman injured in Oprah TV show stunt in Australia
Uploaded by ligomilitos. - Watch the latest news videos.

Tune of the Season: Skepta 'Mike Lowery'

I tweeted about this tune when it dropped and still rinsing it now. It's like a hip hop based beat with a reggae tinge.

Too many quotables on this track:

"See I've got more heart than Tony Hawk's but when I'm riding I ain't ramping
I'm ready for all out war dem man are lying on the floor camping"

"When I say that I gotta stick it in a pu**yhole it ain't no sexual innuendo"

"When it comes to the bedroom ladies better know I'm so x-rated
I met her on Monday and made love on the same day 'cos I ain't Craig David"


If you heard it and thought "Where's the reggae in this?" you don't know reggae. A bar is made up of 4 beats (count 1-2-3-4). The pattern of the synths (durr-durr-durr-durr that sound)in conjunction with the clap (pretty self-explanatory; the clap sound of the snare drum) is reggae. Listen to the instrumental: it goes "Durr clap - durr durr clap - durr durr clap - durr durr clap..." also known as third beat. As far as I know, before reggae, they didn't work around the third beat. Ska was on two and four like rock n roll. Anyway, too technical

Here is an example of how it was before reggae/the clap on the 2 and 4.

Then reggae

So ANYtime you hear the snap on the third beat, know it's reggae that set it.

Speaking of reggae

Real Badman Never Afraid: Ace of Base 'The Sign'

This pop reggae tune by Swedish outfit Ace of Base is a quality tune. Rinsing this recently. Proper vibesy.

The End.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Vybz Kartel interview for MTV Wrap Up

Huh? Whut? Yes, Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel (@iamthekartel) drop for @MarvinSparks interview @MTVwrapup by MiNameMarvinSparks

If you know how much I love dancehall, you can kinda guess how excited I was to do this and bring it to you. If you know how respected your work and avenue have to be + small amount of interviews Kartel (that's the abbreviation, not Vybz) does, you'll understand how special this interview is. I think this is his first ever UK interview (outside of DJ's Robbo Ranx and possibly Young Lion at 1Xtra). His PR said it's the first too, but I couldn't prove beyond reasonable doubt that the now defunct New Nation didn't interview him. Anyone else that did one didn't register on Google. Soz xxx. (So yeah, if you wanna cover dancehall and reggae interviews, holla at me for the BEST/unreachable reggae and dancehall artists:

Vybz Kartel has been one of my favourite deejay's long before the Gully-Gaza feud. From he was shouting "Up to di time" or when he adopted the badman Kartel persona on track with "Up to di crime". Them tunes there did maddddddddddd! "Portmore have di askella/ Weh make big man scream like Angela/ Police can't lock me up like Mandela/ You mad?! Head we open like umbrella" or "Mi nuh care weh you bad from/ Or di ends where you trod from/ Gunshot make fall like the bridge over London!"

At times I wondered whether this would ever take place. Was supposed to interview him whilst I was in Jamaica this summer. He got locked up. Then two weeks ago, but he had a family matter. This story is similar to another reggae artist; first time his house got burnt down, second he got locked up. Still praying for that day.

Before you get the link, I'mma take you on a little journey with a slightly personal blog which I don't ever do, but 'cos it's year end and I'm actually proud of myself here goes...

This time last year (well until about May this year) I didn't have anywhere to post interviews apart from this very blog. I didn't do stuff for anymore because of changes going on there, nor did I write for the magazine I used to. Why? A few reasons. Is it professional to go into them here? Probably not. Could be here all day. But I will say this: treating people with respect goes very far unlike a par + "Me run tings, tings nuh run me". If you know which one that is, you know, if not, I ain't gonna say. Big up Matt Power from PyroRadio all day though. Don innadis! I'll always say that. He's now doing very well over at

I've always known I am the man for reggae and dancehall interviews in the UK, others didn't. I know this from feedback I have received from those in and out of the dancehall genre + I don't see anyone else cover it as hard as I do. Plenty dancehall followers on Twitter now so it's reaching the people. I can't say journalism because man like Gabriel Heatwave is a badman (when he gets time to blog and isn't travelling around the world DJing)! Same for Dan and Benjamin. Check out Heatwave site to see what they do. There may be others, but I can't think of them right now or I haven't(/don't) read their isht.

