Wednesday, 23 September 2015

no long talk. with Kabaka Pyramid | Uptown Top Rasta [ep. 001]

So as I pointed out the other day, "no long talk." is the new vibrations from the Marvin Sparks camp. First one out the box is Kabaka Pyramid. If you are familiar with the artist, you know he's one of the best lyricists in Jamaica, well-respected by his peers, deals with truths and rights, highlights western hypocrisy and has in-depth knowledge to back his passionate rebel music.

He, along with Protoje, Chronixx, Dre Island, Jah 9, Jesse Royal, Keznamdi, Kelissa, Hempress Sativa, Iba Mahr etc., are part of the new wave of Jamaican artists' bringing forth the roots, rebel reggae message frequently called the "reggae/roots revival" movement. Individually, they bring different vibes, directions and slightly different inspirations amongst them. Whereas Chronixx, Dre Island and Jesse Royal continue the dancehall singjay vibe, like Protoje and Keznamdi, Kabaka Pyramid brings a more hip hop construction to the stylings accustomed to reggae chatting.

I thought Kabaka Pyramid would be perfect to lead, not only cos it's absolutely insightful, but more time an emerging artist doesn't get more than a 500 word piece. We rarely learn anything from them other than a brief about their music, few notable career moments/co-signs and what area they come from. A little taster column for cool ratings to refer to once they've blown up like "We were here first".

And I get that it's because it doesn't get views. Average Joe/Joanna rarely care. But you know what, I care if I believe in them.

In my time of doing "interviews" (I don't like that word), I've found these ones can be up there with the most giving. I mean, yeah, many times they can be really guarded due to what they've heard about the media manipulating words or taking things out of context for sake of hits. Maybe one day I may happen quote something that doesn't tell the whole story for a headline with the purest heart one day. Only based on the quote being something I think appeals to people in a "Hmm... tell me more" way.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Remember: "UK dont support each other"?/"We don't need US to rate us" part 2

This is for those who said "We dont support each other in the UK" and the "We don't need US to rate us" crews. You lot don't know what youre talking about.This is inspired by them.

But anyway, while the essence of the "We don't need US" statement is truth, it isn't wholly. Reason being, the fassies amongst us ("us" being those who believe the statement to be true) wouldn't be shouting about it without it. Let's be honest, until Krept & Konan charted without help from the corporations, media or the aforementioned fassies, UK rap was a road man thing. It wasn't a viable genre. It existed on YouTube, got high figures but so did "Charlie bit my finger". It didn't really mean much beyond that.

Monday, 14 September 2015

That time I was #HalfCast

HalfCast is the strongest podcast when it comes to chatting about things from our surroundings and perspective; be it music, entertainment or social issues and relationships, Chuckie Online and Poet are opinionated. I find myself agreeing with one or the other depending on the issue which is always a good thing. Sometimes one is right, other times you agree with another guy. And sometimes they're both right on the same thing but they have different angles so some thing's lost in the mix.

But anyway, I was on there. We spoke about why British acts should boycott the BET international awards and the identity or lack thereof with London acts.

And it ain't about being mixed-race or nothing (as far as I'm aware based on what they said). No abuse. Thanks in advance. And subscribe to their ting