Friday, 3 April 2009

Earwig Selection: 3-April-09

Welcome to my ears. Here are a few examples of tunes consuming my ears rytchaboutnow. Mixture of genre's, era's etc. Gonna try buss this weekly.

30 years of Hip-hop is being celebrated on BBC 1Xtra, and during the Trevor and Gemma breakfast show this song has been the bed (underneath them when talking). As a result, it has been in my head all day. What a banging beat! Them shattering snares that defined that period do it for me moreso than the kicks. The sax, sample rings off etc. Jsut a great *radio edit* ufckin beat

Been pumpin this for the past week or so. Riddim is called the Indiscretion, also has a big cut by Peetah Morgan called 'Secrets' where he talks about cheating. Love how Busy stays true to the socio-commentary roots of dancehall. Busy + Roots Reggae riddim = winner. Big up man like Shane Brown. Which reminds me I'm gonna post up my interview with Shane Brown to here by mid-next week.

Went to the Anthony Hamilton concert last night. Amazing! Was everything a real performance should be; incrdible vocalists (both leading and backing), crowd interaction without the generic "When I say... you say..." played out from the 90s (this is 00s now) bullshwichit (mum could be reading)that lacks imagination and a nice stage setting (stage had velvet curtains). This song came on and helped me realise why I initially held Mr. Hamilton in such high regards.

So much better than the Crookers remix. If I could spit, I would freestyle over this beat for my mixtape. If I'm honest, I do give it a go in the comfort of my own room. I resort to spittin in my head if anyone's in a reasonable proximity. When the bass kicks in straight vibesin ting. Who wants to tell me the vid isn't up there in top 5of the best in the past 3 years? That's right, nunaya!

Watched this like four times yesterday. Original is classic, feelin' the voice and she's got that adorable/cute type factor. Oh and the concept is big.

And an original song by the singer in the above video, that I like. Video is big! Feeling the use of stills

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