Anyway, I remember last summer getting air on the Serani interview, because quite frankly, the people there didn't rate me or the avenues. I also remember wanting to interview Sean Paul around the same time. Never got that due to miscommunication, then SP didn't return when he was scheduled to over carnival weekend. Now you can kinda imagine my disappointment seeing others who I know don't share my passion for dancehall and reggae get those interviews.

But you know what, I thought I'm good enough, let me push on.

Year goes by and I've had the pleasure of interviewing three of my favourite producers including Serani. The man from that Clarks song Popcaan's first interview with a UK journalist which exploded all over the interwebs and re-posted on 14 different dancehall sites last time I Google'd. First with Alliance member Wayne Marshall who had a big song this year posted on Drake's site and featured Estelle on the remix. Interviewed the man with the biggest song of the year, Gyptian. UKs leading reggae artist Gappy Ranks interview included on his press release. Got another one that got posted on quite a few sites with Busy Signal.

Outside of reggae and dancehall, I interviewed two of my top 5 "More I'd like to hear more from' in 2010, one of my fave grime artist's Devlin and my favourite rapper J. Cole (I think that will drop in 2011), released my first video interview with Akala, there's a second one somewhere not online yet though. Also, an exclusive interview with SAS. Oh yeah, also got a front cover feature too with Davinche and Cleo Sol for Flavour magazine. I've done a few others as well, but you'll see them in due course.

Haven't got the Sean Paul yet but he follows me on Twitter so you never know.

Shout out the good people at VP, Joseph Patterson and Annika Allen for this year. Ya large. Also 'ang tight my Bloggers Delight familia. Last night's live session was big!

So yeah, it has been a productive one. If you feel like people aren't rating you, hold the faith, push harder and you'll get there. Trust me.

Disclaimer: This doesn't work for everyone. You have to be good. Obviously

Anyway, here is the first part of 2/few/twice ("we nah test two") for MTV Wrap Up. But like Clarks, there has to be a trilogy, doah? Oh! Awoe!!!

In his first full-length interview with a UK journalist in over 5 years, Vybz Kartel speaks to The Wrap Up’s Marvin Sparks about his beginnings, writing for Bounty Killer, the infectious tribute to footwear brand Clarks, working with Major Lazer on ‘Pon Di Floor’ and much more, in the first of this two-part interview...

Vybz Kartel were a group comprised of three artists, including Adijah Palmer, then known as Addi Banton. The group split due to differences in vision, but Addi Banton kept the name Vybz Kartel, joined Bounty Killer's crew, Alliance, and the rest, as they say, is history. Initially coming to prominence flexing his lyrical skills in 2002, Kartel became one of the genre's leading artists shortly thereafter, which included featuring on the Def Jam's US and Jamaica collaboration album, ‘Def Jamaica’, working with Missy Elliott and fans including Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z. Controversy has never been far; from clashing Ninja Man, which lead to a fight on stage, leaving the Alliance then performing at his former mentor's biggest rival Beenie Man's wedding to Bounty Killer's ex-girlfriend, 2 years on-and-off fued with Mavado, to being sued for creating the explicit 2009 hit ‘Ramping Shop’ from Ne-Yo's ‘Miss Independent’.

The Wrap Up: You broke through with a unique style of deejaying (rapping) to dancehall in 2001/2002. Tell us a bit about why you adopted that style...

Vybz Kartel: That style was a combination of listening to all genres of music when Vybz Kartel was growing up. Vybz Kartel always wanted to be different from the regular deejay and wanting to bring something different. In my effort to become different, that style was created.

TWU: Who were your influences back then?

Vybz Kartel: My influences were universal: Lt. (Lieutenant) Stitchie, Ninja Man, Papa San, Will Smith (back from Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince), KRS-One and Slick Rick. My musical influences were universal and multi-national.

TWU: You started off writing songs for Bounty Killer, so how did that come about and what songs did you write for him?

Vybz Kartel: I wrote about 30-odd songs in total. ‘Gal Clown’ and a lot of those war lyrics were by me.

TWU: You don’t write your lyrics anymore, do you?

Vybz Kartel: No, I don’t write lyrics anymore. I have graduated from that stage. I just meditate or pre-meditate the lyrics depending on if I get the riddim before I go into the studio, or when I go to the studio. I just voice the riddim and listen to the music. The music talks to me and I respond.

