Friday, 13 March 2009

Marvin Sparks recommends: The-Dream 'Love vs. Money'

Been banging the singer-songwriters debut album/personal classic Love/Hate since it first dropped back in Xmas 07. It was the soundtrack throughout the whole of 08. Now, he returns with the follow-up, titled 'Love vs. Money'. Needless to say the guy all the R&B dudes want to be done it again.

Couple recommendations:

Jump-off single 'Rockin That Thang'. There is an 'All-star Def Jam' remix but the original is better to me. I don't really want to hear 2 rappers past use by date and a copper on a R&B track. Luda merk'd tho

Having created J. Holiday's smash debut 'Bed' and Usher's 'Trading Places' LOS Da Maestro and The Dream link up again. To me they are as good if not better than his partnership with Tricky Stewart. Exibhit A:

Want a killer slow jam? Kells comparison was evident from Love/Hate but this is bound to draw comparisons. R. Kelly - scandal - old man wearing bling =

Other hot tracks: Fancy and Love vs. Part 2. Walking on the Moon with Kanye will be the single that turns him into a household name. Mark my words (letters)

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