Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Flo Rida - R.O.O.T.S - Interview

PyroRadio.com caught up with Flo Rida to discuss his chart-topper ‘Right Round’, the biggest struggle he’s had to overcome and his feelings on being called a Ringtone Rapper.

PyroRadio.com: How did you come to recording Right Round?
Flo Rida:
It being my sophomore album I just wanted to show my growth and expand my horizons. With the Dead or Alive sample, growing up in a household with 7 sisters I heard all types of music. My A&R brought it to my attention, I met up with the producer Dr. Luke and we made it happen.

PyroRadio.com: You‘ve reclaimed your digital downloads record, were you surprised this time around?
Flo Rida:
Doing it again definitely surprised me but it being a hot record, not at all.

PyroRadio.com: The album is titled R.O.O.T.S which stands for ‘Route Of Overcoming The Struggle’, what’s the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome and what did you learn from it?
Flo Rida:
The biggest was losing my sister but it definitely inspired me and motivated me to say you’re not promised tomorrow so take advantage of everyday as long as it’s positive. With that said, I gave music 200%.

PyroRadio.com: Was that recent?
Flo Rida:
Nah, 8 years ago.

PyroRadio.com: Is there a stand-out song for personal reasons?
Flo Rida:
The self- titled record R.O.O.T.S. which talks about where I come from, what I stand for, how I got here, the different struggles I went through but I [managed to] keep my eyes on the prize. Here it is, very successful.

PyroRadio.com: How do you feel about the tag “Ringtone Rapper”?
Flo Rida:
Well you know people can say what they wanna say. To each his own. I’m the type of dude where [as long as] I can get my financial stability its all good. I love driving in my nice cars and feeding my family, so it’s all good.

PyroRadio.com: There’s a perception that you only make party records or singles for digital market which is why your album sales aren’t relative to your single sales. What would you say to those who think that?
Flo Rida:
That’s people who don’t do their homework, listen to my mixtapes or my albums. They definitely ain’t doing their homework because a lot of artists out there don’t sell half as many records [as I do]. I’m an international artist. I sell more than them.

PyroRadio.com: Would you say the rap game is a bit too serious with anyone who isn’t deemed lyrical is classed as killing Hip-hop?
Flo Rida:
To each his own. People are going to always have their perception of what rap should be. I don’t really get into that, I just love making music.

PyroRadio.com: Digital artists tend not to have a long time in the music business; how do you plan on staying relevant in the game for many years to come?
Flo Rida:
Continue to have the biggest records in the world.

Buy the number 1 album R.O.O.T.S. out now on Atlantic Records.

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