Read the rest:

p.s. as I said I think this is his first ever UK interview (outside of DJ's Robbo Ranx and possibly Young Lion at 1Xtra), but I couldn't prove beyond reasonable doubt that the now defunct New Nation did one with him. Anyone else that did one didn't register on Google. So yeah, if you wanna cover dancehall and reggae interviews, holla at me for the BEST/unreachable reggae and dancehall artists:

UPDATE: Part few (2) is about reinvention, I asked if he borrowed Mavado's style, about making x-rated songs when he has to make clean ones, he gives an exclusive about both his new album and the plans he has to work with Mavado

Clarks: De Mixtape Raw , it was released on December 10th, and it's available on itunes now:

UPDATE: Aidonia responds to my Vybz Kartel interview

And if you wanna hear a CD I made which doubles up as a Best in 2010, click here. Has all the tunes from Clarks, Hold You to Cosa Nostra, to Gangsta City, to Street Swag, to Smokin' riddims, to Straight Jeans and Fitted, Fake Jeans, Rum n Red Bull eeeeeeeeeverything. Check it out. Will try up it to mixcloud soonish. Oh yeah, it has drops from couple man like Serani, Wayne Marshall, Busy Signal and Popcaan "Di Queen fi England just love off Marvin". Oh and I threw on a Trey Songz one too. Specially fi di gal dem uzeeeet

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Rihanna on XFactor - TweeteReview

Catch TweeteReview of the Final here

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Last but not least

Disclaimer: Tweets do not reflect the opinions of us (me) here at Marvin Sparks dot Blog Spot dot com. We (I) found them funny/relevant
(To be honest, that disclaimer doesn't apply here. I condone nearly EVERYTHING posted!)

Forget what the papers will say, here's what the tweople say

Rihanna performed with Matt on (se)XFactor (X Factor/X-Factor) Final part 1 tonight, but it wasn't anywhere near as interesting as her solo performance of 'What's My Name' (thanks to ThatGrapeJuice)

@DJTarget DJ Target
If that stripey thing comes off, I'm gonna smash the tv

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson

@DJTarget DJ Target

@Nyofficial Nyofficial
Omg rihanna is sexy to rass

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
I say we get a bag of man and drive down to these studios!!! First!

@KojoTweets Kojo
Chris Brown what the rass hole was you thinking man! #MadMan #XFactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
*Dutty whines in the living room*

@MarvinSparks Negus Marvin Sparks
:O Jesus Christ, Jah, Allah, Buddah, Vishnu, Ganesh, God, Sellassie I, Bob Marley... Thank you. All of you. Rihanna, I'd become a Fenty

@Klashnekoff K-LASH
rahsclart rhianna is NOT playing loool #VexFactor

@MegaSAS Take Off J. Euro
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOoOOOOOOoooooOooOooOooOooOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOoOoOOOOOoOooW. #X-Factor

@SholaAma Shola Ama
Lovin a half naked RiRi rite now! "Oh na na" woooooooooo

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
BUT LARD HAVE MERCY!!!! I am skanking OUT!!!!! #XFactor

@iamheatherjayne Heather Jayne
Rihanna looks friggin amazing- she just stepped it up to some NEXT level!!!!

@newsychick1 Karen AKA Newsychick
Jheez Rihanna. I have no words

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
Rhianna why are you moving like this.... I swear I'm gna smash my tv.

@DJTarget DJ Target
Cheryl and danni are lookin PLAIN after that

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Rah! Did Simon just buss a bogle?

@FunkButcher Funk Butcher
Rhianna......yeh?......ok? u want me to buy all your albums and tattoo barbados on my forehead?.....i got you babe!!

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
Gross > RT @MikillPane: Christmas came early. So did I. Be right back.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@MegaSAS Take Off J. Euro
This Has 2 Be illegal, OMG!!!!! PEAK!!!!!!! I'm Gonna Have A Shower Now. #X-Factor

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Rihanna kinda makes rape understandable.....

