Saturday, 16 April 2016

So, Jamaican Music Is Currently Dominating UK Pop Chart

Based on official UK top 100 singles chart week commencing 15th April

1. Drake featuring Wizkid & Kyla

Don't listen to the afrobeats or UK funky claims, Drake made a dancehall song with elements of the aforementioned. But I addressed that in the 'Mis-Appreciation of Jamaican Culture' post.

2. Sia feat. Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills

Sidenote: Song declined by Rihanna

5. Zara Larrson - Lush Life

Sidenote: Allegedly a song declined by Rihanna. Not sure how true that is.

10. Rihanna feating Drake - Work (peak chart position 2)

13. Major Lazer feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG- Light It Up (peak chart position 7)

Sidenote: Nyla is part of Brick & Lace fame. They dropped one of the best written dancehall pop crossover songs ever in Love is Wicked. I believe she's the singer although she singjay's on this.

26. Justin Bieber - Sorry (peak chart position 1)

39. AlunaGeorge feat. Popcaan - I'm In Control

43. Kygo - Stay (peak chart position 20)

58. Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul - Make My Love Go (peak chart position 49)

73. Major Lazer feat. MØ - Lean On (peak chart position 2)

Sidenote: Rihanna rejected this in its original reggae form

10 of the top 100 best songs in the UK chart (including 5 of the top 20) has a Jamaican artist (in bold) or wouldn't exist without Jamaican influence. Just thought I'd chart this progress for now.

Bless up.

(feat. Sean Paul) [the 2016 edition]. The Songs Them So Far

So, Craig David and Kano are having renaissance moments in the UK. "feat. Sean Paul" is also having a bit of a revival. 13 years (yes thirteen years) on from his grand entrance into the mainstream market with the unstoppable dance floor smash "Gimme di Liiight".

Obviously, it was followed up by the US #1 "Get Busy", "Like Glue" and "I'm Still in Love With You " but in and amongst all of that, Sean Paul became a go-to guy for features to make singles hot. That melodic dancehall wave from a Jamaican was fully in.

Friday, 8 April 2016

The Mis-Appreciation of Jamaican Culture

Now I know I'm using mis-appreciation in the wrong context but you're just gonna have to see with me and basically deal with it. I like the title and the sense it makes in my head more than I care about my colonial tongue. This is why I love speaking slang. They stole my language so I'm misusing theirs. Seems like a fair trade to me which is more than can be said for the slave trade...

There have been more than a few examples of non-Jamaicans practicing the fruits of Jamaican culture over the past few decades. Something that seems to have risen in popularity over the past 12 months. I don't beat this appropriation drum. I believe the difference between appropriation and appreciation is in the intention of the person using it, in my opinion. I believe most victims of "Appropriation" hounding committed their "crime" from a place of appreciation more often than not. Maybe I don't understand it well enough, maybe I'm naive but I don't see most of them thinking "I'm white, so I'm gonna do this stuff I don't like from another culture to make money". Business people who boost it are a different story. And the media's way of reporting is a different thing too.

First up I wanna start with this whole "Islands" thing. It needs to stop. That and "Tropical vibes" are so reductive. Contrary to (reasonable) popular belief, Jamaica is not the Caribbean. Its just the only English speaking one you'll never say "I'm going to the Caribbean" because you don't wanna hear "Oh niiiice. Where's that?" Actually, maybe Barbados falls into that category too, but Jamaica is definitely the most known English-speaking Caribbean island all over the globe.