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
My mum on Rihanna "Jehovah! lead us not into temptation" my aunt "see how simon head don scatter, what beauty!This girl fine oh!" #xfactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Nah try know I am learning this dance routine TONIGHT!!!! #Xfactor

@PurpleRamblings Purple LeaLea
Go Rhi-Rhi!! Feel like I should be banging the wall or somthing #yardie lol

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
I should have friggin got tickets for tonights #Xfactor man. I would have jumped on stage and gone on my head during Rihanna's performance

@_Swaggerville Jimmy Swagger
RT @REGYATES: And that would be me giving Rihanna a standing ovation... While sitting down. • I would have got arrested

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
My entire timeline is trying to compose themselves after that Rhianna performance #xfactor

@PilarOfSociety Pilar Nalwimba
And the X factor winner is RIHANNA bludfire she just united the raver

@HanifBoogie Hanif Boogie
RT @Tippademus: can go down town, go down town... holla at me baby.. !!!!! - sucky sucky 5$
@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
RT @chrisbrown: Got damn you sexy!!!!!! < hahahaahahhahahaahahahah #Xfactor

Yes that is thee Chris Brown. Yes he did delete it. Should've got a screen print really. Such is life.

XFactor TweetView Final - part 1

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Last but not least

Disclaimer: Tweets do not reflect the opinions of us (me) here at Marvin Sparks dot Blog Spot dot com. We (I) found them funny/relevant

Forget what the papers will say, here's what the tweople say

@Jpizzledizzle Joseph Patterson
My BM is gonna win #xfactor tonight. Gwan Rebecca...

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
No judges vote Dermot? Are you sure about that? Lol

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Why are this singing/miming in fast forward?!?

@craiiggcraiigg Craiigg
What the heck is waisell doing on my tv?!? Who needs a #Backhand

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Wagner! Bo!!

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Wagner blap blap blap! LOL

@MasterApps master apps
Wagner is back!!!!

@KojoTweets Kojo
The ass is back yay! #XFactor time!!!

@MannyNorte Manny Norte
TreyC's back!!! TreyC and da back off to win win WIN!! #Xfactor

@ArchnaSawjani ArchnaSawjani
I forgot Belle Ami were ever on this show!

Will this chick STOP rapping! All rappers shud be offended by Chers shit delivery!

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Oh Cher.. I hope this is the last time I have to suffer your mug

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
That sounded so whack Bex #XFactor

@WendiWrites Wendi Bekoe
Right now I'm one of those tweeters who is relying 100% on your #XFactor commentary, so do me proud peeps!

@KojoTweets Kojo
Matts voice is fuked!!!! He sounds like Frank Bruno tonight! #XFactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
RT @FLYLUSI: REBECCA sings like MARK me im chayying shit. • HAHAHAHAA That Gargle sound in he throat isn't it

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
RT @XianLoves: GAMU TO WIN..... Her stay in the UK #XFactor > LMAO

Matt Cardle

@KarlNova Karl Nova
I really think Matt should win I just don't think it was fixed for him to win #xfactor

@keisha_buchanan keisha buchanan
Go matt!!!! Great song choice #xfactor

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
Matt's got so much makeup on he may as well be Adam Ant. #xfactor

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Both Matts parents were clearly white... Why is he Orange? His mum is a slut!!!!

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
Matt Cardle just got a reload #xfactor

@MichelleShanti Michelle Owusu
What the hell with these casper ghost violin players?!?

@MikillPane Mikill Pane
Nice to see they have the Ku Klux maidens on violin duties.

@Caligraphist The Caligraphist®
Matt's version >>>> Dido's #Xfactor

@KarlNova Karl Nova
Matt didn't sound very good #xfactor

@Jcxappeal Justin Chinyere
Matt FTW! #xfactor

@charlenewhite Charlene White
Matt butchered that song #xfactor

Stacey Solomon in Matt's ends getting a reaction from fans

@MichelleShanti Michelle Owusu
5 words in and Stacey's voice is already cracking me up!!!

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
That outside broadcast.. LOL smh

Rebecca Ferguson

@Henryx85 Henry Yanney
Let's see if Rebecca can at least do some sort of two step!

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
They should make Rebecca sing General Levy 'Incredible' I wanna see if she moves a little bit more to that #XFactor

@RudeKidMusic Rude Kid
I want Rebbeca to win.. Shes pretty an sick at singing

@KojoTweets Kojo
Come on Rebecca cheer Liverpool up tonight! We bloody need it after the shit in Newcastle! #XFactor

@NicholasMarston Marston
Rebecca needs to find her self under the patio garden #Brookside #Xfactor

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Corinne Boring Rae........

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
Rebecca is singin the same song she sung every single week

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Sounded a bit off

@Jcxappeal Justin Chinyere
Has she not sung this song before? #xfactor

@KojoTweets Kojo
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Rebecca looks over sexy tonight. #XFactor

One bag of weave they've attached to Rebeccas head. Y do thy keep doin that to her, it distracts me from her singing

@MannyNorte Manny Norte
Rebecca can put one of dem dog collars on round my neck and order me about for 24 hrs #xfactor

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
This is the only time I've felt Rebecca's styling has been a bit off. That dress isn't working #xfactor

@keisha_buchanan keisha buchanan
Rebecca Looks mighty finnne ha ha #Xfactor

@Jcxappeal Justin Chinyere
HAHA Simon's mesmerised giving Rebecca the bedroom eyes! #xfactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
After X-Factor if Rebecca plays her cards right she might get to play the love interest in a Tinie Tempeh video

@LittleDonatella Donatella
Rebecca, marry me! #Xfactor

@MegaSAS Take Off J. Euro
Simon Wants 2 Beat Rebecca Real Bad, He Looked Overly Thirsty Just Now. #X-Factor

@Jcxappeal Justin Chinyere
So Rebecca never moves when shes singing so they put her on a rotary disc! is she disabled or something? Good idea #xfactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤

One Direction

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News

@RudeKidMusic Rude Kid
I dont want one direction to win

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
That curly haired kid has already planned out his solo career. #xfactor

#RandomButRealTweet from Steve Brookstein

@MrSlyvester Aaron Sylvester
RT @stevebrookstein: 6 years today, i won x factor, today singing to 20 people in Caffe Nero and 20million watching X Factor tonight.

@Henryx85 Henry Yanney
Rah Harrys mum is kinda hot!

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
I just like these guys. They have a nice vibe, and are just happy to be a part of the show.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
ZAAAAAAAYYYYNNNN Lol you know why One Direction will win, because Zayn has the Asian vote. TRUST ME Pakistan will rep for Bradford #Xfactor

@andrew_davis andrew davis
RT by @AraTheCoach
All bets are off. One Direction are going to walk this

@PhreshMentality Amber Phresh ☥
OMG what was that note?! Who's the guilty one? #XFactor

@MannyNorte Manny Norte
That riff from the curly perm kid just now wasnt da one! #xfactor

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
I'm sorry, I just can't rate One Direction's Kareoke antics...only Harry can sing.. #xfactor

@MikillPane Mikill Pane
Is Zain wearing a bulletproof vest? Can girls' erect nipples be that lethal?

@MannyNorte Manny Norte
Wait...has Ahmed from One Direction got on a bullet proof vest on?! #xfactor

@craiiggcraiigg Craiigg
Was he wearing a bullet proof vest? The Asian yute in one direction?

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Is 1 of One Direction wearing a bulletproof vest? #ThugLife

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Wouldn't it be funny if a Train appeared from nowhere during this madness? #Xfactor vs #KillerCorrie

Cher Lloyd

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
Well, having come up on the mean streets of Malvern, it's no wonder Cher's so gangsta #xfactor

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
Cher's crowd outside her house didn't look as big as everyone else's. #justsayin

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Missy Elliot.. Really??? Oh Cher sit down

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
What on earth is going on here? #xfactor

@MichelleShanti Michelle Owusu

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
What is she singing??? Oh dear, this aint gonna win it for you?

@Jcxappeal Justin Chinyere
WHAT!!!!!! Fcuk tis CHer no she didnt!!!!! #xfactor

@Jpizzledizzle Joseph Patterson
She's outta tune bad. Oh goshhh #cher #xfactor and the Missy thing didn't work.

@craiiggcraiigg Craiigg
Ok this is her best soo far lmao

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Cher, please, not tonight. 'Get Your Freak On'? Girl, sit. #xfactor

@Davinche Davinche Canvas
Is it Cheryl that actually thinks this is cool??

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
I'm cringing. Physically cringing. #xfactor

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
I like her pajama bottoms though.

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
RT @Jcxappeal: its alright louis Rhianna and missy both look alike you ignorant pompous in denial ignorant pleb #xfactor

Matt x Rihanna

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Rihanna time! Watch Matt show she up!

@DJTarget DJ Target
I know she is gonna look super-peng

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL he don't wanna be a murderer hahahahahahahaa WTF man #Xfactor

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
Okay rihanna's about to make an entrance. Hope this is good...

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
I canNOT with Matt's infamous falsetto #xfactor

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Matt always did remind me of a suave farmer. Only fitting he duets with the goat. #xfactor

@Jpizzledizzle Joseph Patterson
Matt's strugling #xfactor. Rihanna better save him

@danwootton Dan Wootton
Poor Matt. He's falling apart with his voice on the final. I don't think it will change the result, however. #xfactor

@AraTheCoach Ara
MATT is wackjuice! Get back in the pub! #xfactor

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson

@RudeKidMusic Rude Kid
Rhianna is looking sexyyyyy

@DJTarget DJ Target
That dress is WINNING

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
Rhianna looks so hot I jus snapped my berry in half

@keisha_buchanan keisha buchanan

@MegaSAS Take Off J. Euro
Rhi Rhi Has Got The Jessica Rabbit Slit On Da Side Of Dat Dress, EMOTIONAL!!! #X-Factor

Rebecca x Xtina Aguilera

@MannyNorte Manny Norte
This could be historic. Take your time Bex #xfactor

@PilarOfSociety Pilar Nalwimba

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
Why are they putting Rebecca in these wishy washy colours this week? #xfactor

@PurpleRamblings Purple LeaLea
Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Rebecca's hair is down!! I kid you not people. Rebecca's. Hair. Is. Not. In. A. Ponytail. #xfactor

@LethalBizzle Lethal Bizzle
Yes Rebecca u are.

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
This is the first Rebecca 'DIVA' teas. The hair, the vocal intonation, everything. I like.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
LOL that sounded wrong in a scouse accent. Can't lie #Xfactor

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Christina is gonna smash this #Xfactor

@Caligraphist The Caligraphist®
Lets see if Christina tries to boy it tonight...*grabs popcorn* #Xfactor

@RudeKidMusic Rude Kid
Christina agulira looks like a pornstar

@MichelleShanti Michelle Owusu
I just woke up, go Christina

@skvibemaker Sean K Vibemaker
Christina Aguilera gonna show Rihanna how to sinnngggg

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Christina looks bloated

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Did Christina eat all those unsold 'Bionic' albums? #xfactor

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
WOW!!! Anna-Nicole Smith is living through Christina!

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
If I ever said the words "I'd like to introduce Christina Aguilera" I'd faint.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Hold is Rebecca doing a duet with Christina's duppy or something? Why is she so white? #Xfactor

@danwootton Dan Wootton
Could you get two more different personalities? I love Christina. But this is NOT a Beyonce moment. At all. #xfactor

@BangsandaBun Muireann C-Campbell
*dials 999* Yes, can we get a hair & makeup team to Ms Aguilera STAT? Something died all over her head.

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
Hmmm....none of these collabo's are giving Alexandra and Beyonce tea...#justsaying #xfactor

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Rebecca its not a concert! Get involved love

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
RT @PhreshMentality: So I thought that was supposed to be a duet? Where was Rebecca? #XFactor > I was thinking the same thing.. That was odd

@danwootton Dan Wootton
RT @deanpiper: Cringe central. Rebecca was completely speechless and voice less. Eeek. Did that cost her the competition? #xfactor

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
They should have got Sade, Dido, Corrine Bailey Rae or someone with a similar tone/style.But Christina is a vocal powerhouse.... #xfactor

One Direction x Robbie Williams

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Oooo... his voice just broke mid song!

@Jcxappeal Justin Chinyere
Robbie is such a GEEEEEEEEE #xfactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
Didn't Robbie do this last year?

@JamieHowardHaha Jamie Howard
Robbie has already told Harry to leave them all behind and do his own thing!

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
One Direction are schooling Robbie though, be honest, be honest.

@AraTheCoach Ara
not so much a performance as a lads night out! #xfactor

Robbie is a kareoke singer at best, but he is very charismatic. Yes, I know that's a back handed compliment, bt its the truth!

@LittleDonatella Donatella
Robbie is always "so high that he's flyingggggggg" ahahahahahahaha look at his eyes, cor blimey #Xfactor

@KarlNova Karl Nova
So Robbie sang on Strictly come dancing with Take That now with One Dimension on #xfactor on the same day? This guy is in the money!

@Adenike1 adenike adenitire
This is all shite!Duets & all!Worst final ever! Even Leon Jackson (who?) made it work with Kylie Minogue!They could of least sung Angels?!?

@MichelleShanti Michelle Owusu
Robbie must be on a retainer, didnt he sing with Olly last year

Cher Lloyd x Will.I.Am

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
Cher & Katy B

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
Cher Lloyd performin wid Vybz Cartel

@craiiggcraiigg Craiigg
If Cher comes out with Maxsta I'll be impressed

Cher will perform with DMX

@Henryx85 Henry Yanney
Just realised Wiley has'nt tweeted for a while ... You don't think him & Cher Lloyd? X-Factor? Bududududadadada!!!!

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
If it's Cher and Eminem... I will... I mean I actually will.. Like I'll TOTALLY, LITERALLY...

@deepermc Edilson Abilio
I swear if it that is sooo cheesy #xfactor #minicheryl

@Caligraphist The Caligraphist®
Is Cheryl jumping on stage with Cher? #Xfactor

@siananderson Sigh-Anne Anderson
I like it so far... I won't lie. *Cringe* I'm sorry guys I'm sorry.

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
Errrrm why the gun finger for Bloods & Crips though @CherLloyd? #Xfactor

@KojoTweets Kojo
Booooooooooooooooooooooooring!!!!!!! #NoFergie #XFactor

@skvibemaker Sean K Vibemaker
Well we hear Will-I-Am cant hear well anyhow.... He prolly glad he didnt hear that!! #xfactor

@madnewsblog Janice Miss Mad News
SHUT UP Will.. Just SHUT UP!

@MayhemSAS Runway J. Euro
Will.I.Am F@&k Off Man KMT

@XianLoves ❤ Xi'an Loves ❤
OI @cherlloyd won't win for defo now cause @iamwill hasn't got his Freemason plastic high top on #XFactor

@danwootton Dan Wootton
RT @SDBrook: Four misfiring duets. #xfactor

@Christiana1987 Christiana Mbakwe
That Cher/Will.i.Am performance reminded me of something you'd find at a really shitty school assembly. #xfactor

@PurpleRamblings Purple LeaLea
I will not allow Cher to ruin anymore songs for me *turns tv off* #xfactor

@alexkofitwinb AlexKofiTwinB
Will.I.Am should take Cher on tour & wear her around his neck.

@NicholasMarston Marston
Wil i am is moving like some bow legged crack head #Xfactor

@thatgrapejuice Sam GrapeJuice
These X-Factor collaborations have been car-crashes. Each and everyone of them.

Catch reaction to Rihanna's performance of 'What's My Name (Oh Na Na)' here

Friday, 10 December 2010

Prince Charles and Camilla get attacked in riots [VIDEO]

This is funny (not old people getting attacked. 'Llow me Illuminati), the people chanting "Off with their heads". Cameraman is gassed though. Who knew Camilla Parker-Bowles is Duchess of Cornwall? I just know her as Charlie's bird.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Thoughts on Thursday

RIP Garnett Silk

16 years today that reggae singer Garnett Silk died saving his mother from a fire in their house.

In tribute to him I think it's only right to play this song, Mama. So touching when you think of what happened.

And my favourite Garnett tune, Fill Us Up With Your Mercy

Put it where you want it (Rémi GAILLARD)

This is amazing. Man + football + drinking can + various obstacles. Some of this is ridiculous. He hits a normal can with the football from some crazy distances, sometimes from behind a wall. Apparently it took a year to make. That isn't a bad thing though. I'd still be there or I'd quit.

Pow goes Welsh

This is funny! Dunno why they called it a hood video. Surely you need a hood to be a hood video?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Why is it Wednesday

Wednesday is a crap way to spell Wensday innit? My first school teacher pronounced it "Ved-nez-deh". She's from Asian background (India, Pakistan or Bangladesh), but I think she was on to something with that pronunciation.

RIP John Lennon

John Lennon died 30 years ago today

'Imagine' - still relevant today

And this tune is a banger! 'Working Class Hero;

There will be another tribute tomorrow. 16 years. Reach back tomorrow to find out who.

Artful Dodger featuring Ed Sheeran 'Could Just Be The Bassline'

Ed Sheeran on a 2step vintage sounding Artful Dodger beat. Match made in heaven. Catchy song, nice vibe, and any excuse to hear Ed Sheeran is a plus no? Artful Dodger (Mark Hill) is an absolute legend yeah. He follows me on Twitter and recommended me for Follow Friday. Me you know. That gassed me

Anyway, enough about me, press play and hold a groovy

Could Just Be The Bassline by artfulmark

Check out more of his new stuff here

Sorry I feel obliged to pay tribute. I'm always sharing my musical mood. This has put me in the mood.

Let's play some bangers from yesteryear

If this doesn't remind you of MTV Base you are either one of my many worldwide visitors (hola and bonjour are about as far as I go I'm afraid. Hello in 3 language qualifies as Tri-lingual, no? No? Oh...). Hold tight the Danish people too. 3rd highest visitors outside of UK and US. I was surprised too. But big you up!

Kinda got lost there. Back to the point

If this tune doesn't remind you of MTV Base and you're from the UK, you haven't lived:

Think About Me featuring Michelle Escoffery (Can't find the official video)

Regular on Heart FM (or is it Smooth? One of the two) regular tune, Moving Too Fast featuring Romina Johnson

Who can possibly forget Craig David's 7 Days? ('Ol tight Kylie Minogue "Garaagje" and the youthful looking Ant and Dec)

Ahhh good times.

Moving on,

Plan B 'Love Goes Down' = a Will Young song no?

This may be something UK'ers will more notice than my other readers because I can't find a direct example but this song by Plan B

sounds like something the first Pop Idol winner Will Young would have sung when he was relevant.

ThatGrapeJuice @ Jingle Bell Ball

Regular visitors will know this is one of my favourite sites to check. I'm not even interested in r&b that much but Sam and Trent's commentary and knowledge are second to none. Real enthusiasm about music, accurate info but on top of that they do some of the best interviews. Sam is what we'd say back in the day "Raggo". Asks any and everything.

Here's the brief intro:

* Alexandra Burke - who spoke to us about her plans for the US in 2011 and more.

* Jason Derulo – who appeared somewhat defensive about album sales.

* Nicole Scherzinger – who shared details about her forthcoming solo album.

* JLS – who, also, spoke on their American invasion.

* Jay Sean – who responded to critique that he had abandoned his Asian roots musically.

* Akon – who spoke about the controversy surrounding the new Michael Jackson album, whether there is more material to come from his sessions with the King of Pop, and which Destiny’s Child diva he is set to collaborate with.

I haven't watched yet, but I'm damn sure about to. Look at the bold, I'm dying with laughter. Also, shout out to Sam on the panel of BBC Sound of 2011.

New tiing: Beat This

Don't Watch That TV aka photographers (and probably some other stuff) Tim & Barry, presented by my boy Motive (sick DJ) bring a show where a top producer has to make a beat in 10 minutes. Haven't watched this in its entirety but I will do.

Keri Hilson loses a fan

Doubt she's gonna be bothered by one fan. Problem is, many others may agree with what this one is saying. In response to her latest antics (that slack video about pu**y bringing men back or something and the infamous "I'm a freak... sometimes I just want to be fu**ed" comment on the interview with Perez Hilton). Find out what the blogger said here

I've heard In a Perfect World. Was it that good? Reaallly...? Quote everyday? Really?

Chipmunk interview on Soul Culture

This is an interesting interview. Chipmunk is asked whether he's proud of his first album, how he linked up with Chris Brown (yeah the Chris Brown from America), and benefits of a label

Put that interview together with SBTV's

and you'll know that he is "probably" (that's my disclaimer) talking about Kano and Sway in the first interview when talking about those bitter rappers that tried to crossover. Both really good interviews.

Not even self-plugging, I interviewed him last year just as he got signed, he was a cool guy. He comes across as a cool guy in the interviews there too. Has a lot of confidence and self-belief but when you check how people used to cuss him all the time about talking in first person, how big his head is, yet he has made something of himself I can't knock him. If you wanna see my interview it's here, but that wasn't (totally) the point

Speaking of self-praise, shameless plugging and Chipmunk, on Saturday I tweeted "Don't... actually you can quote me if you want but I'm 94% sure Chipmunk has worked with a big dancehall artist" Won't tell you how or why I know. 'Member mi tell unnoo.

More than enough material today. Flippin 'ell, I love this blogging sthi. So therapeutic. Oh and the next interview I post is an absolute madness! Exclusive doesn't even sum up what this is. Trust me